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How to Replace Window Glass In an Aluminum Frame In 3 Steps

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There comes a time in every household when you need to replace a broken or damaged window. It may sound like a difficult job, but it’s relatively easy once you’re familiar with the process. In this article, we’ll show you how to replace window glass in an aluminum frame in three easy steps.

Since there are a few types of aluminum windows, we’ll cover a couple of different methods. Hopefully, this guide will help you with replacing your window glass without damaging the metal frame.

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How to Replace Window Glass In an Aluminum Frame with Strips in 3 Steps

1. Remove the old glass

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Image By: Try_my_best, Shutterstock

The first step to replacing a windowpane in a metal frame is to remove the old glass. Make sure you are wearing protective gloves and remove the glass carefully.

It might be challenging to pull the glass out due to the silicone that is holding it, so if needed, break it down into smaller pieces or remove the silicone first so you can take it out easily. If you decide to remove the silicone, you’ll need a screwdriver to remove the strips. Be cautious not to get cut and hurt during this process.

2. Measure window size

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Image By: Hryshchyshen Serhii, Shutterstock

The second step is measuring. This also needs to be done carefully so you don’t end up with glass that’s too small or too big. Measure the height from the middle, right, and left sides within the smallest measurements you have, and then measure the width of the glass pane.

Lastly, measure it diagonally. Once you have your measurements, you can order a new pane of glass.

3. Setting up new glass panes and strips

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Image Credit: Andrew Angelov, Shutterstock

Aside from the glass, you’ll also need to buy new strips, which can be purchased at stores like Home Depot or Lowes. Once you have the new window glass and the strips, you’ll need to connect them.

Make sure you are adding silicone since will help join the glass to the strip. Slide the finished product into the aluminum frame.

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How to Replace Window Glass In an Aluminum Frame with Screws in 3 Steps

1. Window assembly separation

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Image Credit: Pixel-Shot, ShutterstockPixel-Shot, Shutterstock

Keep reading if you need to replace a windowpane in a metal frame connected by screws. Before removing the window assembly, you should wear protective gloves and try to remove as many large glass pieces as possible.

Aluminum frames come with fixed panes that are tightened by screws, and you’ll need a screwdriver to remove the screws, which are usually hidden by plugs. The screws need to be loosened enough so that frame is easy to remove.

2. Dissembling the aluminum frame

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Image Credit: Dmitry Kalinovsky, Shutterstock

Once the screws are loosened up, remove them. Since aluminum frames press the glass between the outside and inside segments of the frame, you need to remove the screws holding two frame parts together. Once you do that, a rubber gasket usually surrounds the glass.

Try to remove it carefully so that you can reuse it. To remove small pieces of glass, you can dampen a cloth and run it around the area where the glass pane was. Once this section is done, take the measurements for the new glass pane and order it.

3. Set up the new glass pane

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Image Credit: Africa Studio, Shutterstock

Once you have the new glass pane, carefully set the rubber gasket around it and insert the glass pane into the frame. To reassemble it, follow the reverse order of how you took it apart—tighten the screws to secure the glass pane, then place it back in the window. Put the remainder of the screws back for additional support.

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How to Replace A Window Glass In an Aluminum Frame for Sliding Windows in 3 Steps

1. Remove the sash stop

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Image Credit: Elizaveta Galitckaia, Shutterstock

Sliding window glass panes might seem difficult to remove, but that’s not always true. Since sliding windows have sash stops in the corners, you first want to remove the sash stop. This will allow the sash to pop up so that you can pull the glass pane out.

2. Remove the glass pane

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Image Credit: ronstik, Shutterstock

When changing a glass pane in sliding aluminum windows, the window must be removed to replace the glass. Once you’ve removed the sash, you can get the glass pane out of the aluminum frame by using a scraper.

Ensure you do it carefully so you don’t damage the frame. When the frame is removed, remove the excess silicone to get the glass pane out.

3. New Glass Pane Placement

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Image Credit: Yuriy Golub, Shutterstock

Like the other aluminum window types, you’ll need to measure the size of the new window. Once ready, apply silicone to the same place as before and attach the new glass window pane.

Add some more silicone and put the aluminum frame pieces together. There’s no need for screws, strips, or anything similar because the silicone will hold everything in place. Once everything is done, put the window back in place and set up the sash stop.

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Not everyone knows how to replace a window pane in a metal frame, but honestly, you don’t need to be an expert. Depending on the type of aluminum window, you’ll just need some standard tools and a good dose of patience. Hopefully, our instructions will help you replace your glass pane in an aluminum frame in no time!

Featured Image Credit:  Andrew Angelov, Shutterstock


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