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Smart Uses for Bread Clips: 5 Creative Ideas for Reuse

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If it’s one thing that seldomly crosses our minds during our daily life, it’s bread clips. We don’t think about them. We don’t care how they’re made. We only hope that we don’t lose them while we still have loaves of bread in the bag. Right?

But what if instead of just tossing them in the trash when you’re done with your tasty loaves, you turn them into a useful device? Is this even possible, you ask? Yes, it is. In this article, we’re going to show you 9 awesome ways that you can repurpose those used bread clips and it won’t cost you a penny.

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The 5 Clever Uses for Bread Clips

1. Organize Extra Keys- dump a day

Organize Extra Keys- dump a day
Image Credit: dump a day

If you live in a home with over three doors or have a job that requires you to have a lot of keys, you understand the hassle that comes with it. Spare keys can make it difficult to remember which key belongs to which store or padlock. And if you’re prone to forgetting this bit of information (especially if many of the keys look similar), there is a simple and easy way to fix it. Ready for it? Bread tags. Simply mark the bread tags with a marker pen and clip them between key rings or multiple keys.

2. Organize Your Rubber Band Collection- crafts by amanda

Organize Your Rubber Band Collection- crafts by amanda
Image Credit: crafts by amanda

There are so many different uses for rubber bands. You can use them to tie up your hair. They’re great for tying off plastic bags. And they have countless uses around the home. So, if you’re someone who has loads of rubber bands hanging around, consider using bread tags to help arrange them.

You can group all of the rubber bands together and then house them together using a single bread tag. This not only keeps the rubber bands from tangling, but it keeps you from wanting to pull your hair out trying to detangle them when you need one.

3. Use It for Other Bags- the kitchn

Use It for Other Bags- the kitchn
Image Credit: the kitchn

This one may seem obvious, but it’s something you may not even think of right away. As soon as you’re done with the bread, simply house the plastic tag in a kitchen drawer until you’re ready to use it for another plastic bag. This can be a bag of rice, beans, or loose tea.

4. Make Simple Art- hand made charlotte

Make Simple Art- hand made charlotte
Image Credit: hand made charlotte

If your family consumes bread on the regular, then chances are it’ll take no time for you to accumulate quite a few bread tags. And what’s more fun than giving your kids an activity to do while you rest? Consider using your bread tags to create a little art project for your kids. This can mean painting the bread tags and adding them to pieces of wood or other materials for random DIY projects (i.e. bird houses, Christmas trees, school projects, etc.)

5. Melt Them- crafts by amanda

Melt Them- crafts by amanda
Image Credit: crafts by amanda

If you’re looking to get creative with those unused bread clips, you don’t have to keep them in the same form. If you really want to spice things up on a Saturday night, consider melting the tags (along with other pieces of plastic) to create fun toys and devices that you can use around the house. No doubt that you will want to do this with caution, and you’ll want to be specific about the plastic that you can use, as some can give off toxic fumes.

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Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are numerous ways that you can repurpose those used bread tags, and it doesn’t cost you any money to do it. In fact, you may find yourself saving a few bucks from having to purchase a device or use some other method to accomplish simple daily tasks. They simply work wonders for anyone looking for a few organizational hacks. Who knew that a small piece of plastic could be so useful?

Featured Image Credit: Francois Lariviere, Shutterstock


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