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10 Postmodern Interior Design Ideas (With Pictures)

Modern art deco living room interior

Postmodernism is a bit famous for channeling the edgy, unapologetic vibes of subcultures and visionary architects. It ditches the conventional, thriving instead on rule-breaking and iconic alterations.

If you’re looking to spice up your interior, we’re sharing some thrilling ideas that could very well transfigure your home into a postmodern paradise. Ready to explore? Join on this journey into postmodern interior design and see if there’s something that strikes a chord with you.

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The 10 Postmodern Interior Design Ideas

1. Avoid the Boring

Unger House
Photo Credit By: Erik Laan,Shutterstock

In the world of postmodern décor, ordinary simply doesn’t cut it. Why settle for humdrum when you can make the mundane magnificent? Whether it’s adding fluted designs to end tables, ottomans, and kitchen islands or painting wood beams with pops of color, the goal is to turn the everyday into something exciting.

No permanent fixtures to alter? No problem! Multifunctional yet colorful furniture can stand out in texture, color, or shape. It’s all about moderation in playfulness but imposing contrast in the everyday.

2. Add Some Memphis Magic

Zigzag shape soy candle on green background
Photo Credit By: Katrina Era,Shutterstock

Playful and disruptive—that’s what Memphis design brings to the postmodern stage. It’s like a party where the twisted and squiggly lines get the VIP invite. Need an accent wall with intense hues? Memphis has you covered. Want to layer fabrics on the sofa in a way that breaks the everyday mold?

Memphis moments are your go-to. It’s all about the whimsical, bright, and fun, turning every room into an unexpected visual journey. Why stick with the serious when you can invite Memphis and add character and charm?

3. Geometric Décor

Adding striking geometric décor is like handing a megaphone to postmodernism. When choosing rugs, chairs, or pillows, aim for simple geometric shapes and flat colors in bold, contrasting patterns. Want to make a statement? Black-and-white stripes or abstract squiggles might just be your microphone.

From walls to floors to curtains, no surface should escape this playful geometric embrace. Even a circular mirror arrangement could become the centerpiece of conversation. In a world of squares and rectangles, why not let your curtains sing a patterned tune? After all, geometry never looked so exciting.

4. The New Wave Aesthetic

red couch
Photo Credit By: Michelle Marsan,Shutterstock

The 1980s were not just a decade; they were a style statement. Vivid colors and theatrical shapes took center stage. Kitschy furniture pieces became essential décor for many. And thanks to Italian designers like Studio Alchimia and Memphis, radical furniture styles found their place under the spotlight.

Even David Bowie collected Memphis designs. Because in New Wave aesthetic, image isn’t something; it’s everything! Is this the key to your interior decorating needs? Try something wild, something outrageous. It could transform your space and give it the vibe you’ve been looking for.

5. Embrace Form Over Function

Statue background concept
Photo Credit By: Bro Crock,Shutterstock

The postmodern era shook hands with expressionism and ignored the practical handshake of function. Imagine a uniquely shaped vase that doesn’t quite hold water but dazzles the room. In this world, comfort meets craft revival, and diversity is the hero of the day. Wood, plastic, metal, marble, glass, concrete—all are welcome.

Find that wallpapered dresser that doesn’t “match” but means something to you? Go ahead, make it the star of the room. Postmodern décor is a celebration of the artistic, uncommon, and unapologetically impractical. Who said functionality can’t take a back seat once in a while?

6. Outrageously Postmodern

Cozy Interior Design
Image Credit: thelavrova,Shutterstock

The vivacious 1980s didn’t know how to apologize for bold design, and why should they? Moments of “wow” are what breathe life into postmodern decoration. Think of Ettore Sottsass candlesticks that steal the show or dimensional animal statues that wink at convention.

Can’t find vintage? No problem. Consider adding an asymmetrical masterpiece that’s ready to captivate. Oddly shaped lamp bases, vases, or anything out of the ordinary is right at home here. In a postmodern room, the audacious elements are the ones that lead the standing ovation.

7. Striking Pieces That Defy Convention

When it comes to postmodern wall art, it’s time to throw out the rulebook. Choose pieces that refuse to stick to a single style, embracing an eclectic mixing of mediums. Hang abstract art next to a black-and-white photograph; why not? The key is to create a look that challenges norms while celebrating beauty.

Postmodern art, considered a controversial branch of contemporary art, thrives on the idea of plurality and relativity. It’s not just about what’s on the wall; it’s about what it says. Are you ready to make a statement?

8. Bold Meets Muted

In a postmodern palette, vibrant colors learn to waltz with their muted cousins. It’s a softer, more balanced feel that still demands attention. Remember the days of mustard yellow, avocado green, burnt orange, and metallic shades? They’re back, and they’ve brought a contemporary flair.

By mixing strong yet toned-down colors with geometric patterns, you create an eclectic environment that sings of modernity. It’s like giving the bold shades of the 1970s a sophisticated makeover. Isn’t it time your living room learned this colorful dance?

9. Contradicting Shapes

Remember when matching furniture was the thing? Neither do we. In postmodern décor, the more contradictions, the merrier. Pair a contemporary circular mirror with a newly painted vintage dresser. Mix cultures and design elements and create something never seen before.

Too “matchy” is too dull for this daring style. Postmodernism is playful, colorful, and unafraid to break boundaries. Forget about timeless; let’s be exciting! Who knew defiance could look so good?

10. Irregular Shapes, Regular Wows

modern sitting room interior design in black and white tones
Image Credit: HamsterMan,Shutterstock

In postmodern design, the coffee table doesn’t just hold coffee; it holds attention. Irregular forms and vibrant colors rule the scene. Picture an oddly shaped accent chair that doesn’t just oppose the color palette; it opposes conventional design itself. It’s a shock-and-awe game, where uncommon forms dance with colors, and everything from every time is compatible.

That unconventional look might just be the conversational piece at your next gathering. After all, who needs regular when irregular can be this dazzling?house divider


Postmodern interior design isn’t about following the rules but rather making your own. It’s about taking a stand against the mundane and embracing an artistic rebellion where every piece in your home becomes a statement.

Why stay confined to the rules when breaking them can bring a room to life? It’s time to explore the extraordinary. The postmodern stage is set, and your home could be the starring act.

Featured Image Credit: Berg Dmitry, Shutterstock


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