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10 Clever and Creative Laundry Room Organization Ideas in 2024

Laundry room

The laundry room is a place where tidiness and organization are essential. While for most homeowners, it’s only necessary to have a functioning and practical laundry room, with a few creative plans, you can create a place you will enjoy at the same time. The following ideas will make the obligation of doing laundry more fun and provide you with a much more neat and practical space.

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The 10 Clever and Creative Laundry Room Organization Ideas

1. Laundry Hamper Cabinet

Image Credit: woodshopdiaries
Materials: 4 x 4 post, one and a half sheets of ¼ ’’ plywood, one 2” L x 10” W x 8” H board, three 2” L x 2” W x 8” H board, one 1” L x 3” W x 8” H board, pocket hole screws, wood screws, glue, hinges
Tools: Pocket hole jig, circular saw, miter saw, drill, jig saw
Difficulty Level: Difficult

This laundry hamper cabinet is ideal for homeowners who want to maintain a tidy laundry room with minimal space available. This cabinet is perfect for storing dirty laundry since it has two separate hampers. This small yet functional cabinet will provide you with enough storage room for other items besides laundry. The style is cute and will fit in easily with any interior design.

2. Laundry Basket Storage Tower

DIY Laundry Basket Tower
Image Credit: honeybuilthome
Materials: Two sheets of 4 x 8’ ¾’’ plywood, one sheet of 4 x 8’ ½’’ plywood, seven 1 x 2’’ pine board, one 1 x 4’’ pine board, shelf pins, pocket screws, wood glue
Tools: Kreg jig, clamps, drill, tape measure, sandpaper
Difficulty Level: Difficult

Installing this DIY laundry basket tower is excellent for storing fresh and clean laundry from the dryer. Since the baskets are stored vertically, it provide enough room for storing laundry, especially for a larger family. The best part about this tower is that you can stack it with any type of basket. This fantastic storage tower will fit nicely in any laundry room, blending functionality with style.

3. Iron and Ironing Board Holder

DIY Ironing Board & Iron Holder
Image Credit: handmadeweekly
Materials: 1” L x 2” W x 96’’ H board, pocket screws, wall hooks, brad nails, glue, wall mount bracket
Tools: Miter saw, pocket hole jig, brad nailer, drill, clamps, tape measure, pencil
Difficulty Level: Easy

This iron and iron board holder is an ideal solution for storing these two items, which are always the most challenging to store. If you’ve always had problems finding the perfect place to store your ironing board out of the way but in a safe space, installing this holder is an ideal solution. It’s creative and very efficient for an attractive laundry room.

4. Clothing Rack

DIY clothing rack for your laundry room
Image Credit: wilshirecollections
Materials: Lumber (any size), industrial pipes, screws
Tools: Sandpaper, drill, screwdriver
Difficulty Level: Easy

This industrial clothing rack is a fantastic way to add a modern touch to your laundry room. It is a perfect combination of elegance, modern design, and traditional style. The stained wood provides a rustic feeling, while the industrial pipes bring out the modern. This clothing rack will be incredibly useful in the laundry room, where you can store clean and ironed shirts ready for use.

5. Plywood Counter Top

DIY Plywood Counter Top for the Laundry Room - Featuring Vintage Revivals
Image Credit: ana-white
Materials: Two 4 x 8 plywood sheets, wood glue, wood screws, finishing nails,  brackets
Tools: Tape measure, clamps, table saw, level, sandpaper
Difficulty Level: Moderate

Crafting and installing a plywood countertop is an incredible way to add extra storage to your tiny or cramped laundry room. Installing this countertop above your washer and dryer will be an excellent way to store items that you use daily. You can use this countertop to fold clean laundry and place your laundry basket, or you can use it to store extra items, such as plants, detergent, or cleaning supplies.

6. Laundry Drying Rack

Image Credit: jenwoodhouse
Materials: One 1’ L x 6’ W x 8’ J board, two 1’ L x 2’ W x 8’ H board, one 1’ L x 3’ W x 8’ H board, hardwood dowels, hinges, French cleat, wood glue, brad nails
Tools: Drill, hammer, sandpaper, brad nailer
Difficulty Level: Moderate

Building this laundry drying rack will significantly improve your laundry room’s functionality. What makes this design ideal for small laundry rooms is the practicality of the rack, which can be retracted into the frame, providing additional space to the laundry room. This DIY project is perfect for homeowners searching for extra room to organize their clothes.

7. Laundry Sorting Hamper and Hanging Rod

Image Credit: theprojectlady
Materials: 2’’ L x 10’’ W x 8’ H board, two 1’’ L x 4’’ W x 8’ H furring strips, 6’ x 9’ canvas drop cloth, thread, hardwood dowels, hinges, hooks and eyes, wood screws, wood plugs, masking tape, wood glue
Tools: Table saw, miter saw, jig saw, brad nailer, drill, clamps, angle drill, sewing machine, steam iron
Difficulty Level: Moderate

If you are a homeowner with a love for vintage items, this laundry sorting hamper will be a great addition to your laundry room. Crafting this project may seem challenging, although the instructions are pretty straightforward. Once you acquire the right materials and tools, this project will be enjoyable, especially sewing the hamper. Once you finish, you will be left with a gorgeous, rustic sorting hamper, providing functionality to your laundry room.

8. Rolling Laundry Cart

DIY Rolling Laundry Cart
Image Credit: ehow
Materials: 1’’ L x 12’’ W x 10’ H pinewood, 1’’ L x 3’’ W x 8’ H pinewood, 1’’ L x 2’’ W x 10’ H pinewood, screws, swivel wheels, garment hooks
Tools: Tape measure, pencil, circular saw, power drill
Difficulty Level: Moderate

When you get tired of lifting laundry baskets and moving them from one place to another, this rolling laundry cart can come in handy. Crafting this cart will give you a much easier laundry transfer to and from the laundry room. It is a practical and adorable design. With just the essential tools and materials, you can create this clever laundry cart in no time.

9. Shiplap with Wood Shelves

How To Make Shiplap Walls And Shelves
Image Credit: howtonestforless
Materials: 1 x 6 pine boards cut to size for the back wall and the shelves, white paint, brackets, screws
Tools: Tape measure, drill, nail gun, angle cutter, level
Difficulty Level: Moderate

Adding functionality to the wall above your washer or dryer can be an interesting way to incorporate a certain design. This shiplap with wood shelves will provide an adorable design to your laundry room while providing a lot of additional space out of the children’s reach.

These shelves can be perfect for storing detergent or cleaning supplies, where they will be easy to reach for you yet too high for your children. For additional style, you can add knitted baskets on the shelves.

10. Laundry Room Pedestal with Storage

How to Build a Laundry Room Pedestal
Image Credit: familyhandyman
Materials: Two sheets of plywood, trim boards, moldings
Tools: Circular saw, finish nail gun, miter saw, table saw
Difficulty Level: Moderate

Adding a pedestal with additional storage space to your laundry room is a perfect way to create a bit of uniqueness and dynamic to your plain laundry room. This pedestal will create an illusion of a larger space while lifting your washer and dryer for better access. You will also gain a lot more space beneath the washer, where you will be able to stack washing supplies or create a miniature linen storage space.

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Final Thoughts

After following these amazing plans, your laundry room will be a much more organized place with a charming appeal. Creating a welcoming environment in every room of your house is essential, especially for rooms that you use daily. It is vital that you feel comfortable in your laundry area to make chores and tasks much more enjoyable.

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Featured Image Credit: pkamiini, Pixabay


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