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How Much Does it Cost to Install a Storm Door? (2024 Update)

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Unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all storm door, as there is quite a large variety of styles and features, which directly affect pricing. Before making any decisions, there are several considerations that come into play when choosing the right storm door for your home, including weather and climate, comfort levels, insulation requirements, design preferences, and theft protection. You can expect to pay between $75-$600.

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Do I Need a Storm Door?

Storm doors were originally an essential feature for homes with all-wood entrances due to the additional insulation and protection required. However, the recent improvements in exterior door materials have made the extra protection that storm doors provide less important.

The primary purpose of a storm door is to protect against extreme weather and provide a barrier for the main door against damage from wind, rain, snow, and ice. It also allows for air ventilation and additional light without letting in bugs.

A storm door prevents air leaks and insulates to keep warm air in and cold air out (and vice versa during the warmer months). Installing a storm door impacts your home’s insulation and can help keep heating and cooling costs down.Extra protection is another function of a storm door, as it provides an additional lock and security from intruders.

If your exterior door receives more than a few hours of direct sun each day, you probably do not need a storm door. The glass can trap heat against the entry door and potentially damage it. Additionally, if the primary door is on a porch or under a large overhang that is largely protected from the elements, a storm door is unnecessary.

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What Is the Cost of a Storm Door?

After you have taken the previous factors into consideration and have concluded that you do need a storm door, you now have to decide on the quality of the door..Storm doors are most commonly made with three layers consisting of a front and back panel that make up the exterior and an interior layer of insulation. Buying and installing a storm door during peak season (fall and winter months) will usually cost you more than it would during the off season.

Basic, Inexpensive Storm Doors:

Lower-end models of storm doors are sold anywhere from $75 to $200. Because they are on the lower end, these doors will typically feature plastic and a smaller viewing instead of large glass window panes. The hardware used for cost-effective storm doors is typically metal.

High-End, Expensive Storm Doors:

Storm doors on the pricier end of the spectrum range from $200 to $500. These are made with quality hardware, such as brass or nickel. They often feature larger glass window panes that allow for a clear view, which can come in handy when watching children play outside or letting more light into your home.

Types of Storm Doors
  • High-view: These feature a window and screen on the top half of the door and are generally around $150 to $200, depending on the brand and model.
  • Mid-view: They have a window and screen that cover about ¾ of the door’s surface area, most commonly with two window panels that allow for airflow. These usually cost $100 to $200.
  • Full-view: They provide the most window area (around 80% to 90%) and the least amount of metal and overall insulation. Standard prices for these range from $150 to $500, depending on the quality of insulation.
  • Security: These doors are made from steel rather than aluminum and are stronger than lightweight alternatives. They also usually feature pick-proof locks that require a key and come with steel bars and tempered safety glass. Security storm doors can cost up to $600, and often the cost of the locks are separate from the overall price. Security locks can range between $200 and $600 depending on whether or not they require a key or are digital. These doors generally require the help of a professional to install, which also adds to the overall cost.
  • Double: These are required for double entry doors and can be installed with just one frame. Double storm doors are the most expensive type and can cost between $700 and $1,300.

Installation Costs

Installation costs range anywhere from $100 to $400 and generally take half a day to a full day to install depending on the overall complexity of the installation. If your frame needs alterations to its existing setup, it will cost more and take longer to install.. Other factors to consider with installation costs include whether or not you need to remove or dispose of your old door since your contractor may require you to pay an additional fee to do this for you. Contractors will often lower their labor fees if you are having other work done, or if you are having more than one storm door installed at the same time.

Costs of DIY Installation versus Hiring a Professional:

If you are installing a new model that fits the current height and width of the existing frame, installing it yourself is a good option and should take no longer than a couple of hours to complete. Otherwise, the job can become much more complex.

Hiring a professional can add $100 to $400 to the material costs. However, if you do not have the required tools and never attempted to install a storm door, hiring a contractor may save you a big headache in the long run. As mentioned above, removing the door and disposing of it yourself can reduce the overall cost of hiring a professional.

Cost Calculators:

There are many cost calculators online that will quote you a price and consider your desired materials, size, and current conditions. It is as simple as entering your zip code and the number of units required, and you will see a breakdown and range of what it will cost you to have a storm door installed in your home.

Some even offer various options such as desired materials and features. Estimates are typically free, and it is a good idea to get around three to five quotes to ensure you have a good idea of what is available to you. It is wise to budget around 5% to 15% higher than the calculator, to account for any unexpected features and hidden costs. Many hardware stores will also provide price options free of charge.

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Storm doors are not essential for every home, but they can lower your utility bill, improve insulation, and minimize weather damage to your primary door. You can save a few dollars by completing the installation yourself, but it’s wise to use a professional contracter to install high-end models.

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