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How to Store Purses – 10 Simple & Space Saving Tips!

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Purses are a necessary part of almost every outfit, and most people own at least a couple of purses or bags that they use frequently. This is why everyone is looking for that ideal space to use for storage, whether that’s a place in the closet, underneath the bed, or on a shelf. Storing bags neatly and perfectly is crucial if you want to keep them usable for as long as possible.

Covering them with dust bags and stuffing them with tissue paper can significantly prolong their life, and if you’d like to hear more tips similar to this, continue reading the article.

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Our 10 Tips How to Store Purses

1. Add Purse Hooks to Your Closet

Adding hooks to your closet or clothes racks is a fantastic idea, especially for holding your purses. There are special types of hooks that can hold purses neatly and safely without the risk of damaging the handle. Most of the time, when you hang your purse in inadequate places, it can cause it to warp over time and lose its original shape. Special purse hooks ensure that the bag retains its original shape by hanging securely in place. The best thing is you can stack as many bags as you need on the clothes rack or space them apart and store them by shape, size, or color.

2. Protect Your Purses by Storing Them in Dust Bags

The most important advice you can get for property storing your purses is to protect them from dust. Many purses have a seasonable appearance or texture and can be used only in one year’s season. You can use dust bags to ensure these purses stay fresh for the season without collecting dirt over the year. The best dust bags are those made with soft cotton, allowing your bag to breathe. To know exactly which bag you store and to have easy access in the future, you can put up tags with the bag’s description and attach them to the dustbag’s handles.

3. Retain Their Shape with Tissue Paper

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Another important tip for maintaining your purses is ensuring they last as long as possible. Ensuring no damage is done to your purses when stored is crucial, especially if your storage is tight or cramped. If you have storage that provides little space for your bags and makes them tightly stacked on each other, it can quickly cause them to lose their original shape and bend, break, or warp. To prevent this, you can use tissue paper or bag shapers and fill the bag’s insides before storing it.

4. Install a DIY Shelf for Your Purses

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Installing a DIY shelf for your purses is a perfect way to create additional storage space while maintaining a clean and organized home. Adding a shelf in your hallway can be a fantastic organizing hack if you constantly leave purses in random areas or the entryway. You can store your bags by shape and color or choose only to display a specific style. This will become a unique interior design idea, which will also be helpful for storing purses.

5. Add Storage Baskets or Bins

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Finding perfect knitted baskets or plastic bins for storing away all your purses is ideal, especially if you want to maintain a charming and tidy appearance in your bedroom. Several knitted baskets in the corner of the room or under the desk will look lovely, especially if they hold neatly organized purses. This is a creative yet practical idea, where all your handbags will be easy to access at all times. For additional protection, you can use a bin with a lid to protect your bags from collecting dust and dirt.

6. Organize Them on a Bookshelf

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Each household has that old yet cute bookshelf, which doesn’t serve a particular purpose other than taking up space. Give your old bookshelf a quick and fun makeover, and consider using it as a purse organizer. You can stack purses by type and size in different sections and even add baskets for a more creative appearance. This storage method will be ideal for your bedroom, and you can decorate it and style it so it matches the rest of your interior.

7. Utilize a Stylish Coat Rack for Purses

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Another reusable and recyclable item in your household is an old coat rack. Find one that’s sitting unused in your basement, or thrift a coat hanger and place it in your bedroom. With a quick paint job, you will have a new hanger for your purses. Find one in a quirky shape that reflects your personality and matches the style of your handbags. It will make storage much quicker and more convenient while keeping your bags safe from falling or damaging.

8. Plastic Storage Bins Under Your Bed

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One excellent place to store your purses, where they will surely be safe, is all the extra space beneath your bed. Keep them in a plastic container to avoid dust reaching the surface of your handbags, and for easier access, label the containers according to the type of purse. Depending on the current season, you can store bags closer or further from your reach so that you can switch them up daily without clutter.

9. Door Hooks or Baskets

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There are plenty of ideas for storing purses, but the most valuable one, especially for smaller homes, is utilizing the most of a tiny space. While some areas seem entirely unusable when it comes to storage, some transformations may surprise you. There are metal hanging baskets you can hang on your bedroom door and gain more storage room for accessories such as purses. You can also use the hanging baskets for various items besides purses. This is a fantastic idea for smaller apartments, where storage is limited.

10. Store Thin Purses in Magazine Holders

The entire purpose of organizing your purses is to have easy access to them and maintain a clean, dust-free area. While thin purses are easy to handle and store because of their size, they can cause significant clutter in one space. You can solve this problem for thin handbags by storing them in magazines or file holders. These organizers are small, cute, and can be placed almost anywhere—shelves, desks, closets, hallways. Store your purses by color or depending on their style or occasion purpose.

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Storing purses and other accessories you use daily can be a challenging task. While most of your handbags are small and take little space if handled properly, they can quickly cause clutter in your bedroom and closet. Finding the ideal way to organize purses that matches your needs is actually an easy task once you let your creativity flow. Use the above ideas to inspire you to create your own unique storage space.

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