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Is Rubbermaid Microwave-Safe? (Microwave Safety Tips)

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Rubbermaid has been renowned for decades as a brand of convenience. From food to drinks, you can trust that their products will protect and store your items. Even better is that most Rubbermaid products are microwave-safe, so now you can enjoy heating meals and snacks without any safety risks!

Let’s take a closer look at the safety of utilizing Rubbermaid products in the microwave and provide some tips to always ensure you are microwaving safely. In this guide, we will ensure that your kitchen is safe for all heating needs!

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How Safe Are Rubbermaid Containers?

Rubbermaid containers are often thought to be secure when used in the microwave. So long as they have the “microwave-safe” label and don’t contain any metal parts or attachments, you can use them with a clear conscience, knowing that your safety is not being put at risk.

When using Rubbermaid products, keep in mind that not all are microwave-safe. Some of the containers may be made from materials that cannot withstand heat when microwaved; these will be marked clearly as such. Nonetheless, double-check the labels before heating any Rubbermaid item just to ensure you’re taking every precaution possible.

Furthermore, you can easily identify container products from Rubbermaid that are suitable for microwave use with their unique features, like vents and the “microwave-safe” label. The combination of both ensures steam escapes safely while your food heats up quickly in the appliance.

For example, Rubbermaid’s 16-Piece Food Storage Containers with Easy Find Steam Vents are specially designed for safe use in the microwave. Not only that, but these containers feature a steam vent lid to release build-up and provide optimal heating without burning or melting the container.

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Microwave Safety Tips

While it’s true that Rubbermaid products are generally safe for use in the microwave, there are still some safety tips that you should follow to make sure you’re using your microwave safely and efficiently.


One of the most important microwave safety tips is to not heat any container or food item in the microwave to temperatures higher than 212°F. This temperature level is when water boils, and it can cause the container to become unsafe for use.

Additionally, you should never try to microwave any Rubbermaid product that isn’t specifically labeled as being microwavable. Doing so may result in a fire or other hazardous situation that could put your health and safety at risk.

Power Levels

It’s also important to adjust the power level of your microwave when heating different types of foods. For example, if you’re heating something like grilled cheese sandwiches or scrambled eggs, then you’ll need a higher power level than if you were just warming up leftovers or defrosting frozen items.

Adjusting the power level helps ensure that your food is cooked safely and evenly without burning or scorching it. And lastly, always check the temperature of your food before consuming it—especially if it was heated in a microwave.

About BPA-Safe Materials

It’s worth pointing out that many Rubbermaid products are made from BPA-free materials. This means that they contain no dangerous chemicals, making them safer for both your health and the environment.

And as such, you can trust that your food is being safely stored and heated in a container that won’t contaminate it with any dangerous chemicals.

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Rubbermaid has built a reputation for offering the best storage containers and other kitchenware. Generally considered safe to use in microwaves, additional steps should always be taken to keep your family secure while using this type of food storage system.

Checking the packaging and container prior to microwaving is essential if you wish to avoid any possible hazards that can arise from improper materials or tools. With Rubbermaid being one of the most dependable names on the market, rest assured that you are making an informed decision when utilizing their products safely!

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