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How to Fold Dress Pants – 6 Expert Tips That Work!

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A perfectly organized closet or a neatly packed suitcase is a dream that seems impossible to achieve at times, especially when you need to pack a part of your suit. Dress pants are often made with the most delicate fabrics that quickly wrinkle even from simply sitting down. This article is perfect for you if you need to have your dress pants packed neatly, but you don’t know how to do so.

Below you can find some essential tips for folding dress pants that will help them stay smooth and ironed for much longer.

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The 6 Expert Tips How to Fold Dress Pants

1. Avoid Rolling

folded denim pants
Image Credit: Kranich17, Pixabay

While rolling pants is an excellent technique for traveling since it leaves plenty of room, there are better solutions for dress pants. Any business or suit pants need to be folded instead of rolled because they can quickly become wrinkled and appear messy. Avoid rolling pants made from 100% cotton, as they are also prone to wrinkles. Certain paints made with specific materials require a good fold to stay smooth.

2. Iron Your Dress Pants Before Folding Them

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Image Creditr: rzoze19, Shutterstock

If your pants are already wrinkly, you must iron them before folding them. You will only achieve a proper fold when the pants are ironed flat and neat. This part is essential, especially if you’re packing for travels, as it will help your pants stay freshly ironed for longer. Pull up your ironing board and slowly go across each pant leg. The critical thing to remember here is to go along the natural crease of the pants. Use the steam function for any stubborn wrinkles.

3. Always Lay Your Pants on a Flat Surface

Dress Pants and belt
Mirbasar, Shutterstock

When folding your pants, always lay them on a flat surface to get the best results. You can use the floor if it’s hardwood or a larger table for this. Laying the pants on a flat surface will give you a much easier space to work without the risk of causing creasing. When you lay the pants on a flat surface, front facing up, iron them with your hands, making sure to smooth out the inside of the pockets as well.

4. Fold the Pants Like an Accordion Vertically

Folded Pants
Red Moccasin, Shutterstock

Pinch the pants at the waistline, on the center of the pant leg, or above each pleat. Pull the pinch points together, creating an accordion-like fold. The zipper should fold inwards, toward the center. Pinch the same points on the back of the pants with the other hand while holding the front securely.

5. Make Sure Everything Is Lined up Into a Nice Flat Fold

folded pants
Image Credit: Michal_o79, Pixabay

While holding the points in line, shake the pants lightly to ensure everything lines up perfectly. Press the two outer sides together to create your first fold. Make sure to line up your fold from start to bottom, with the edges of your pant legs lined up.

6. Finish Folding Your Pants by Folding Them in Half Horizontally

Folded Dress Pants
Phubes Juwattana, Shutterstock

Your final two folds will be the easiest steps. Fold your dress pants once across the horizontal center line. Iron the pants with your hands and fold them once more across the middle. Your dress pants are ready to be placed in your bag or closet without any risks of creasing.

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Additional Tips for Folding Dress Pants

  • Keep in mind that certain fabrics and materials will have wrinkles no matter what. The important thing is to have them crease in the right places and avoid any vertical or visible wrinkles.
  • When packing for travels, it is recommended to place your dress pants between other items of clothing to prevent any tumbling and keep the dress pants protected.
  • Put the folded pants into a sealed bag to prevent wrinkles.
  • If you are in a hurry and your dress pants need to be ironed, place them on a hanger and into your bathroom. The steam from taking a shower can help iron your dress pants.

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If you’ve ever had trouble folding your dress pants so they stay neat and smooth for a longer time, we hope this article has helped you learn how to perfectly fold your dress pants without worrying about wrinkles. The process is very simple and easy to learn. After reading these easy tips, you’ll become a true expert in properly folding dress pants in no time!

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