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Mind-Blowing: How Much Time You Save With a Paint Sprayer

how much time you save with a paint sprayer

If you have a do-it-yourself paint job on your hands, you are probably looking for the option that will allow you to work as quickly as possible, right? Your options are pretty clear cut. You can either go traditional and invest in some brushes and rollers, or you can go the heavy-duty route, and pick up a paint sprayer.

Paint sprayers come with a bigger price tag than brushes, but the difference in performance is pretty astronomical.

Is it worth it? Ultimately, only you can decide that, but today we will be going over just how much time you can expect to save by going with a paint sprayer. Read on to learn how you can enjoy a high-quality paint job in less time than you ever thought possible.

How Much Time are We Talking About Here?

There are too many variables involved in painting to give an extremely precise estimation of how much time you will ultimately save.

However, if we just examine the difference between painting with a roller, and painting with a sprayer, it seems clear that the benefit is enormous.

Part of the problem with using a roller is that you need to go over the same area over and over again to ensure that it has a clean finished look to it. You also have to constantly correct for human error compensating for when you apply too much, or not enough paint.

man loads a paint sprayer
Photo credit: Staff Sgt. Alex Fox Echols III, Osan Air Base

You don’t have to worry about any of that with a sprayer. The constant stream of paint droplets gives your work a perfectly smooth appearance with just one steady pass. Generally speaking, one pass with a sprayer is the equivalent of about three or four with a roller.  As a result, you save about 10-25 seconds per pass with a sprayer.

Now, multiply that by however many passes you might expect to make during a project, and you end up with a lot of saved time.

By this math, it takes a sprayer about one fourth as long as a brush to perform the same task. Not too shabby, right?

Just make sure you are keeping your paint sprayer clean. While a working system will cut your painting time down considerably, a clogged tip can be a real momentum killer that may make you wish you could reach for a roller.

However, with good maintenance practices, you should have no trouble at all rapidly completing paint jobs that might have otherwise taken all day.


As you can see, using a paint sprayer is, unambiguously far quicker than using a manual option. It is also much easier in terms of getting a good consistency and a high-quality finish.

If you value your time and are trying to decide between a paint sprayer, and a paint roller, the decision is pretty straightforward. Invest in a paint sprayer to cut your work into a small fraction of what it would be with a roller.

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