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8 Common Lawn Mowing Patterns (With Pictures)

Lawn Pattern

If you are looking for a way to add fun to your garden, or you dislike the current look of your lawn, there are simple ways to improve that by changing the way you mow the lawn! While mowing the lawn can be a dull and unexciting activity, trying out something new can change the whole experience. Creating patterns in your yard is a beautiful idea that will make your garden lawn unique.

If you are looking for an ideal pattern that will match the design of the rest of your garden, read on below as we cover all the most common lawn mowing patterns.

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The 8 Most Common Lawn Mowing Patterns

1. Checkerboard Pattern

The checkerboard pattern creates a yard that resembles a baseball park lawn. Although this pattern may look intricate and complex, it is pretty simple to create this exciting look. This pattern is easy to achieve—all it takes is following the parallel lines of your lawn. Start with either the vertical or the horizontal row first. It would help if you mowed parallel stripes, and after finishing this row, move on to mowing your lawn perpendicularly. This way, you will create the effect of a checkerboard. You can complete your pattern by trimming the edges and framing your entire design to achieve a more polished and neat look.

2. Diamond Pattern

Diamond Pattern Lawn_James R Martin_Shutterstock
Image Credit: James R Martin, Shutterstock

The diamond pattern is quite similar to the checkerboard pattern, with the only difference being the angle at which you mow the second row. In the case of a checkerboard pattern, you have to mow the lawn twice at a 90° angle. To achieve the diamond look of your lawn, you should mow in the same manner, at a 45° angle. You can achieve the best-patterned lawn by ensuring you have a roller attached to the back of the unit that will bend the blades of grass.

3. Stripe Pattern

Stripe Pattern Lawn_MNStudio_Shutterstock
Image By: MNStudio, Shutterstock

The stripe pattern might be the most basic lawn pattern, although it is pretty interesting. The stripe pattern includes only mowing parallel lines down one side of the lawn and creating large stripes. Even though this pattern is simple, there are still a couple of possibilities; the lines don’t have to be perpendicular. Instead, try mowing diagonal parallel lines to achieve a more dynamic look. Avoid sharp turns to maintain a clean and polished appearance.

4. Concentric Circle Pattern

Follow a circle or a spiral pattern. A concentric circle pattern is one of the most exciting lawn patterns since it gives your lawn a dynamic look. Start by mowing your lawn from the edges inward to create this fun look. Another way to achieve this look is by starting at the middle of your yard and cutting outwards, creating a bullseye. Make sure to mow slowly and closely following the previous stripe.

5. Curvy Pattern

The curvy pattern is an excellent variation of the stripe pattern. It works the same way— you mow one row, make a subtle 180° turn, and continue working in the opposite direction. The only catch is—you mow a wavy line. Once finishing trimming one wave, you should follow the shape and continue mowing the rest of the lawn in the same manner.

6. Zig-Zag Pattern

A zig-zag pattern is undoubtedly one of our list’s most interesting lawn patterns. Start by mowing the lawn in one direction and then making a sharp turn the opposite way. After finishing with one row, move on to the next, going in an opposite direction. The light’s reflection will create two rows, one darker and the other lighter. This idea will bring a dynamic look into your garden.

7. Varying Line Pattern

Varying Line Pattern Lawn
Image Credit: Elena Rastaturina, Shutterstock

The varying line pattern is another unique look. You can create this by mowing three rows as one set and producing the same set continuously. One set of rows includes mowing two rows in one direction and the third one in the opposite direction. This will give an illusion of much wider rows being set apart by thinner rows. If you leave the grass clippings intact, this will additionally emphasize the rows in between.

8. Ripples

Ripple Pattern Lawn_Olga Korica_Shutterstock
Image Credit: Olga Korica, Shutterstock

When we mention ripples, the first thought is pebbles being thrown in the pond and creating stunning concentric circles that spread outwards. To create this pattern, start at one end of the lawn, and mow while making a large curve. Once you finish mowing one row, make a 180° turn, and go in the opposite direction, following the path of the previous row. This will create a gorgeous design in your garden, connecting the entire lawn into one big piece of art.

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Final Thoughts

After reading this article, you will hopefully have a better vision of how to mow your lawn to create different patterns. This article covers the basic and the most common lawn mowing patterns you will find, and surely you will fall in love with one of these designs and create your own. Once you take up a specific mowing pattern, this activity will become much more enjoyable as you can customize your lawn in whichever way you desire.

Featured Image Credit: Gibbon FitzGibbon, Unsplash


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