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How To Remove a Fence Post: 8 Tips & Tricks

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Many people consider removing their old fence one of the biggest problems when installing a new one. Fence post removal can be tricky, especially if the post is in concrete instead of the ground. However, it’s not impossible to remove a fence post on your own, especially if you know some tips and tricks to complete the job.

Keep reading to learn all the secrets of removing a fence post easily, even when it’s set in concrete.

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How To Remove a Fence Post

1. Use Your Hands To Pull the Fence Post Out

This fence post removal method is only applicable if you have a post in the ground that’s already loose. Try to give it a tug and see if it wobbles or moves at all. All you need to do is use your hands and strength to pull the post out. Naturally, this removal method won’t work if the post is fixed in place or set in concrete.

2. Dig the Fence Post Out

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Image Credit: Georgy Dzyura, Shutterstock

If your fence post is placed in the ground instead of concrete, you can remove it by digging it out. While this may be time-consuming, it’s one of the easiest ways to remove a fence post, as it only requires a shovel.

You can dig the soil around the post until it becomes loose. In most cases, the fence post will fall over on its own, but if it doesn’t, you can use your hands to remove it from the ground. If the post seems sturdy even after digging, you can use your hands to shake it and loosen it even more.

This removal technique isn’t beneficial if your fence is placed on a large concrete slab. However, if the concrete is just a small piece, you may be able to dig around it to loosen it up and detach the post along with the small concrete base.

3. Use a Jackhammer

Fence posts secured in slab concrete are much harder to remove than those secured in the ground. However, removing them is possible, although it will require more effort. If you have a jackhammer, it may be the best tool for breaking the concrete and getting the fence post out.

You should only proceed with this removal method if you know how to handle a jackhammer, as that tool can be quite dangerous. Ensure you’re wearing protective gear for your eyes and ears, and pull the post out once you break the concrete base.

4. Use a Car Jack

Car Jack, Jumpstory
Image Credit: JumpStory

If you have a car jack, you can use it to pull out your fence post. You’ll first need to drill a hole in your fence post to accomplish this post-removal method. Once you make the hole, you’ll need to place a piece of rebar through it while placing the car jack under one side of the rebar.

When everything is in place, use the car jack as the lever by raising the mechanism and making pressure that will push the post out of the ground.

5. Use a Post Puller

A post-puller is one of the easiest methods for removing a fence post from the ground. This removal method is especially beneficial for people who have limited time but need to remove multiple fence posts.

Post pullers consist of two parts—one that acts as a lever and another one that anchors to the ground and attaches to the fence post. All you need to do is attach the post puller to the post while adequately securing it to the ground. Once secured, pull the lever to remove the fence post from the ground.

6. Cut the Post Off

sawdust from chopped wood
Image Credit: Pixabay

If your main goal is to get rid of the pot without the intention of placing a new post at that location, the simplest way to go around is to cut the post off. You’ll need a saw that can cut through the material of your fence post.

When cutting, you’ll have two options:
  • Cut the post at the ground level
  • Use a shovel to dig the ground slightly and cut the post below ground level so that you can cover it with soil

7. Use a Rebar Lever

If you’re dealing with a fence post placed deep into the ground and is hard to pull out, you can use a rebar level to remove it. You’ll need a drill that can drill through metal to make a hole inside the fence post. It’s best to drill the hole about 1 foot above the ground while ensuring its size is large enough to fit rebar.

Once you make the hole, place the rebar level through it while placing something similar to a cinder block that will act as a lever under one side of the rebar. When everything is in place, push up on one side of the lever to get the fence post out of the ground.

8. Use Your Vehicle To Pull the Post Out

person turning the key in the ignition of the car
Image Credit: Vereshchagin Dmitry, Shutterstock

When you’ve tried all the options above, but your fence post is still in place, you can use your vehicle to pull the post out. For this removal method, you’ll also need a drill to make a hole inside the post.

Once the hole is ready, you’ll need to place a rebar through the hole. Once the rebar is in place, you should attach it with chains on both sides while attaching the chains to your vehicle. Ensure that everything is tight in place; otherwise, the post may damage your car.

When ready, turn on the vehicle and start driving to remove the fence post.

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Final Words

Removing a fence post can be challenging, especially if your post is placed in a concrete base. However, you can complete the removal even when your post is set in concrete if you follow one of the tips provided in our article. Luckily, most removal methods are pretty straightforward, and you don’t need to be an expert to successfully accomplish the fence post removal.

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