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How To Replace A Window Stool In 5 Steps (with Pictures)

installation of new window sill

A window stool is the bottom part of a window typically made from metal or wood. The outer parts are called sills, and the inside parts are called stools. They are commonly used to place plants or just as an added detail to the existing window aesthetics. If your window stool gets damaged or broken, it’s time to replace it.

In this article, we’ll look at how to replace a window stool in 5 easy steps. This is quite a simple process, so every DIY enthusiast will be able to try it out. Continue reading to learn more about the replacement process and all the required steps to finish the project successfully.

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How To Replace A Window Stool (5 Steps)

1. Measure Your Window

The first step in replacing a window stool is measuring. Draw a simple sketch on a piece of paper and write down the exact measurements. Grab a measuring tape and measure the horizontal length where the window stool will be placed. Then, measure the area vertically. Since the window stool sticks out from the window slightly, the vertical section of the stool needs to be a couple of inches wider than the horizontal length of the window stool.

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Image By: Elizaveta Galitckaia, Shutterstock

2. Cut Out the Window Stool

The second step is cutting the window stool. What you want to do is cut the longest width first. For cutting, you can use a table saw or a jigsaw. After you’ve done the first cut, you’ll need to mark down the notches and then cut them out as well. It’s best to mark everything on the backside of the wood so that the stencil is not visible once you install the window stool. Draw everything according to the measurements you made earlier. For this cutting, it might be best to use a hand saw, but a jigsaw can work as well.

3. Round the Edges Of the New Window Stool

It’s not safe to have sharp window stool edges— leaving them sharp can be potentially dangerous for you and your family—so you’ll need to round them. To do this, there are a couple of different methods you can try out. You can use sandpaper, a power sander, or a router to do this step of the process. Choose the rounding option you feel the most comfortable with.

basement window repair
Image By: Pavel L Photo and Video, Shutterstock

4. Sand and Paint the New Window Stool

After you have rounded the edges, it’s time to sand and paint. You can use a sander if you have one, or if not, sandpaper can work as well although will take you more time. Try to get the stool to be as smooth as possible so that the paint can be applied correctly. There’s no need to sand the bottom, just the top and the sides.

Before you start painting, grab a wet cloth and wipe the window stool to remove any excess dust and dirt. For painting, you will need a paint roller and a brush. Since the wood you are painting is raw, use a primer or a combination of paint and primer, apply a couple of coats, and let each coat dry before applying a new coat of paint.

5. Install The New Window Stool

The last step in the process is to install the new window stool. Place the new window stool in its position and center it properly. There are a couple of different ways you can secure a new window stool. You can glue it down, nail it, or use screws. Each option will work well, so this is totally up to you. You can even mix two different options for better placement and more security. If you’ve used nails, fill in the holes with putty, caulk the edges, and, if needed, add a final touch-up coat of paint.

handyman repair window
Image Credit: Andrew Angelov, Shutterstock

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FAQs On Replacing A Window Stool

What is the difference between a window sill and a window stool?

The window sill is the bottom part of the outside window while a window stool is the same bottom horizontal part of the window but found inside. Both window sills and window stools can be made out of different materials. Beautifully made window sills and stools can enhance the look and the value of your home.

Does a window need a stool?

Window stools are a necessary part of every window. They have a decorative aspect but also protect your home from snow and rain. Without a window stool, a window wouldn’t be properly secured, and, window stools prevent air from coming inside, so they are an important part of the insulation in your home.

old window sill
Image Credit: nadja-golitschek, Pixabay

What is stool molding?

Stool molding is a decorative window stool that can beautify your window and make it more attractive. They come in various shapes, sizes, and colors so that everyone can find a perfect fit for their windows.

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Conclusion: Replace A Window Stool

Replacing a window stool is a relatively easy process that anyone can do. You’ll need some basic tools, and it’s always good to be handy. As you can see, other than cutting out the shape of your new window stool, there are very few challenging tasks in this project.

Featured Image Credit: VH-studio, Shutterstock


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