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9 Table Saw Injury Statistics & Facts: 2024 Update

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Table saws are a popular tool for professional workers and amateur DIYers who use them for various projects. Although handy, table saws can be extremely dangerous and cause severe injuries if you get in contact with the blade.

As many people are unaware of possible injuries and their effects, we wanted to point out some of the most significant table saw injury statistics and facts. Hopefully, after reading this article, you will be extra cautious while handling a table saw for your projects.

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The 9 Table Saw Injury Statistics

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1. Current safety standards for table saws are ineffective in protecting users 

The primary safety technology that most table saw manufacturers use is a plastic blade guard that is supposed to prevent table saw injuries. That technology has been the same for the last 50+ years, and it has proven to be ineffective in protecting users as there’s a large number of table saw injuries every year.

However, safety technologies are improving year by year, although most newer ones are pretty expensive due to the advanced safety options.

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Image Credit: annawaldl, Pixabay

2. Table saw safety devices currently available don’t correctly address the risk of injuries caused by blade contact

Most table saw injuries happen when a user touches the saw blade. The safety devices (blade guard and riving knife) currently available don’t correctly address the risk of blade-contact injuries. The CPSC is constantly working on adjusting and advancing the safety devices when using a table saw. In 2017 they proposed a rule where the limit of the cut’s depth is set to 0.137 inches.

3. In 2010, an estimated 700,000 table saws were in use, and it’s believed that number doubled by 2022

When Oregonlive did an estimate in 2010, over 700,000 table saws were in use in the USA. As woodworking in general has become more popular and more people are taking an interest in DIY projects, it’s believed that the number of table saw users has drastically increased and that it’s likely doubled in the last decade.

4. Annually, there are over 30,000 table saw injuries in the USA

As you can see, the annual number of table saw injuries in the USA is relatively high. Over 30,000 table saw injuries happen every year, significantly more than injuries caused by other power tools. Although some table saw injuries are fairly harmless, others can be severe. Overall, the numbers show just how dangerous table saws can be and how cautious you must be while handling one.

5. The most frequently injured body parts are hands and fingers

As you need to use your hands to cut material with a table saw, your hands and fingers are in the most danger. That doesn’t mean that you cannot injure another part of your body, but your fingers and hands are at the highest risk of possible wounds, cuts, and other injuries due to the constant exposure to the blade.

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Image Credit: Viwatstock, Shutterstock

6. More than 10 table saw injuries daily end in amputations

Over 10 table saw injuries daily end in amputations. If you don’t handle the table saw properly, you might be facing a finger or a hand amputation. Although not all table saw injuries are this severe, it’s essential to know that these situations are not uncommon and that they happen on a daily basis.

When handling a table saw, try to be as cautious as possible and wear all the needed protective gear that should lower the chances of you getting hurt.

7. The estimated price of medical costs for table saw injuries every year is more than $2 billion

As most table saw injuries could be pretty severe, they frequently result in hospitalization. In fact, the estimated price of medical costs for table saw injuries every year is more than $2 billion, which shows that there are a lot of patients dealing with these injuries.

8. Although in the minority, table saw accidents also happen to students during school shop projects and classes

Unfortunately, most students are unaware of all the injuries and issues they can face when handling a table saw, leading to school injuries. Still, it’s up to the teachers and professors to raise awareness about this issue and teach students about the safety measures when using such a powerful tool.

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Image Credit: lunadoc, Shutterstock

9. It’s anticipated that the global table saw market will increase at a considerable rate between 2022 and 2028

During COVID, the global table saw market drastically increased, and it was worth over $760.6 million. It’s anticipated that the market will increase from 2022 to 2028. That means that the production of table saws will also increase and that the consumer base will keep growing. Hopefully, newer table saw models will show some advanced safety technologies to improve consumer safety and provide a better handling experience.

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What Are Some of the Most Common Table Saw Injuries?

Table saws can cause multiple injuries, and as we already mentioned, the most common injuries are to hands and fingers. Some other common injuries include:

Common injuries
  • Eye injuries
  • Respiratory injuries

These injuries can occur when not using a blade guard or placing fingers and hands too close to the saw blade. Also, if you’re cutting a material that’s too thick or large, you could suffer from possible wounds, cuts, and other problems.

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Table saws can be extremely dangerous and lead to injuries and health issues you’ll never be able to recover from, so it’s crucial to handle them with care. When using a table saw, be cautious and wear all the required protective gear to lower the chances of you getting hurt and lower the injury severity if it occurs.

Featured Image Credit: Pezibear, Pixabay


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