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How Much Does It Cost to Replace a Side Mirror? (2024 Update)

Side Mirror

Side mirrors do not usually suffer general wear and tear, and they will normally only need replacing if they are damaged in an accident or hit by a passing motorist. However, you can also benefit by replacing a rusty or otherwise corroded side mirror.

The actual cost of the replacement does vary according to make and model of the car and whether you choose to go with an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) replacement or something else. You should expect to pay between $100–$300 for the mirror and labor costs.

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The Importance of Replacing a Side Mirror

When driving, we use the side mirror to get a better view of what’s behind and around us. It is an essential part of the car. Even if the mirrors aren’t included as part of a routine vehicle inspection, they are convenient and can prevent accidents. What’s more, having intact side mirrors also enhances the resale value of the car and makes it a more appealing purchase for potential buyers.

Most cars include adjustable side mirrors so that you can alter the position of the mirror to suit your own driving position. In the case of manual mirrors, it is possible that the small stick used to make adjustments stopped working. In the cars that offer electrical adjustment, a problem with wiring or a failure of the motors could prevent adjustment. If your mirror does not adequately allow you to see cars approaching from the rear or approaching to pass you, you should consider a replacement.

The most common cause of a damaged or broken side mirror is an accident. Because the mirrors protrude from the side of the car, some drivers misjudge the width of the vehicle and may knock the mirror against vehicles and other obstacles. Alternatively, a passing car may knock a side mirror when you’re not even in the vehicle.

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How Much Does Replacing a Side Mirror Cost?

The type and even size of the side mirror depends on the make and model of the car, and it is this that determines the cost of the mirror itself. Electrically-adjusted and heated mirrors usually cost more to replace because they have more components, and the fitting of the mirror itself is more time consuming and complex. A basic, manually-adjusted mirror will usually cost less for parts and for labor.

You have three basic choices when it comes to buying a side mirror:

Three choices
  • Genuine Parts: Genuine parts are those that are sold by the car manufacturer. They will usually exactly replicate the original mirror or be an updated version of the original. These tend to be the most expensive option, but they should closely match the mirror you’re replacing. The cost for a genuine side mirror ranges from $100–$200, although some supercars and other luxury vehicles can have much higher prices.
  • OEM Parts: OEM parts are made by the original manufacturer but sold through a third party. You can usually get an identical or very close match to the mirror being replaced but at a potentially lower price than genuine parts. Expect to pay from $75–$150 per OEM side mirror.
  • Aftermarket Parts: Aftermarket parts are made by another company other than the original manufacturer. They are designed to mimic the original part, but they may not exactly match. These are the cheapest option, however, and will cost between $50–$100.


As well as the cost of the mirror itself, you need to include the cost of physically replacing the mirror unless you are confident in making the repairs yourself. Labor can cost anywhere between $25–$100, depending on the mechanic doing the work.

If you are looking to have the mirror on your car replaced, you will need to budget between $75–$300, although you can pay a lot more for some luxury car models and using genuine parts.

Additional Costs to Anticipate

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In some cases, you may need to pay to have the side mirror painted to match your car. This is most common when you buy aftermarket parts, have to buy a second-hand part for an unusual or unique vehicle, or if you have had the car itself sprayed with an aftermarket finish. The cost of spraying a side mirror varies from $5 if you do the work yourself to $100 if you have a body shop do the work for you.

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Does Auto Insurance Cover Replacing a Side Mirror?

Auto insurance does not cover the cost of replacing a side mirror that has become worn or, for example, where the motor has died. However, most side mirror replacements come as a result of an accident.

If you have had to replace your mirror because of an accident, it may be covered by insurance. However, depending on the deductible value of your policy, it may not be worth using your insurance policy to cover the damage.

It is also possible that a mirror can become damaged as a result of bad weather. Most auto insurance policies do not cover weather damage, but some do, so it is worth checking your policy to see whether the insurance company will pay out on a claim.

How to Protect Your Side Mirrors

You can’t always protect your side mirrors from accidents, but there are some steps you can take. Fold roadside mirrors in when parked. This should minimize the risk of passing motorists clipping and breaking your mirror. You should also pay special attention when pulling into or out of parking and road divider


Side mirrors are a vital auto component. They enable you to see behind you and see vehicles as they approach from behind. A damaged side mirror can reduce your rear visibility and make you more prone to accidents.

Whether yours has become damaged as a result of an accident or the motor or heating elements have stopped working, you can have the mirror replaced. Depending on the quality of parts and the cost of labor, you should expect to pay between $75–$300 to replace the mirror on most cars.


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