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10 Safest Cities in North Carolina in 2024 (with Pictures)

Apex, NC

Note: This article’s statistics come from third-party sources and do not represent the opinions of this website.

Whenever a person thinks about traveling or moving to an unknown area, one of the first things that come to mind is safety. In general, people like to feel secure and safe in the place they are staying in. Having a feeling that we are secure and safe is crucial to our wellbeing, so there’s no wonder that it is what people first consider when looking up a city they are not familiar with.

In this article, we will cover the 10 safest cities in North Carolina. Our main goal is to educate you and raise awareness about safety and crime in each city. Hopefully, after reading this article, you will quickly decide if you would like to move/travel to NC, and which city will be your next destination.

divider 7 The 10 Safest Cities in North Carolina: A Quick Look

1. Pinehurst, NC

  • Population: 17,224
  • Median household income: $75,284 per year
  • Average of violent crimes per year: 11
  • Average of property crimes per year: 113
  • Unemployment rate: 4.2%

Pinehurst is a small city in North Carolina that has been among the safest in the state for years. When it comes to this city, there are only 11 violent crimes per year, which is way under the national average in the US. The property crime rate is 113 per year, with the most common crime being theft. But as you can see, per the property crime rate, they are rarely happening.  The city is peaceful, and regardless of its size, there are fun and exciting things to do, making it a perfect place to live in. There has recently been a growth in job opportunities, so there’s no reason not to move or travel to Pinehurst.

2. Concord, NC

Image Credit: Pixabay
  • Population: 100,639
  • Median household income: $67,984 per year
  • Average of violent crimes per year: 117
  • Average of property crimes per year: 1,586
  • Unemployment rate: 4.5%

Located in Cabarrus County, Concord is the largest city in this area of North Carolina. The city has become more and more populated in the last couple of years, but the crime rates are surprisingly low for an area of this size. In Concord, property crimes are more often than violent crimes. There are around 1,586 property crimes per year including theft, motor vehicle theft, and burglary. When it comes to violent crimes, there have been cases of robbery and aggravated assault, but the average of them is 117 per year, which is low compared to other cities of this size.

The city is beautiful, has excellent schools and the property prices aren’t too high. If you consider moving to Concord or just visiting the area, you can do it with peace of mind, since the possibility of something happening to you is almost non-existent.

3. Holly Springs, NC

  • Population: 40,050
  • Median household income: $91,755 per year
  • Average of violent crimes per year: 25
  • Average of property crimes per year: 256
  • Unemployment rate: 3.3%

Holly Springs is a city in North Carolina’s Wake County. It’s a great place to live in due to the beautiful, secure community and friendly people. Crimes are not often in this area, but even when they occur, it’s usually property crimes. On an average year, there are about 256 property crimes—mostly theft and burglary. Violent crimes rarely happen, but out of those that do occur, aggravated assault and rape are the most common.

Still, those numbers are not alarming, as there are only around seven rapes and 16 aggravated assaults yearly. Holly Springs has a rate that’s way lower than the national average, so if you’re looking to move to a town that’s safe and has a small-town feel, this would be an ideal option for you. Also, another great convenience is that the costs of living in Holly Springs are below the national average, and housing can be found at reasonable prices.

4. Davidson, NC

  • Population: 13,404
  • Median household income: $94,551 per year
  • Average of violent crimes per year: 8
  • Average of property crimes per year: 121
  • Unemployment rate: 4.7%

Davidson is a small city in NC, located near Lake Norman. There are plenty of things to do in Davidson, and as mainly a college city, there are a lot of young people. It’s a perfect place for people who prefer a peaceful and slower lifestyle. The town is exceptionally safe, with only eight violent crimes per year, with the highest one out of the eight being aggravated assault. When it comes to property crime, those numbers have been slightly higher at around 121 property crimes yearly, with theft being the most common.

Such rates are still very okay, and above the average rates in the US for a city of this size, so the town is extremely safe. So, if you are a person who loves the outdoors, wants to live at a slower pace, and is near nature, Davidson would be a great relocation option.

5. Cary, NC

  • Population: 174,762
  • Median household income: $104,669 per year
  • Average of violent crimes per year: 114
  • Average of property crimes per year: 1,560
  • Unemployment rate: 3.1%

Cary is the largest city in North Carolina, and it has been among the safest cities in NC for decades. It’s a place with great schools, lots of family activities, and a fantastic community. There are also plenty of job opportunities. An amazing thing is that, for a city of this size, crime rates are super low.

There are only 114 violent crimes per year, out of which the most common is usually aggravated assault. On the other hand, the property crime rate is higher at 1,560 property crimes per year, but again that is very low for the proportions of this town. The most common property crimes have been theft and burglary, but there have been reports of motor vehicle theft as well. Still, it is a peaceful area where you can relax and raise your family safely, knowing that the violence and overall crimes are rarely occurring.

6. Apex, NC

Apex, NC
Image Credit: Pixabay
  • Population: 70,182
  • Median household income: $111,435 per year
  • Average of violent crimes per year: 53
  • Average of property crimes per year: 527
  • Unemployment rate: 2.8%

Apex is a city in North Carolina, located in Wake County. It has been ranked number nine of best places to live in the US. It’s a charming, peaceful city, making it a perfect place for families and elders. There are great areas of the city to live in, and there are plenty of job opportunities in Apex. There are no excessive crimes, but as in every other place, they do occur. There are more property crimes than violent ones, and their rates are about 527 property crimes on a yearly basis. The most common ones are theft and burglary. The violent crime rate has only been around 53 per year, with occasional aggravated assaults, robberies, and rape. From what the FBI reports show, there are no murders in this city, which is extremely important. You can safely move or visit this town knowing that the chances of anything bad occurring are low.

7. Boone, NC

Boone, NC
Image Credit: Pixabay
  • Population: 19,965
  • Median household income: $22,434 per year
  • Average of violent crimes per year: 26
  • Average of property crimes per year: 261
  • Unemployment rate: 3.4%

Boone, NC, is a county seat in North Carolina’s Watauga County.  The city is relatively small but has everything you need to live a comfortable life. The Blue Ridge Mountains are nearby, so there’s a perfect place to run from your everyday lifestyle and relax in nature. This is also a college town, so there are fun activities and a youthful community.

When it comes to crimes in Boone, yearly, there are only around 26 violent and 261 property crimes. Aggravated assault, rape, and robbery were the three most common violent crimes, while the most common property crimes have been theft, burglary, and car stealing. There have been no cases of murder, homicide, or shootings, which is crucial for the safety of citizens living in the town. If you’re looking to slow down, have a more peaceful life, and just enjoy every moment of your free time, you should choose Boone as your next travel or move destination.

8. Wake Forest, NC

Wake Forest, NC
Image Credit: Pixabay
  • Population: 48,841
  • Median household income: $92,210 per year
  • Average of violent crimes per year: 24
  • Average of property crimes per year: 393
  • Unemployment rate: 3.6%

Wake Forest is a stunning city in North Carolina, with a population of 48,841 citizens. The town is quiet and peaceful and has everything you need to enjoy a calmer lifestyle. A great thing is that big cities are nearby, so if you ever get tired of relaxing the whole day, you can go out for a night in a larger city in the area. Nature is very diverse, and the town has a private, secluded feeling to it.

Wake Forest is exceptionally safe, with a total of around 24 violent crimes and approximately 393 property crimes per year. There are no arsons and murders, but burglaries, thefts, and aggravated assaults occasionally happen. The town is way below the national average when it comes to the crime rate, so there’s nothing to worry about. You will surely be able to live a tranquil, harmonious life in Wake Forest.

9. Huntersville, NC

  • Population: 59,870
  • Median household income: $85,258 per year
  • Average of violent crimes per year: 79
  • Average of property crimes per year: 948
  • Unemployment rate: 4.7%

Huntersville is a medium-sized suburban city in North Carolina, more precisely in Mecklenburg County. It’s a great place to live in with plenty of job opportunities, a family-friendly community, excellent education, and finally, safety.  The number of crimes happening in Huntersville has been cut down, and there are not too many crimes occurring currently. When you compare Huntersville with most other cities of the same size in the US, you will realize how safer this town is than others.

Yearly, there are around 79 violent crimes and about 948 property crimes. The violent crimes include robbery and assault, while in property crimes, theft is the most frequent one. Generally, Huntersville is a great place to live in, with low crime rates and high quality of life. You won’t regret moving to this part of North Carolina, and it will be a safe, new chapter in your life.

10. Southern Pines, NC

  • Population: 14,271
  • Median household income: $46,358 per year
  • Average of violent crimes per year: 46
  • Average of property crimes per year: 366
  • Unemployment rate: 4.2%

Southern Pines is as charming as its name. It’s a growing city, located in Moore County, with exciting history and plenty of horse farms. It’s a place that has endless educational opportunities and outstanding nature, making it perfect for outdoorsy people. Another great thing is that it’s located between mountains and the beach, which is very convenient because you can enjoy all types of outdoor activities.

One of the things this city also stands out is the crime rate. When we say that, we are referring to the positive sides of the crime rate in this area because they are quite low. There are only about 46 violent crimes per year, and 366 property crimes per year. That makes Southern Pines more than safe, considering its size. The crimes that are mostly occurring are stealing, assault, and robberies, but they are very rare so there’s nothing you should worry about.

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How to Stay Safe in North Carolina

Honestly, most of North Carolina is very safe, so there are not too many things you need to think about when it comes to safety. Of course, we strongly suggest that you always investigate the crime rates of the city you are traveling to. If it’s a place that has high crime rates, follow the standard procedure of always being alert and taking care of your belongings. But, if you’re visiting or moving to one of the towns we listed, there’s not much you need to do to stay safe, since the towns are quite tranquil.

divider 7 Conclusion

As you can see per this list, there are plenty of amazing, safe cities in North Carolina that you can go to. There’s no place on earth that has a zero crime level, but if we’re looking at the US, these cities and North Carolina have one of the most decent numbers in crime rates. All of these places are family-friendly, safe environments where you can move or travel to without having to live in fear. It’s always good to take a leap of faith, and with this list of NC’s safest cities, you may want to enjoy life in one of the mentioned places.


Featured Image Credit: Pixabay


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