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How To Store a Mattress: 5 Expert Tips

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Most mattresses are too heavy to carry or put away somewhere easily, so when planning to store them, it is recommended to create a plan beforehand. Some simple tips can help you maintain a clean mattress without worrying about damage. Most mattresses need to be stored flat on the floor, as laying them on the side or upright can create permanent damage.

Keep reading the text below to discover more valuable tips for when you need to store a mattress.

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The 5 Tips on How to Store a Mattress

1. Decide On the Perfect Location First

Before moving your mattress around the house for storage, deciding on the ideal location upfront is crucial. Mattresses are usually quite heavy, and if you want to lower the burden and effort, work smarter. This decision is vital because it will determine the lifespan of your stored mattress. While you may think that it will stay in the same perfect condition if you’re not using it, many things can go wrong while the mattress is stored.

The first thing to remember is to store the mattress in a dry and cool spot. If you decide to store the mattress inside your home, the ideal location would be the garage, where it will stay safest.

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2. Prep and Clean the Area

After picking out your ideal storage location, you need to prep it and clean it thoroughly. It is essential to clean it beforehand, so your mattress doesn’t get damaged. If the mattress is lying flat on the floor, vacuum the area and mop it to remove any accumulated dirt. Clean the area beneath the mattress even if you plan on leaning it against the wall. It is best to use a damp cloth and ensure the space is dry afterward.

3. Clean and Vacuum the Mattress

An essential step before storing your mattress is to clean it thoroughly, leaving it fresh even when stored—you don’t want any dirt sitting around or mold developing. If you clean the mattress before storage, it will seem brand new and fresh after using it again in the future. Remove all bedding and vacuum the mattress. If there are any stains, make sure to clean them with mild detergent, and allow the mattress to dry up entirely before storing it.

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4. Store a Mattress Depending on Its Type

Another fantastic tip when storing your mattress is to consider the mattress type. Particular mattresses must be placed in a specific position to avoid losing shape or integrity.

Spring mattresses

Spring mattresses are less flexible than other types and cannot be stored the same way. Bending these mattresses can significantly affect their integrity and even damage their internal structure. When storing a spring mattress, ensure no items or heavy objects are placed on top to avoid bending.

Memory foam mattresses 

Memory foam mattresses should always be stored lying flat on the floor since leaving them in one upright position for too long can quickly cause permanent deformities. Clean memory foam mattresses with baking soda only because the surface material is quite porous and hard to dry.

Latex mattresses 

Latex mattresses are much heavier than other types and must be stored flat on the floor. Keeping it on its side or leaning against the wall can eventually cause the mattress to collapse on one side.

Mattress topper

While a mattress topper is significantly different from a traditional mattress, it is crucial to know the proper way to store it. This type of mattress you can safely roll up and place into a plastic bag. Don’t worry about this mattress losing shape over time; store it somewhere that will only take up a little space.

5. Always Lay the Mattress on a Flat Surface

We’ve already mentioned this rule above, but it is so crucial to the integrity of the mattress that we need to mention it again. Most mattresses cannot stand upright, leaning on the wall, without bending to one side. If you plan to store your mattress for longer, these bends can eventually create permanent shapes, damaging the mattress. Also, keep any other large or heavy object off the mattress so you don’t rip the surface or mess with its original shape.

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Once you understand the proper ways of storing a mattress, you can expect it to provide you with many durable years of use. An adequately stored mattress can be fresh and new when you decide to reuse it again. Following these tips can ensure no damage or dents are created in your mattress and, instead, it stays safely stored away.

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