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10 Scandinavian Interior Design Ideas (With Pictures)

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Scandinavian design includes several key points, but the most important thing to remember when decorating your home in this style is to make it seem as cozy as possible. With Scandinavian interiors, cozy elements matter most, making sure every room is peaceful and soothing. This design is also characterized by high-quality furniture and decor pieces that tie the style together.

Below are some beautiful ideas for making your home seem more Scandinavian.

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The 10 Scandinavian Interior Design Ideas

1. Sofas

Cozy living room interior with knitted blanket on comfortable sofa
Image Credit: New Africa, Shutterstock

The most important element in any Scandinavian home is the comfy sofa. This area is where the family comes to spend time together and connect, and you should make all efforts to make it as cozy and comfortable as possible. A huge sofa should be the room’s centerpiece, with plenty of comfortable pillows and blankets. It should be a place where you can feel safe and relaxed, watching movies with your family or taking a nap.

2. Spacious Areas with a Panel Divider

bedroom area in luxury modern interior of a cozy small Scandinavian-style studio apartment with white walls
Image Credit: Pinkystock, Shutterstock

Scandinavian interiors are characterized by spacious rooms that usually combine several elements into one. You can combine one large space as a kitchen and bedroom while separating them with a modern window panel divider. This will create an illusion of a larger area, with several rooms combined while keeping it minimalistic and contemporary.

3. Plenty of Plants

Stylish scandinavian living room interior with green velvet sofa
Image Credit: Followtheflow, Shutterstock

Every interior space, including a Scandinavian-style one, can significantly benefit from having a lot of plants. Plants give any space a more natural appearance, and since the Scandinavian style is based on natural, earthy tones, plants will fit in perfectly with the rest of the room. Pairing your plants with gorgeous pots will create a more unique appearance. Some of the best Scandinavian-style plant pots can be knitted or made from rattan.

4. Scandinavian Chairs in Every Room

Stylish scandinavian composition of living room with design armchair
Image Credit: Followtheflow, Shutterstock

Scandinavian chairs have a very unique and recognizable style. They are usually made from rattan or some type of reed and are often handmade. There are various patterns to make them in, and they always add an elegant yet soft look to any area. Making any room seem more Scandinavian can be easily done by adding a Scandinavian chair, whether it’s a bedroom, a bathroom, or the hallway.

5. Wooden Cabinets

Stylish room interior with wooden cabinet and potted kumquat tree near white brick wall
Image Credit: New Africa, Shutterstock

Another thing that characterizes Scandinavian interiors is high-quality wood furniture. Wooden cabinets are used to decorate almost every room and have a unique, rustic appearance. They combine a beautiful style with functionality.

6. High-Quality Rugs

Interior design of cozy living room with stylish sofa
Image Credit: Followtheflow, Shutterstock

Another essential asset that every Scandinavian home has is a high-quality rug. These Scandinavian rugs are often characterized by unique patterns that make them the accent piece of the room. They should be soft and fluffy, giving a cozy and comfortable feeling. They are primarily used in living rooms as the atmosphere they create is very welcoming.

7. Eccentric Artwork

Creative composition of living room interior with mock up poster frame
Image By: Followtheflow, Shutterstock

Artwork plays a very important role in making a home feel like home. Before you can truly feel relaxed in your home, there must be a lot of decor and artwork that perfectly matches your taste and personality. You can opt for large paintings with a minimalistic style. The artwork needs to complement the rest of the room and tie the style together.

8. Wooden Panel Wall

Modern living room in house with contemporary interior design
Image By: brizmaker, Shutterstock

If you want to add some dynamics and liven up your living room, adding a wooden panel wall is a perfect idea. This panel wall serves as an accent wall with a very subtle and natural look. It will go perfectly with wooden furniture and other naturalistic decor pieces.

9. Jute Rope Elements

Woman makes handmade diy lamp from jute rope at home
Image By: perfectlab, Shutterstock

Decor pieces are one of the most important things that accentuate the Scandinavian style. They are often handmade and made from jute rope. The most common elements that use this gorgeous material are lampshades, plant pots, baskets for storing blankets or magazines, candles, and even rugs.

10. Neutral Tone Kitchen

Scandinavian interior design
Image By: tartanparty, Shutterstock

Scandinavian kitchens are beautiful spaces that make your home feel inviting. They are usually designed with natural, earthy colors paired with several accent elements. They are also characterized by ample natural lighting. Since the entire family will spend a lot of time in the kitchen, this room needs to feel like home.

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As we can see from these fantastic ideas, creating a Scandinavian-inspired interior is not difficult. Try to make your home as cozy and comfortable as possible while using many natural colors and elements. Let as much natural sunlight in, and keep the colors natural and earthy.

Featured Image Credit: Followtheflow, Shutterstock


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