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26 Types of Lily Flowers (with Pictures)


Most people have seen a lily of some sort during their lifetime. However, you probably don’t know that there are tons of different lilies out there – not just the varieties you have seen. These flowers are known for their elegant appearance and strong scent, making them a great addition to most gardens.

They are versatile flowers that can be utilized in gardens and containers. You can also cut them and make fabulous displays with their blooms. Typically, these flowers are easy to care for, and breeders make new hybrids every year. There is always some new vivid lily coming out.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the most popular lilies out there. Lily species are divided into a few different “divisions” or categories, which we will use to divide the species in this article.

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The 26 Most Common Types of Lilies

Asiatic Hybrids

There are about 12 different Asiatic lilies available. These are mostly non-fragrant flowers, but they are very vibrant. Therefore, they are a good option for those who want striking blooms but don’t necessarily care about the flowers’ smell. However, the exact coloration varies depending on the specific species.

These flowers are extremely easy to grow, and you can expect upwards of 20 flowers per stem for most mature bulbs.

1. Heartstrings

heartstrings lilies
Image Credit: Handkerchief69, Shutterstock

These lilies are probably some of the most popular. They sprout about five to seven blooms per stem and are a bright yellow and pink color. The center is covered with deep pink tips. You can purchase these varieties for pretty cheap from most retailers.

2. Netty’s Pride

These eye-catching flowers are also quite popular due to their unique coloration. They have deep purple middle and white tips. They usually bloom in late spring or early summer, so they are not early birds. However, they are about three to four feet tall when fully grown.

3. Night Rider

As the name suggests, these flowers are practically completely black. They grow to three to four feet per stem. Blooms are widely available in most areas, as black flowers are quite popular.

4. Rosella’s Dream

These lilies bloom in the late spring or early summer, so they are not early bloomers in the least. They have a light pink coloration with a creamy white towards the middle. The tips are bright pink.

Rosella’s Dream is considered a compact variety, growing between two to three feet tall. Therefore, it is ideal for pots or similar areas.

5. Starlette

Image By: Teodor, Pixabay

These prolific bloomers don’t show their face until the summertime. They have a very vivid yellow, red, and black coloration that looks far different from most other flowers on this list. These two-toned flowers are perfect if you need something a little different from your garden.

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Martagon Hybrids

These divisions II are known for their extremely long stalks, growing four to six feet tall. Each stem is covered in flowers, with sometimes as many as 50 per stem. These flowers are also very fragrant and have very recurved pedals. They come in many different shades, ranging from pink to purple to white.

They usually bloom later in the summer than other varieties. They are also some of the most shade-tolerant plants on this list. Many of them do great in the full morning sun with afternoon shade.

6. Mixes

Image By: Marc Pascual, Pixabay

Most people plant a mix of these flowers so that they can enjoy a wide range of different colors in one area. You can easily find a mix of flowers from most garden shops and nurseries. Because they are so easy to care for, mixes are an easy option if you want to plant them and then forget about them.

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Candidum Hybrids

This division is one of the most popular options out there. They are known for their white trumpet shapes and sweet fragrance. The ever-popular Madonna lily falls into this category.

These flowers are native to the Middle East, but they are widely cultivated in various locations these days. They usually grow to about three or four feet tall with around 20 blooms per stem. They are later bloomers, usually blooming in mid-summer.

There are very few of these flowers cultivated for the general commercial market. Therefore, you’ll likely have a harder time finding many of them.

7. Nankeen

This yellow-orange flower blooms in late spring and is one of the more popular options in this category. They grow to about four feet tall and produce as many as 18 scented flowers per stem.

8. June fragrance

June fragrance
Image Credit: Demiahl, Pixabay

As the name suggests, these flowers tend to bloom sometime in June. They grow to about four feet tall and have a very strong fragrance. Their flowers are creamy-white, and their stems can grow to about 4 feet tall.

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American Hybrids

As the name suggests, the species are native to the Americas, though most are bred and cultivated in captivity these days. This division is known for its flared tips.

Usually, these flowers come in brighter colors, such as orange, red, and yellow. They usually have obvious freckles and have between 5 to 20 buds per stem. Each stem can grow from three to eight feet tall and create large colonies if left alone.

These hybrids are great for zones 3-9, encompassing a wide area. Of course, different hybrids will have different specific needs. Not all of them are suitable for everywhere.

9. Bellingham Hybrids

The Bellingham group is the largest group of lilies cultivated in this group. Usually, they have bright shades of maroon, orange, and yellow. Spotting is very common. Up to 20 blooms appear on each stem, growing up to 6 feet tall.

Usually, these plants are great when you need a showy bloom for a place with lots of shrubberies. They prefer dappled light, so they do best when planted underneath high tree branches. They can also do well in partial sun and shade. However, these plants are not especially picky.

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Longiflorum Hybrids

This division is native to Japan and Taiwan. Typically, the petals are lighter, such as white or a pale pastel. They quite fragranced and grow between 12 to 15 flowers per stem. The stems are not too long and grow around two to three feet high.

These plants are very late to bloom. Some of them don’t bloom until late summer. They are also only hardy between zones 4-8. However, there are some varieties like the Easter lily that blooms earlier.

This division is known for its great cut flowers. They mature rapidly, which makes them an elegant addition to perennial beds.

10. White Heaven

White Heaven
Image Credit: S. Hermann / F. Richter, Pixabay

This pure white, trumpet-shaped flower has a very light-yellow center. The fragrance is light and delicate. They bloom in early spring with three to six flowers per stem, which grows two to three feet tall. They are perfect for container growing, which is what they are usually used for.

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Trumpet Hybrids

The term “trumpet hybrids” is a bit confusing, as many trumpet-shaped flowers are not in this category. However, all of these flower divisions are bred from two Chinese species. They have about 25 large flowers per stem, which is on the higher end of most lilies.

These flowers are usually quite tall. The flowers are large too, sometimes growing as big as ten inches. They face outward and upwards.

They come in many different colors, including purple, pink, white, and hello. Often, the flowers are made up of multiple colors. The actual flower shape varies as well. Not all of them are trumpet-shaped – again, causing some confusion.

Often, these flowers are large and showy. They’re great if you need a statement piece.

11. African Queen

These giant, orange flowers are highly fragrant. Each flower grows up to six to eight inches across. Usually, they appear around mid-summer. These flowers have won awards, including the Award of Garden Merit from the Royal Horticultural Society.

African Queen grows from four to six feet tall and has up to 20 flowers.

12. Regale

These white flowers have a yellow throat. The outside of the petals has a light pink hue, though how pink can vary from flower to flower. These flowers are actually trumpet-shaped, as the name of the division suggests.

These flowers are decently tall, growing from three to four feet high stems. They produce 10 to 12 flowers per stem.

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Oriental Hybrid

These hybrids are extremely extravagant, measuring up to 9-inches long. They come in different colors, including pink, purple, and white. Usually, they have contrasting color bars and plenty of freckles.

Oriental Hybrids are known for their long-lasting beauty and developed fragrance. They are native to Japan and prefer warmer temperatures usually. However, their extravagant nature has made them popular across the world.

Usually, these flowers have only about eight flowers per stem, but they can grow anywhere from two to seven feet tall. They usually bloom between mid to late summer.

Often, these flowers are used for cutting and perennial gardens. They require large containers, so they are not typically always used for containers.

13. Casablanca

With the milky white blooms, it isn’t surprising that this flower is one of the most popular out there. They are popular in wedding bouquets and make great cutting flowers in general. They are also well-known for their sweet scent, which is why they are commonly used as cut flowers.

These flowers grow from 3 to 4 feet per stem, with 6 to 8 flowers. They typically bloom around midsummer.

14. Dizzy

Despite the strange name, these flowers are quite beautiful. They have pale-pink bloom with bright red stripes and freckles. They are very fragrant and exotic-looking, which is one reason that they are so popular.

They can grow up to four feet tall, making them great cutting flowers.

15. Love Story

These crimson flowers have a yellow throat and white edging. They are a dwarf varietal, so they only grow up to three feet tall – with many being shorter. They are perfect for container growing due to their smaller size.

These flowers bloom in late summer, so they are best for fall gardening.

16. Magic Star

These lilies are quite unique. They have an abundance of different pink petals, which make them look a bit like a star. These petals have small red stripes and light freckling, which helps bring some interest to the flower.

These flowers are perfect for creating a focal point in your garden. They usually bloom in late summer and grow to about three feet tall, making them smaller than other options out there. They are great for container gardening for this reason.

17. Dwarf Muscadet

Dwarf Muscadet
Image Credit: Happytotakephoto, Shutterstock

This showy flower has creamy-white petals and soft pink stripes. The blooms are also light freckled. Like most lilies, they appear in late summer.

Due to their smaller size, they are most suitable for container gardening.

18. Playtime

Like many options in this category, this is another unique flower with a unique name. These large white flowers have a golden-yellow throat that then turns into a crimson band, making them one of the most interesting flowers on this list.

19. Red Eye

As the name suggests, these flowers are extremely red with white edging. They have some small, dark freckles, but these look very similar to the background color.

These flowers can grow to a height of up to four feet. They usually bloom in the late summer, like most lilies.

20. Stargazer

Image Credit: 631372, Pixabay

This is one of the most popular Oriental hybrids. They were first introduced in the late 1970s and have become increasingly popular since then. These flowers are light pink with freckles of darker pink. They are quite fragrant and grow six to eight flowers per stem.

21. Soft Music

These flowers have many different petals, just like some of the other flowers on this list. They grow huge flowers that can reach up to a foot across. They grow on rather thick three to four feet stems. Usually, these flowers don’t bloom until early fall.

22. Tiger Moon

These fellow and white flowers have dark red freckles, which gives them their name. They can grow up to nine inches across, making them some of the larger blooms on this list. The stems themselves grow up to four feet tall, and they bloom in late summer.

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Other Flowers

There are some flowers that don’t fit into any of these categories. These flowers are sometimes a hybrid between two different divisions, technically disqualifying them from either division. Many of these flowers are the more popular options since they tend to be quite exotic.

Usually, these flowers are lightly colored and often have contrasting colors. They are usually used in container gardens, though you can also use them for cutting gardens and naturalized areas.

23. Corleone

This flower has a bright red coloration and a light fragrance. Corleones are a solid option if you need to add some easy color to your garden since they typically aren’t hard to take care of. They are an LA hybrid, which means that they are a mix between Longiflorum and Asiatic flowers.

These flowers usually grow to four feet tall. They make excellent cutting flowers, as they have long and sturdy stems.

24. Giant OT Altari

These large blooms are greatly fragranced and have pink petals with white edges. Their stems are very strong and can grow up to six feet tall. Usually, they bloom in the summertime.

25. Big Brother

These huge flowers are creamy-white with a yellow tint. They grow up to five feet tall, but the blooms are massive. They have robust stems to help the blooms stand up.

26. Giant OT Zambesi

These creamy white flowers are most distinguished by their ruffled edges. They bring a unique look at any garden, which is why most people utilize them. They are quite large, so they don’t do great in containers. However, they are big enough to use in most other sorts of gardens. When fully grown, they can reach up to eight feet tall. Usually, they bloom in mid to late summer.

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Lilies are quite a unique flower for anyone to utilize in their garden. They come in all different varieties, making it easy to pick something perfect for any situation you’re up against. There are some dwarf options for containers and some that grow nearly as large as sunflowers.

Featured Image Credit: Pixabay


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