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10 Clever and Creative Small Kitchen Organization Ideas

Man organizing kitchen cabinet

Having a small, cramped kitchen can be a real hassle because there is no place to put everything, so making a big fancy dinner may seem impossible. Decluttering can help! Finding new ways to organize your items can help free up space that you didn’t know you had. Keep reading, as we list several DIY projects designed to give you more space in the kitchen to help make your life easier.

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The 10 Small Kitchen Organization Ideas

1. DIY Hanging Mason Jars

DIY Hanging Mason Jar Storage
Image Credit: averageinspired
Materials:  Mason jars, wood strip, screws
Tools:  Drill, hammer
Difficulty:  Easy

The DIY Hanging Mason Jars project is a great place to begin if you don’t have much experience with DIY projects. It’s easy to complete and provides an out-of-the-way place to store herbs, spices, and other lightweight ingredients and items. You only need a few things, and you can customize the plan to hang as many jars as you need.

2. DIY Kitchen Jar Shelves

Image Credit: ellaclaireinspired
Materials:  Boards, metal brackets
Tools:  Stud finder, pencil
Difficulty:  Moderate

The DIY Kitchen Jar Shelves project is a good choice if you have plenty of room in the kitchen but have limited counter or shelf space. The shelves are relatively easy to build and only require cutting a few boards and installing them in place. It provides a great place to store your spices, and you can even keep your coffee, flour, sugar, and cereal here for easy access.

3. Old Rake Utensil Hanger

Turn an Old Rake Into a Kitchen Utensil Hanger
Image Credit: hometalk
Materials:  Old rake, clamps, spray urethane
Tools:  Screwdriver, drill, saw
Difficulty:  Easy

The Old Rake Utensil Holder is a project that creates a utensil holder to help organize your kitchen and free up drawer space. You can either recycle your old rake, giving your kitchen a rustic look, or you can purchase a new one for only a few dollars. Once you have a rake, you only need a few clamps and spray urethane to complete the project, and you can be done in an hour or two. Customize its appearance to match your kitchen with paint or stain.

4. DIY Wall Organizer

For Small Kitchen Spaces, Use This Handy DIY Wall Organizer to Hold Utensils
Image Credit: hunker
Materials:  Fence wire, spray paint, leather
Tools:  Pliers, craft knife
Difficulty:  Easy

The DIY Wall Organizer is a great project that is easy to build and extremely versatile. You can use it to hang utensils, pots, spices, plants, and more, freeing up valuable space on your counter. It’s easy to build and only requires trimming fence wire to size, painting it to match your kitchen, and adding leather straps to hang it.

5. Pegboard Wall Organizer

How To- Make a Pegboard Wall Organizer
Image Credit: apartmenttherapy
Materials:  Pegboard, wood screws, paint
Tools:  Drill, level, tape measure
Difficulty:  Easy

The Pegboard Wal Organizer is one of the best projects that you can build when trying to get the most out of a small space. You can use it to hang pots and pans, utensils, knives, and much more. It’s also easy to build and highly customizable, so you can make the most of your wall space. You can even paint it to match your kitchen.

6. DIY Floating Spice Rack

Image Credit: littlehouseonthecorner
Materials:  Small boards, screws, wood glue
Tools:  Drill, wire cutters, tape measure
Difficulty:  Easy

The DIY Floating Spice Rack creates an attractive shelf that can help free up space on your counters and cupboards. It’s easy to build and only requires a few small boards and screws. The shelves are small but durable, and you can finish them with different colored stains or even paint, so they match your kitchen. The plan is also easy to customize, so you have room for all your spices.

7. DIY Sliding Spice Rack

Sliding Spice Rack DIY
Image Credit: withablast
Materials:  Melamine, wooden dowels, paint
Tools:  Hammer, drill, level
Difficulty:  Moderate

If you have space between the stove or refrigerator and your counter, the DIY Sliding Spice Rack can be a great way to make use of the small area, creating more room on the countertop or in your cupboards. You can customize it to store spices, which you can bring in and out of view by simply sliding out the shelf. It’s moderately difficult because there is a great deal of measuring and cutting, but beginners can complete it if they work slowly and carefully.

8. DIY Inside Cabinet Cutting Board Storage

DIY Cutting Board Storage Solution - Inside Cabinet Door Rack
Image Credit: simplyeasydiy
Materials:  wood, nails, stain, wood glue
Tools:  Hammer, drill
Difficulty:  Easy

Cutting boards are large and bulky, and when you are not using them, they can take up a large amount of space, and many kitchens don’t have a convenient place to store them. The DIY Inside Cabinet Cutting Board Storage project shows you how to build a storage compartment for your boards inside a cabinet, where they are out of view but easy to access. It only requires wood and a few nails to start, and you can typically finish it in an hour or two, depending on if you stain it.

9. DIY Magnetic Knife Holder

DIY Magnetic Knife Holder With a Vintage Ruler
Image Credit: hometalk
Materials:  Old ruler, small magnets
Tools:  Glue, drill
Difficulty:  Moderate

The DIY Magnetic Knife Holder is a great project that helps you recycle an old ruler to create a project that will amaze your friends. It requires you to drill shallow holes in the back of an old ruler before gluing thin magnets inside. The holes help the ruler keep a low profile when you hang it on the wall, and the magnets hold the knives in place, freeing up space on your counter or in your drawers. It’s moderately difficult because you need to use a wide drill bit to create shallow holes, which can be difficult for someone without experience.

10. DIY Pull-Out Kitchen Shelf

Pull-Out Kitchen Shelves_ Installation in 8 Steps
Image Credit: thisoldhouse
Materials:  Wood sheets and boards, screws, sliding rail
Tools:  Saw, drill, tape measure
Difficulty:  Difficult

The DIY Pull-Out Kitchen Shelf is the most difficult project on this list because it requires you to get into your existing cupboards to make changes, but it results in a fantastic pull-out shelf that can provide you with much-needed extra room while you are cooking. The plan is customizable, so you can change it to suit your needs, and the finished shelf is durable and sturdy.

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The kitchen is an area of the home that never seems to have enough room and can easily get cluttered, but with a few of the projects on this list, you can free up a surprising amount of space. We recommend starting with the DIY Hanging Mason Jar project or the Pegboard Wall Organizer because they are easy to finish and can greatly impact space. Once you gain more experience, try the other projects, especially the DIY Pull-Out Kitchen Shelf.

Featured Image Credit: Rūta Celma, Unsplash


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