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How to Organize Your Cleaning Supplies — 9 Simple Tricks & Tips

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If you have a cabinet full of cleaning products or brooms hanging out in the open with no place to put them, we have some organization tips that can really help you out. Depending on the project or purchase involved, these ideas range from inexpensive to potentially pricey.

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The 9 Simple Tricks & Tips for Organizing Your Cleaning Supplies

1. Wheel Cart

You can re-purpose a piece of furniture that you already have, make your own, or buy a brand-new cart from the store. However you choose to paint it, this is an aesthetically pleasing, convenient, and easy way to store your cleaning products.

Plus, you can pull this card along with you to clean different rooms of your home. Comparable to a hotel cart, a cleaning cart can come in handy for everyday cleaning and advanced tidying sessions.

woman with wheeled cleaning cart at home
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2. Door Hanger

Storage racks can hang on the back of doors or walls. These racks contain individual compartments to store items inside or hooks to hang mops and brooms. You can also use an old shoe organizer. The hanger’s pouches are deep enough to hold cleaning products and make the perfect addition to a laundry room or pantry door.

3. Use Wall Space

If you have empty wall space in a pantry, laundry closet, or basement, you can ruin some hangers or put up shelves and hooks designated strictly for household cleaning products. You can order inexpensive wood or metal shelves or craft your own. Since cleaning products are relatively light, you don’t have to splurge on a durable pair of shelves or hangers.

cleaning supplies hanging from s-hooks on a rod
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4. Use Totes

They make totes in every shape and size these days—they are practically a household godsend. You can easily find one that can hold all of your household products, or you can purchase multiple totes to keep in different rooms of your home.

5. Lazy Susan

Lazy Susan’s are good for so many reasons, and one involves storing your cleaning supplies. If you have your bottles, sponges, and gloves on a Lazy Susan, you can hide them under a cabinet or sink and spin the base until you find the items you need. Voila! It’s that easy.

cleaning supplies closet
Photo Credit By: Budimir Jevtic, Shutterstock

6. Cabinet Door Attachments

You can easily add a small shelf or attachment to the inside of the cabinet door. These attachments hook to the door to avoid occupying any space in the main compartment. Of course, your sweeper can’t fit here, but all your cleaning bottles can have a new home while you use efficient space.

7. Hidden Shelves

If you’re on Pinterest, you’ve likely seen the project that creates a long thin shelf that fits between your refrigerator and wall. This keeps items like brooms and squirt bottles tucked out of sight and helps preserve space. It’s a very cool design and can be an enjoyable DIY activity.

cleaning supplies storage cabinet
Image Credit: New Africa, Shutterstock

8. Hanging Basket

Putting all of your cleaning supplies in a hanging basket can keep them out of the way. Granted, more than one cleaning basket might be needed to keep all products inside, but they can create more space in your home for other items.

9. Cleaning Closet

If you have an extra closet or pantry space in your home that isn’t used for anything in particular, you can turn it into an organized cleaning closet. You can install shelves for your cleaning bottles and use the empty space for brooms, vacuums, and mops. It’s a really great way to keep everything in one space.

Cleaning supplies and tools arranged on shelves in cabinet storage place
Image Credit: Budimir Jevtic, Shutterstock

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It’s always nice to be more space efficient. If you can think of other crafty ways to hide your cleaning supplies, you can use a combination of these ideas and your own. Keeping your cleaning supplies organized and put away helps you maintain your home space and keeps dangerous cleaners away from pets and children.

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