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10 Safest Cities in Georgia (2024 Update)

University of Georgia

Note: This article’s statistics come from third-party sources and do not represent the opinions of this website.

When compared to the rest of the nation, Georgia is about in the middle of the pack when it comes to safety. Their violent crime rate is just below the national average, which makes them slightly safer than most of the other states out there.

Specifically, Georgia’s violent crime rate is 3.4, while the national average is 3.66.1 Based on this information, Georgia isn’t extremely safe, but it isn’t exactly unsafe either.

Some communities within Georgia are extremely secure, though. If you’re moving or visiting, you may want to consider one of these areas due to its lower crime rate. Plus, qualities like employment, affordability, housing, and poverty tend to move with the crime rate too. Therefore, many of these communities are simply great places to live.

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The 10 Safest Cities in Georgia: A Quick Look

1. Milton

Milton, Georgia City Hall, March 2017
Milton, Georgia City Hall, March 2017 (Image Credit: Thomson200, Wikimedia Commons CCO 1.0 Universal)
Median Income: 125,096
Population: 40,067
Violent Cime Rate: 0.4
Property Crime Rate: 7.3

Milton is easily one of the safest cities in Georgia. Its violent crime rate has risen over the last few years, but it is still easily one of the safest communities there is. The public schools in this area are highly rated, and the community is quite diverse. (Neighborhood Scout)

The population isn’t terribly high, but there are plenty of things for you to do in this town. For instance, there is a mall and many locally-owned restaurants that are quite good. Compared to other locations, this area has quite a bit of flair.

2. Tyrone

Median Income: 92,065
Population: 7,451
Violent Cime Rate: 0.7
Property Crime Rate: 8.9

Tyrone is considered to be a safe and flourishing community, though it is on the smaller side. Housing is quite affordable, and the school system is typically highly rated. Despite having a smaller population, Atlanta is very close and has plenty for residents to do. Most people commute to Atlanta for work and fun.

Crime is decently low, though there are some safer cities in the nation. Violent crime is just above Milton, and property crime is a few points higher. You’re more likely to be involved in a crime in Tyrone, but it is still safer than most towns in Georgia.

3. Braselton

Braselton Brothers Department Store Warehouse Oct 2012
Braselton Brothers Department Store Warehouse Oct 2012 (Image Credit: Chris Pruitt, Wikimedia Commons CC SA 3.0 Unported)
Median Income: 98,375
Population: 12,297
Violent Cime Rate: 0.7
Property Crime Rate: 10.4

Braselton has the same violent crime rate as Tyrone. However, the property crime rate is a bit higher, which is why it landed at number three on this list. As far as demographics go, this community is very similar to Tyrone. It has about the same population and median income.

Just like Tyrone, Braselton is considered a suburb of Atlanta. Therefore, there are plenty of things for residents to do in this nearby city. The only downside is the traffic, which does tend to overflow from the city.

4. Hampton

Georgia I75sb Hampton-McDonough Rd overpass
Georgia I75sb Hampton-McDonough Rd overpass (Image Credit: Michael Rivera, Wikimedia Commons CC SA 4.0 International)
Median Income: 54,893
Population: 8,044
Violent Cime Rate: 1.0
Property Crime Rate: 8.0

As another suburb of Atlanta, this community is pretty similar to the last two we’ve mentioned. The crime rate is just slightly higher, but it is still one of the safest places to live in Georgia. Some of the crime does overflow from Atlanta, as does the traffic, but it is surprisingly still a very safe place.

As you’d expect, most people commute to Atlanta for work and entertainment. There isn’t actually much in Hampton itself, as it is a lower-income community. However, there are quite a few things to do in the nearby cities.

5. Woodstock

Downtown Woodstock Georgia
Downtown Woodstock Georgia (Image Credit: Thomson200, Wikimedia Commons CCO 1.0 Universal)
Median Income: 70,997
Population: 33,470
Violent Cime Rate: 1.2
Property Crime Rate: 13.1

Woodstock is technically a suburb of Atlanta as well. However, it is a bit further out than the other suburbs we have mentioned this far. The population is also substantially higher, and there is a lot more to do in this area for that reason.

All crime rates are a bit higher, though. Much of this is likely because it is a larger community. The median income is also a bit lower, which may be to blame somewhat.

6. Grovetown

GA388EndGrovetown (Image Credit: Morriswa, Wikimedia Commons CC SA 3.0 Unported)
Median Income: 61,152
Population: 14,918
Violent Cime Rate: 1.5
Property Crime Rate: 11.3

Grovetown is just outside of Augusta, where most residents work. The violent crime rate is a bit high, though it is still much lower than the state average. You are much safer here than you are in most parts of the country.

Murder rates are extremely low, luckily. Most property crimes are theft, which is common throughout much of the U.S.

Public schools in the area are rated fairly high. Residents report that there are plenty of restaurants and stores for shoppers to take advantage of despite the lower population level. Job opportunities are also quite high, especially if you are willing to commute a bit.

7. Glennville

Median Income: 43,804
Population: 5,084
Violent Cime Rate: 1.0
Property Crime Rate: 14.9

Over the last few years, Glennville has gotten much safer. Its crime rate used to be a lot higher, especially when it came to violent crime, but much of this has been corrected over the last few years.

Today, it is one of the safer places to live in Georgia, especially in terms of violent crime. The property crime rate is a bit high, but this is less important than violent crimes like assault and murder.

This community is a bit smaller. There is not much here, as it is not a suburb to a larger city or big enough to support many businesses itself. Instead, it is easily categorized as a small town. The public schools are a bit better than you might expect. (Great Schools)

8. Alpharetta

Avalon (Alpharetta, Georgia) September 2015
Avalon (Alpharetta, Georgia) September 2015 (Image Credit: Thomson200, Wikimedia Commons CCO 1.0 Universal)
Median Income: 105,908
Population: 67,411
Violent Cime Rate: 1.1
Property Crime Rate: 14.7

Like many safer communities on this list, Alpharetta has gotten substantially safer over the last few years, which is likely why it is on this list at all. As a larger community, there are a lot of shopping and restaurant options here. However, the crime rate is much lower than you’d expect from a city that’s this big.

The median household income for this community is about double the national average, which may put it out of reach for lower-income individuals. However, the cost of living is surprisingly quite low, and there are plenty of job opportunities. (Niche)

9. Acworth

AcworthGeorgia (Image Credit: HowardSF, Wikimedia Commons CC SA 3.0 Unported)
Median Income: 62,682
Population: 22,921
Violent Cime Rate: 0.7
Property Crime Rate: 19.1

The violent crime rate in Acworth is decently low and has been decreasing over the last few years. However, the property crime rate is much higher than other communities on this list, despite the fact that it has been decreasing. Based on this information, we decided to place it near the bottom of our list.

This community is a suburb of Atlanta, allowing residents to commute there for work and fun. It is quite close to Woodstock, which we have already discussed. The population is a bit larger than other suburbs, which allows it to support more shopping centers and restaurants.

10. Kennesaw

Kennesaw, Georgia main street
Kennesaw, Georgia main street (Image Credit: Thomson200, Wikimedia Commons CCO 1.0 Universal)
Median Income: 69,529
Population: 34,641
Violent Cime Rate: 1.4
Property Crime Rate: 14.0

This community is very close to Acworth and Woodstock, which are both on this list. Similarly, Kennesaw also has a relatively low violent crime rate and property crime rate. The public schools in this area are highly rated, and this community is plenty large enough to support shopping, restaurants, and parks. (Great Schools)

The median home value is a bit higher than most other suburbs nearby, so this tends to be a higher-income community.

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How to Stay Safe in Georgia

Georgia tends to be a pretty safe area based on the overall crime rate. Generally, you don’t have to worry too much about violent or property crimes, especially if you stay out of the larger cities.

Luckily, you can stay in some of the popular suburbs and be plenty safe. Many suburbs of Atlanta ended up on this list, for instance. In these areas, people are much safer than the national average and still have access to the job opportunities and entertainment of the larger city.

For the most part, staying safe in Georgia is just like staying safe anywhere else. Don’t flash large sums of money around, and don’t walk around alone at night. All of the usual guidelines would count here.

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Compared to other states, Georgia is extremely safe. The safest cities in this state often have a violent crime rate of below 1.0 out of 1,000 people. Therefore, the odds of you being involved in a violent crime are often below 0.1%. You can’t get much lower than that.

The property rates can be a bit high, but even those are lower than the national average – especially when we’re talking about the safest cities.

Generally, the safest cities in Georgia are much safer than they are in other areas.

Featured Image Credit: paulbr75, Pixabay


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