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10 Most Dangerous Cities in Oregon (2022 Update)

Downtown Astoria Oregon

Note: This article’s statistics come from third-party sources and do not represent the opinions of this website.

Plenty of property and violent crimes can make a city a dangerous place to live in and visit. You must be aware of risky towns around you and issues occurring in that place so that you can decide if it is safe to travel and live there.

This article will cover the 10 Most Dangerous Cities in Oregon, pointing out all the common crimes happening in them. If you’d like to educate yourself more on them, or just know what’s going on in each city, continue reading.

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The 10 Most Dangerous Cities in Oregon: A Quick Look

1. Portland, OR

portland oregon train station
Image Credit: 12019, Pixabay
Population 656,222
Violent crime rate 3.65 per 1,000 citizens
Property crime rate 26.23 per 1,000 citizens
Unemployment rate 6.9%

Portland is the largest city in Oregon, with the highest population in that state. The city’s population has grown over 50%, but with that came an increase in violence and crimes. Violence has started to rise since 2019, and one of the crimes that stand out the most is gun violence. There have been numerous homicide victims over the past year, making Oregon really unsafe for its residents and travelers that are coming to visit the city. Portland had more shootings and homicides than some larger cities in the US, which shows just how unstable the situation is.

Other more minor crimes like carjacking, vandalism, theft, and drug dealing are very common in this city as well. Also, it’s not recommended to walk the streets of Portland alone at night, especially if you’re a female. From what it seems, the crime rate in the city will remain high in the next couple of years since there are no signs of circumstances getting better at the moment.

2. Ontario, OR

Oregon Short Line Railroad Depot
Oregon Short Line Railroad Depot (Image Credit: Ron Reiring, Wikimedia Commons CC BY 2.0)
Population 55,444
Violent crime rate 3.52 per 1,000 citizens
Property crime rate 52.13 per 1,000 citizens
Unemployment rate 5.3%

Ontario is a small city in Oregon, with only 55,444 residents. Still, regardless of the number of people who live there being very low, the crime rates are pretty high. That doesn’t apply to half of the violent crimes as much as property crimes. While the violent crime rates are not too high, the property ones are incredibly high, especially for a town that size. An interesting fact is that in Ontario, a crime occurs every 6 hours and 45 minutes. S theft, burglaries, and car stealing are not uncommon for the residents of this town.

While violent crimes are lower than property ones, they are still happening, and one of the most frequent of them is assault. Other ones like rape, murder, and homicide are not as frequent, but they still exist. If you are planning to live in this city, or just visit it, be aware of these issues and try to be always alert to avoid any possible problems.

3. Astoria, OR

astoria column
Image Credit: B Brown, Shutterstock
Population 41,250
Violent crime rate 2.46 per 1,000 citizens
Property crime rate 49.17 per 1,000 citizens
Unemployment rate 7.7%

Astoria is a little port city with only 41,250 citizens. Although the town’s not big, there are still crimes and issues occurring daily.  There are not too many violent crimes, but property crimes are frequent in this city. Theft, car stealing, and burglaries are among the most common felonies in this area of Oregon. That mainly happens due to the unemployment rate, which is higher than the US average.

If you’re living in Astoria or planning to move there, make sure you have an alarm system to prevent possible robberies. If your home doesn’t have an alarm system, it’s likely that you will get robbed in Astoria. The safest part of the town is the southeast area, while the most dangerous part is the northwest area. It is dangerous to walk through specific neighborhoods at night because you can be a target for pickpockets and thieves.

4. Warrenton, OR

Warrenton Historic District OR
Warrenton Historic District OR (Image Credit: Strawser via Wikimedia Commons, CC BY-SA 3.0)
Population 5,877
Violent crime rate 1.39 per 1,000 citizens
Property crime rate 15.55 per 1,000 citizens
Unemployment rate 7.7%

Warrenton is a tiny city in Oregon (Clatsop County), with only 5,877 inhabitants. If you look at Warrenton’s crime rates, they don’t seem too concerning. Still, when you actually compare that to the number of residents living in this tiny city, you’ll realize that that’s a very high rate for an area of this size and population. Crimes are not occurring daily, but on average, a crime occurs every 2 days in Warrenton.

This is another city where property crimes are more usual than violent crimes, and again, the unemployment rate contributes to that. Other common crimes are assault, theft, burglary, vehicle theft, and even rape. Because there are not too many people living in this city, you could be a potential target if you decide to travel there or move there. Since safety should always be your top priority, out of precaution, if there’s no need to be in Warrenton, it might be best to avoid it and go to some safer cities in Oregon.

5. Eugene, OR

Fountain in Eugene Oregon
Fountain in Eugene Oregon (Image Credit: Visitor7, Wikimedia Commons CC BY-SA 3.0)
Population 177,732
Violent crime rate 2.13 per 1,000 citizens
Property crime rate 41.76 per 1,000 citizens
Unemployment rate 6.3%

Eugene is a city in Oregon, located in the Pacific Northwest. Crimes in this city usually occur every 45 minutes, so the crime rate here is relatively high compared to some safer places in Oregon. Property crime is incredibly high, and it’s even higher than the US average. The northwest part of the city is the safest for crimes of this type. Burglaries and theft are common due to poverty and high unemployment rates.

When it comes to violent crimes, they are not as often, but they still exist, and they are higher than the usual rates for communities of that size. There’s also drug abuse and a lot of homeless people, so the city is not the safest place to be at night. Since this is not a city that will provide you with lots of opportunities and danger still exists, you should keep away from it if there’s no particular need of visiting.

6. Coos Bay, OR

Chandler Hotel Coos Bay Oregon
Chandler Hotel Coos Bay Oregon (Image Credit: Ian Poellet, Wikimedia Commons CC BY-SA 4.0)
Population 16,417
Violent crime rate 2.24 per 1,000 citizens
Property crime rate 32.45 per 1,000 citizens
Unemployment rate 7.8%

Coos Bay is relatively small, but the crime rates here are higher than the average crime rates in the US. When it comes to violent crimes, there’s no murder, but assault, rape, and robbery are common in this town, way more than it is throughout America. Property crimes are occurring in this city a lot, and so are vehicle thefts, burglaries, and regular thefts. This is once again a city where the unemployment rate is high, considering how many people live there. Homelessness is also very high in Coos Bay, so that contributes to the crimes happening in town.

Overall, Coos Bay would be an okay place for a vacation if you are willing to be alert at all times and guard your belongings. But, when it comes to living there, this is not the city we would recommend when you take the crime scene into consideration.

7. Salem, OR

Downtown Salem Oregon
Downtown Salem Oregon (Image Credit: M.O. Stevens, Wikimedia Commons CC BY 3.0)
Population 177,694
Violent crime rate 2.31 per 1,000 citizens
Property crime rate 26.12 per 1,000 citizens
Unemployment rate 6.2%

Salem is the capital of Oregon, and the second-largest city, located in Willamette Valley. It is Marion county’s county seat. When it comes to crime, there are both property and violent crimes, and like most other cities in Oregon, property crime is more frequent than violent ones. Theft and burglaries are very common, and robberies and assaults happen occasionally. Issues like murder and homicides haven’t been happening lately, but rape and prostitution are increasing.

This is another city that has a lot of homeless people and a high drug abuse level, making the streets not too safe at night. One of the worst areas that have the highest crime rates is Northeast Salem, particularly the Highland Neighborhood and the Hollywood District.  If you still decide you will travel to Salem, choose a rental property, or buy a house, choose areas of West Salem or South Salem, which are currently the safest.

8. Roseburg, OR

Roseburg Station - Roseburg, Oregon
Roseburg Station – Roseburg, Oregon (Image Credit: Ian Poellet via Wikimedia Commons, CC BY-SA 3.0)
Population 23,793
Violent crime rate 1.92 per 1,000 citizens
Property crime rate 31.17 per 1,000 citizens
Unemployment rate 7.3%

Roseburg is another city in Oregon that’s relatively small, but regardless of its size, it has a lot of crimes happening. If you compare the number of crimes per 1,000 citizens, for a town that only has 23,793 people living in it, there’s no doubt that the area is unsafe. Crime numbers are way higher than they should be for a city of this size, which is not good news. Violent crimes are not often, but rape and assault do happen. Also, thefts, break-ins, vandalism, and burglaries are more usual than they should be.

This is another town where there are plenty of homeless people and where the unemployment rate is exceptionally high, which leads to the crimes occurring. There have also been drug abuse cases, which also make the city unsafe, especially for families with children. If you want to live in a peaceful town, where you can be carefree, this might not be the best option for you.

9. Woodburn, OR

woodburn oregon
Image Credit: Piqsels
Population 26,799
Violent crime rate 3.65 per 1,000 citizens
Property crime rate 38.23 per 1,000 citizens
Unemployment rate 6.2%

Woodburn is a petite town in Oregon that has a lot of natural beauties and potential for a great life. Still, that is not enough for life if you won’t have your peace of mind once you actually get there. If you are living in Woodburn, the chances you will get robbed are extreme, especially on the northwest side of the city. Burglaries, car stealing, and mugging happen multiple times a day, making this an unstable environment for people who want a tranquil life. If you compare the crime rate in this city with the national average, you’ll see that crimes are 54.53% higher than the average in the US.

When it comes to violent crimes, the most frequent ones are aggravated assault and rape. If you still decide you would like to experience life in Woodburn, we suggest installing cameras and an alarm system at your property to prevent any possible problems.

10. Klamath Falls, OR

Klamath Falls
Klamath Falls (Image Credit: Llywrch, Wikimedia Commons CC BY-SA 3.0)
Population 22,034
Violent crime rate 3.08 per 1,000 citizens
Property crime rate 42.71 per 1,000 citizens
Unemployment rate 8.4%

With only 22,034 residents, Klamath Falls is among many small towns in Oregon that have a lot of crimes happening, regardless of the town size. If we’re looking at violent crimes, assault and robbery are usually the reasons that the violent crime rates are going up. The police departments of the city are trying to resolve all problems, so the city is on a good pace to prevent violent crimes. Although that is true, property crimes are still very often, which is very inconvenient for people living there and people who are considering moving to Klamath Falls. Theft, vehicle theft, burglary, and arson are still occurring daily, making the city risky for living.

Regardless of property crimes not being life-threatening, nobody wants to live in fear that someone might break into their home. There’s still hope for this city because, unlike the rest of the cities we mentioned in this list, police in Klamath Falls are trying to change the current situation in town.

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Why Is There More Crime In Oregon Than Ever Before?

Oregon and especially certain cities have been experiencing an undeniable increase in crimes over the past couple of years. One of the main reasons that things like that are happening is that there are no opportunities for people to prosper. There are a lot of unemployed, even homeless people that unfortunately fall under a bad influence. Even if it’s not a life choice someone wants for them, many of them turn to crime to survive due to the circumstances they live in. Hopefully, the situation in Oregon will change, but for now, bypass any cities and areas that are unsafe.

Veterans park Klamath Falls Oregon
Veterans park Klamath Falls Oregon (Image Credit: Bobjgalindo, Wikimedia Commons CC BY-SA 4.0)

How to Stay Safe in Oregon

When it comes to staying safe in Oregon, there are simple things you can do. If you are just a traveler or a visitor to areas that are prone to crime, be cautious and try not be too flashy. Fit into the local style, if possible, use cards instead of money and keep a low profile in dangerous zones of the city you are in. On the other hand, if you are living in one of the most dangerous cities in Oregon, secure your home and your vehicle properly, avoid getting into problems and stay away from shady people and drugs.

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When it comes to crime, the situation in Oregon is currently not the best. Still, if you are careful and cautious, you shouldn’t have too many problems, but be aware of your surroundings and the people you spend your time with. The cities we listed are quite dangerous, but there are other towns in Oregon that are also beautiful but would be a safer option for a stress-free move or vacation.

Featured Image Credit: Downtown Astoria Oregon (Image Credit: Steve Morgan, Wikimedia Commons CC BY-SA 3.0)

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