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8 Most Popular Cars in Texas (with Pictures)

red ford F150 parked by the lake

Texas is a state that’s known for liking things bigger. This tends to apply to their cars too. However, many people in Texas also work on ranches and farms, which makes it necessary for them to purchase trucks and other similar vehicles. Plus, even if they don’t work directly on a ranch, many people in rural areas need these vehicles for basic yard work.

Therefore, the most popular cars in Texas aren’t much of a surprise, though you may find a few options here that are surprising.

Below, we’ve listed the most popular cars in and road divider

The 8 Most Popular Cars in Texas

1. Toyota Camry

toyota camry
Image By: bahonya, Pixabay

The Toyota Camry is the most popular car in the United States—it also happens to be the most popular car in Texas. This smaller vehicle features a modest four-cylinder engine, which likely isn’t going to get anyone anywhere very quickly. However, it is plenty for those that don’t need to haul much. Plus, there is a fuel-efficient model available that works great for commuters.

For those looking for an older-style car that is simply comfortable and economical, this option is the best one for you. Therefore, it makes sense that it would also be one of the most popular cars in Texas. Anyone commuting to Dallas can get a lot of use out of this car.

2. Ford F150

Ford F150 Pick up
Image By: Pixabay

Not surprisingly, the second most popular car is the Ford F150. For everyone in need of a pickup truck, this is probably the best option out there. This truck has been one of the best-selling options for years. Therefore, it works extremely well in Texas, where many people need trucks for their work or recreation.

The cabin in the new model has been updated, giving it a nicer feel. Plus, there are many different options available, allowing you to carefully choose the best option for your needs. With so many different options to choose from, there is often little reason to go with a different car. In fact, the F150 even has an electric spinoff.

3. Nissan Altima

Nissan Altima
Image Credit: DayronV, Pixabay

The Nissan Altima ranks as the second most popular car nationwide, but it gets pushed down to the number 3 spot in Texas. This car is popular for a few different reasons. Despite being categorized as a smaller car, this vehicle is actually quite roomy on the inside. Plus, it has an all-wheel drive option. It also features plenty of fuel economy, which is important for many buyers these days.

However, the wheels are 19 inches long and hurt ride quality a bit. The slow acceleration is also a problem for many drivers, but that comes with the fuel efficiency of the car.

4. Chevrolet Silverado

Chevrolet Silverado
Image Credit: TheForgetfulPhotographer, Pixabay

Another truck lands in the number 4 slot on this list. Texans love their trucks and tend to use them more than the average American. Therefore, it only makes sense to see lots of trucks on this list. While the Ford F150 takes the cake, the Silverado is also high on the list.

This truck is largely popular because of its intense towing capacity. If you need a working truck, this one can pull it out. Its powertrain is quite durable and reliable, so you don’t have to worry about as much maintenance as other options. Plus, it is also packed full of technology that you usually wouldn’t see in a truck.

This car is as tough as a rock. However, it is missing a smooth ride and the interior isn’t as nice as other options. This is a working truck through and through.

5. Toyota Corolla

red toyota corolla car
Image Credit: Goodfreephotos_com, Pixabay

This smaller car is more popular with those who simply don’t need a truck. While most of Texas is rural, not everyone needs a truck. For those that do not, this smaller car will often work just as well. It has an underachieving engine that isn’t all that useful. Plus, it also isn’t very entertaining to drive.

However, it is extremely efficient, safe, and has some style. Therefore, for those that just want something that functions well, this car may be a great option.

6. Honda Accord

Honda accord parked on the street
Image Credit: Styves Exantus, Pexels

This car isn’t what you’d expect a Texan to like. However, it is quite popular in Texas, especially in urban and suburban areas. It is versatile and comfortable, as well as not being terribly expensive. Plus, it is much more fun to drive than most cars out there.

Compared to other small cars out there, this option is one of the best-reviewed. However, the interior storage is lacking. While this isn’t a huge problem for everyone, it is more serious for those with children or who are simply in need of more storage space than this car can offer.

Furthermore, the entry-level models aren’t the best. The higher-end ones are quieter and perform much better, but they also cost more.

7. Honda Civic

honda civic on the road
Image Credit: Domenik2212, Pixabay

The Honda Civic is one of the most popular cars nationwide. However, it lands at number 7 in Texas, where trucks and other small cars tend to be more popular. This car is simple and straightforward. It gets the job done and is pretty affordable. However, it isn’t particularly as quick as other cars or as stylish.

There are many different model options out there, which usually means that buyers have little reason to go elsewhere. However, those options still don’t make this car as popular as others out there.

8. Ford Focus

ford focus-pixabay
Image Credit: AutoPhotography, Pixabay

The Ford Focus finds itself at number 8 in Texas but this affordable car has lower reviews than the models before it. It isn’t nearly as high-quality as it once was, though many people still stand by the Focus. The newest model comes with a touchscreen and a bit more technology than you would expect.

The car itself is quite small. While it does have some fun technology, it is missing a lot of the safety features that are coming standard on other models. The engine options are also uninspiring, though they will get you from point A to point B with ease.

car and road divider Conclusion

In Texas, bigger is usually better. However, many of the smaller cars that are popular throughout the nation are also popular in Texas. For instance, the Toyota Camry is still extremely popular in Texas, despite not being a truck.

Still, there are some popular trucks, as well. For instance, the Ford F150 comes in at number 2 in popularity. This truck comes with many different options, which means that it is easy for buyers to find exactly what they’re looking for.

Featured Image Credit: lpegasu, Pixabay


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