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15 Industrial Interior Design Ideas to Try Today (With Pictures)

Living room interior in loft

Are you living in an industrial loft, or is your office in an industrial-style room? If so, there’s no reason you can’t make it look absolutely stunning. But before you can transform the space into your dream room, you need to get some inspiration, which is exactly what we will do for you here. We’ve highlighted fifteen different interior design ideas you can incorporate into your industrial space and transform your space into whatever you’re envisioning.

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Top 15 Industrial Interior Design Ideas

1. Exposed Brick

Living room in industrial style with leather sofa and brick wall
Photo Credit By: archideaphoto,Shutterstock
Materials: None
Difficulty Level: Varies

One of the best ways to transform an industrial interior is by using exposed elements. If there’s brick in the construction, you absolutely should use it as a part of the décor. However, not every industrial room has a brick to expose. If the room doesn’t have any exposed brick, it would be quite the challenge to add it to the room, but it’s certainly possible if you’re willing to expand the budget a bit.

2. Vintage Metal Light Fixtures

Modern ceiling light or light bulbs hanging with steel bars
Photo Credit By: tete_escape,Shutterstocks
Materials: Vintage metal light fixtures
Difficulty Level: Easy

One of the simplest ways you can spruce up an industrial room is by swapping out the light fixtures for vintage metal. It’s a classic look for industrial interior design, and it’s one of the simplest changes you can make. There are several vintage metal light fixture options you can pick from, so we recommend looking at different options before picking one to go with!

3. Exposed Metal Beams, Pipes, & Ducts

Modern loft with industrial details
Photo Credit By: L_Interiors,Shutterstocks
Materials: Varies
Difficulty Level: Varies

A classic look for industrial rooms is to expose the metal beams, pipes, ducts, or whatever else is in the home. The construction of your industrial space will determine what you can expose and whether you should expose it. Most industrial spaces have good features to expose, but sometimes, you just have to start knocking down walls to figure out what’s there!

4. Add Vintage Pieces

Industrial style home interior with kitchenette
Image Credit: Dariusz Jarzabek,Shutterstock
Materials: Various vintage décor
Difficulty Level: Easy

Industrial spaces might seem like they need to get super modern, but one of the best ways you can decorate the room is by adding vintage elements. This could be a smaller décor piece, a signature piece, or some vintage furniture.

Vintage elements work great with modern décor, and if you can find ways to mix and match the two, it’s an excellent choice for industrial spaces. You can also mix this idea with others on the list to come up with great décor for your industrial space.

5. Implement Loft Windows

Dark living room loft with fireplace
Image Credit: jafara,Shutterstock
Materials: Varies
Difficulty Level: Varies

If your industrial space has loft windows, see if you can incorporate them into the décor. It can be the signature piece of the room, and if you use it right, it looks great. In fact, even if the room doesn’t have loft windows, you should look into whether you can add them.

Loft windows completely transform an industrial space, and there are different ways you can use them. But whatever you do, don’t ignore them!

6. Use Neutral Colors

Grey apartment with bed, desk, chair, brick wall, yellow details
Image Credit: Ground Picture,Shutterstocks
Materials: Paints, linens, curtains, and more
Difficulty Level: Easy

While some people want to use bright and bold colors throughout their space, with an industrial space, it’s often best to go with neutral colors. They’re easier to incorporate into different spaces, and they look great with classic industrial décor.

Often, the furniture and the rest of the décor look great as the centerpiece in the room, and going with neutral colors helps ensure those pieces can shine.

7. Go Modern Rustic

Industrial loft bar style
Image Credit: 7Crafts,Shutterstocks
Materials: A mix of vintage and modern décor
Difficulty Level: Moderate

Modern rustic might seem like an oxymoron, but the truth is that when you combine modern and rustic décor, you get an amazing final look. You don’t need to find a single piece that’s both modern and rustic; instead, you can get multiple pieces that come together for the final look.

Get some modern pieces and some rustic pieces, and ensure they go into the same room and work well together to master this look!

8. Raw Concrete Walls

Living room loft in industrial style
Image Credit: jafara,Shutterstocks
Materials: Varies
Difficulty Level: Varies

Tons of industrial spaces have raw concrete walls, and while you might want to cover them up, consider turning them into the focal point of the room. Raw concrete doesn’t look the best in many other types of décor, but in industrial spaces, it looks great if you use it right.

However, this décor only works if there’s already raw concrete in the room. We wouldn’t pour extra concrete if it’s not already there!

9. Use Black

Side view of spacious industrial loft kitchen and living room with vintage decor and black cabinets
Image Credit: NataliaLavrivNedashkivska,Shutterstocks
Materials: Paint, black décor, black linens, black curtains, and more
Difficulty Level: Moderate

Black is a color that you have to be a little careful with, but with industrial spaces, it can look great. That’s because industrial spaces are extremely large, and adding some dark elements won’t make them seem too small.

Don’t overdo it, but consider adding some darker elements as accent pieces to help the space feel a bit cozier and more connected.

10. Use Metal Fixtures

Laptop on table and wooden sofa in bright living room interior with industrial clock and bottles on a shelf
Image Credit: Ground Picture,Shutterstock
Materials: Metal fixtures
Difficulty Level: Moderate

Metal and industrial spaces just go together. Metal light fixtures, pipes, tables, shelves, and just about everything else you can think of go great with industrial décor. You don’t need to add metal to everything, but if it features a prominent role in the décor, it should look great!

Not only does it look great, but it’s easy to care for, and it’s less expensive than other options. This alone makes it a great addition to other options on our list.

11. Bring in Distressed Leather

Living room loft in industrial style
Image Credit: L_Interiors,Shutterstocks
Materials: Leather
Difficulty Level: Easy

Brand-new leather throughout your industrial space might not look great, but if you give the leather a bit of a distressed look, it’s great! Distressed leather works great with other types of industrial décor, and it’s why we recommend incorporating distressed leather into various rooms.

It looks great in bedrooms or living rooms, but don’t bring in too much distressed leather, or it can make the room feel run down.

12. Use an Open Layout

Living room loft in industrial style
Image Credit: jafara,Shutterstock
Materials: Varies
Difficulty Level: Varies

Many industrial spaces are wide open, and the last thing you want to do is try to close some of these spaces off. Keep it open as much as possible and let things flow together. While it might be a bit more complicated to figure out at times, when you piece it all together, an open layout works much better for industrial spaces.

13. Use Copper Cookware

Row of vintage copper pans
Image Credit: Fabio Pagani,Shutterstock
Materials: Copper cookware
Difficulty Level: Easy

Is your kitchen in an industrial space? If so, stick with copper cookware. It might be a bit more expensive than other types of cookware, but it looks amazing in an industrial setting. And helping to offset the cost is the fact that copper cookware is extremely durable, so you don’t have to worry about replacing it any time soon.

When possible, get matching copper cookware. That way, it all flows together and really elevates the rest of the room and décor.

14. Use Repurposed Wood

Side view on a wooden table and spacious industrial loft kitchen with vintage decor and black cabinets
Image Credit: NataliaLavrivNedashkivska,Shutterstocks
Materials: Old wooden furniture and décor
Difficulty Level: Moderate

Do you have old wooden furniture or décor? If so, why not repurpose it into something new and functional? That’s the idea of using repurposed wood in the room. While it takes a bit more work to build something from repurposed wood, it looks great, and it can save you quite a bit of money too.

Unleash your creativity with reclaimed wood, but don’t overdo it either. There’s a fine line, but if you find it, then it can transform your industrial space.

15. Use Natural Elements

Modern interior in loft style background old wall. Furniture and shelves
Image Credit: denisik11,Shutterstock
Materials: Plants, paints, and décor
Difficulty Level: Easy

Natural elements look great in all different types of rooms, and industrial spaces are no exception. Bring in plants, wood, natural colors, and anything else that ties the room to nature. Natural elements make the room feel more open and friendly, and it can make it easier to spend longer amounts of time in the room.

What’s great about adding natural elements is that it’s a common décor pattern, and it’s pretty easy to incorporate into just about any existing décor.

house divider Final Thoughts

Now that you know a little more about different ways you can spruce up an industrial space, all that’s left is for you to find what matches your style and go from there. Mix and match your favorite ideas and build an industrial space that will blow you and everyone else away when they see it!

Featured Image Credit: jafara, Shutterstock


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