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38 Types of Orange Flowers (With Pictures)

orange dahlia flowers in the garden

Whether it is fall, winter, summer, or spring, the color orange is versatile, and that is never truer than when it comes to flowers. After all, what other color is associated with fall, pumpkins, sunsets, and more? The color also brings feelings of coziness and warmth to many people.

There are many types of orange flowers out there to choose from when it comes to adorning everything from your fireplace mantle to your wedding and your front porch to your back yard. In this guide, we will tell you about several different types of orange flowers and a few things you might want to know about each of them.

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The 38 Types of Orange Flowers

After a cold hard winter, there is nothing like flowers to help your body, mind, and spirit experience renewal. Below, we will give you some orange flowers that will renew your spirits.

Spring Orange Flowers

1. California Poppy (Eschscholzia Californica)

orange california poppy flower
Image Credit: Pixabay

Also known as the Oriental Poppy, the California Poppy is known for its delicate, paper-like flowers and is the state flower of California. It has several medicinal uses, including helping with sleeping, anxiety, and aches, and while it grows wild all over the state is a popular garden flower too.

2. Bird of Paradise (Strelitzia)

orange bird of paradise flower
Image Credit: Piqsels

The Bird of Paradise is a tropical flower with fan-like foliage. It’s said to represent thoughtfulness, faith, and love. This flower does best when you keep it indoors in a pot. It needs full sun and well-drained soil if you want it to grow to the best of its ability. It also requires a growing zone between 10 and 12.

3. Dahlia (Dahlia)

orange Dahlia flower
Image Credit: Piqsels

The Dahlia is a flower that has spiky petals that shoot out from their round, large heads. These flowers actually vary in color and size and are best when in 8 to 10 growing zones. They need well-drained, moist soil and full sun to thrive. These flowers can grow to 6 feet tall, so make sure you have room before you get one.

4. Banksia (Banksia)

orange banksia flower
Image Credit: Pixabay

Banksia flowers are also known as the Acorn Banksia and need a sandy soil type or potting mix to thrive. In addition, the soil moisture should be well-drained and they are drought resistant. Whether fresh or dried, this flower is said to represent new beginnings, so if you have a family member that is starting over, a bouquet of these flowers will be just the gift to give them hope.

5. Carnation (Dianthus caryophyllus)

orange carnation flower
Image Credit: Piqsels

Carnations are a popular orange variety in gardens as they generally bloom all year round. There are many different color varieties of carnations, making them a favorite among florists and gardeners alike, and they are one of the most popular commercial cut flowers.

6. Crown Imperial (Fritillaria imperialis)

Orange Crown Imperial Flower
Image Credit: Pixabay

A unique and gorgeous member of the lily family, the Crown Imperial is a bulb plant native to the middle east. It’s a popular garden plant due to its large, spectacular bell-shaped flowers that appear in the spring.

7. Iris (Iris croatica)

orange iris flower
Image Credit: Piqsels

Iris flowers are fast growers, profuse bloomers, and easy to grow and care for, making them one of the most popular additions to home gardens. They are short plants that don’t grow above 2 feet high and can tolerate a wide range of soils and environments, plus come in a range of colors.

8. Lantana (Lantana camara)

Orange lantana flower
Image Credit: Pixabay

Lantanas are native to Southern Africa and have a unique vine-like appearance that makes them ideal outdoor hanging baskets or pots. You’ll likely want to keep this plant in pots, though, as they have become an invasive nuisance in many parts of the world and are poisonous to many livestock.

9. Lily (Lilium)

orange lily flower
Image Credit: Pixabay

Lilies are one of the most beloved and popular flowers in a summer garden, and each Lily variety has a variety of color combinations. Lilies symbolize purity and fertility, which makes perfect sense as these plants are incredible pollinators, attracting hordes of insects with their gorgeous flowers.

10. Lily of the Incas (Alstroemeria)

The hardy Lily of the Incas comes in a variety of bright colors, including gorgeous salmon orange. They are great in the garden or as indoor plants and are relatively easy to grow and care for. While they are native to South America, they have become naturalized in many other parts of the world too.

11. Lion’s Tail (Leonotis leonurus)

Also known as Lion’s Ear and wild dagga in its native South Africa, Lion’s Tail is a gorgeous and hardy plant with a handful of medicinal properties. It’s named for the beautiful orange flowers that resemble a lion’s tail, and both the leaves and flowers are commonly brewed into a tea for headaches, muscle cramps, and respiratory issues.

12. Orange Rose (Rosa)

orange rose
Image Credit: Pixabay

Although Orange Roses are not as fragrant as traditional rose varieties, they are no less beautiful. Orange roses are hybrids that were developed in the mid-20th century by crossing red and yellow rose varieties and have become an increasingly popular variety ever since.

13. Strawflower (Xerochrysum bracteatum)

orange strawflower
Image Credit: Piqsels

Closely resembling Daisies in form but with stiff and papery petals and a bushier appearance, Strawflowers don’t have petals at all, but the red and orange “petals” are actually modified leaves called bracts. They are fast-growing and easy to care for and grow up to 3 feet tall.

14. Trumpet Honeysuckle (Lonicera sempervirens)

Also commonly known as Coral Honeysuckle, Trumpet Honeysuckle is an evergreen climber vine with gorgeous red-orange tubular flowers that attract hummingbirds and bees by the dozen. It’s a fast-growing vine that can grow up to 2 feet per week but needs to grow for 2­–3 years before they mature and begin flowering.

15. Tulip (Tulipa)

orange tulip
Image Credit: Piqsels

Tulips are one of the most exported and arguably, one of the most popular flowers in the world. They are usually large, brightly colored, and come in a wide variety of colors, plus many different varieties, and are native to Asia and Turkey. Tulips can thrive for 10–15 years in ideal conditions and are fairly easy to grow.

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Summer Orange Flowers

Once the spring flowers have bloomed, the heat of the summer settles in, and many people’s thoughts to turn what orange flowers will do the best in the heat. Here are the best orange flowers to spice up any home, garden, or event.

16. Tiger Lily (Lilium lancifolium)

orange tiger lily
Image Credit: Pixabay

Tiger Lilies are known for growing tall (up to 6 feet high) but also for their gorgeous, uniquely striking flowers. The long, slender but sturdy stems can hold up to seven flowers at once with blooms that can last up to two weeks after being cut. They have orange coloring with brown spots, giving them their common name.

17. Daylily (Hemerocallis)

orange daylily
Image Credit: Pixabay

Despite the somewhat misleading name, Daylilies are not actually a part of the Lily family but are a popular addition to home gardens due to their gorgeous orange flowers. They do best in full sun, but can do well in partial shade too, but need a lot of regular watering.

18. Mexican Sunflower (Tithonia diversifolia)

mexica sunflower
Image Credit: Pixabay

The Mexican Sunflower is a hardy, large, evergreen shrub that can grow up to 6 feet tall. It has large, gorgeous yellow-orange flowers that make a wonderful addition to a summer garden. They grow best in full sun but can do well in partial shade and are best planted in soil that’s not too rich or heavily fertilized.

19. Canna (Canna)

Also known as the Canna Lilly, Canna is not a true lily, although is certainly close in resemblance. It’s a popular garden plant due to its gorgeous large foliage but is also commonly used in agriculture. It’s a hardy plant that does well in a variety of climates and is easy to grow in most parts of the world.

20. Butterflyweed (Asclepias tuberosa)

Image Credit: Pixabay

Also known as Milkweed or Chigger Flower, Butterflyweed is the most common name due to it being a butterfly favorite! The tiny, clumped orange flowers look gorgeous perched on long, waxy stems, and the plant is easy to care for, even for novice gardeners.

21. Aloe Vera (Aloe barbadensis)

aloe vera flower
Image Credit: Pixabay

Aloe Vera is arguably one of the most popular orange flowering plants, a very hardy, easy-to-grow succulent that can grow up to 10 feet high. The pointed, gel-filled leaves have many medicinal properties, so this plant not only looks beautiful in your garden but has some great benefits too.

22. Begonias (Begonia)

Begonias are gorgeous flowers that come in many different colors and varieties. Most of them are large double flowers that bloom on the top of dark green leaves. These flowers are often given to show gratitude and are extremely popular with gardeners. They grow best in zones 6 to 11, need moist, well-drained soil, and full sun to partial shade for the best results.

23. Gerbera Daisy (Gerbera jamesonii)

orange gerbera daisy
Image Credit: Pixabay

Gerbera Daisies can grow from anywhere from 2­–5 inches in diameter and come in many different colors. They are super cheerful flowers and are often given to people in hospitals and sad situations to cheer them up. These flowers symbolize purity and innocence as well and are said to be the fifth most popular flower in the world. They need well-drained soil, full sun and grow best in zones nine through 11.

24. Alstroemeria (Alstroemeria)

alstroemeria orange flower
Image Credit: Vicky Hof, Shutterstock

Alstroemerias are a common favorite among florists, and with good reason. Each flower features six petals that can be streaked, flecked, or striped with darker pigmentation. These are gorgeous flowers to give as a show of devotion and friendship. They grow best in zones eight through 10, need full sun and partial shade, and should be placed in well-drained soil.

25. Snapdragon (Antirrhinum)

snapdragon flower
Image Credit: Nick Pecker, Shutterstock

Snapdragons symbolize growth and grace and are the perfect orange summer flower. A tall flower, if you’re looking for a gift that will truly stand out, then this orange flower will undoubtedly fulfill your quest. These flowers grow best in zones seven through 11, need moist, rich, well-drained soil, and thrive in the full sun or partial shade.

26. Cockscomb (Celosia cristata)

cockscomb flower
Image Credit: Pixabay

Cockscomb flowers are perfect if you want to bring a hint of summer into your home or someone else’s. This flower symbolizes silliness and affection and is ideal if you’re going to share a bouquet with someone you love. This flower does best in warm climates and zones nine through 11. It needs full to partial sun exposure and moist, loamy, well-drained soil to thrive in.

27. Frangipani (Frangipani)

Frangipani flowers
Image Credit: Piqsels

Symbolizing strength, devotion, and the welcoming of guests into your home, Frangipani flowers are tropical in nature with a rich scent that works perfectly for any foyer table. They need full to partial sunlight and well-drained soil to thrive. They thrive best in zones 10 and 11.

28. Pin Cushion (Leucospermum cordifolium)

pincushion orange flowers
Image Credit: Pixabay

Pin Cushion flowers get their name from the unique shape of the petals and stem of the flower. They grow best in full sun, growing zones of between three and seven, and need moist yet well-drained soil to thrive.

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Fall Orange Flowers

Once the time changes and the leaves start to turn colors, everyone’s thoughts turn to the color orange to celebrate the season. Flowers are no different, and there’s a host of different varieties and orange colors to help you bring a little of the autumn season into your home or celebrate the season with others. Below, you’ll find a few of the orange fall flowers we like to use in your homes and gardens.

29. Helenium (Helenium)

helenium Flowers
Image Credit: Pixabay

Also commonly known as Sneezeweed, Heleniums come in several colors but are most commonly a gorgeous orange and yellow. The flowers are large and full with fairly delicate petals radiating in close clusters of flowers. They are very low maintenance and a favorite amongst avid gardeners.

30. Coppertips (Crocosmia)

Also known as Montbretia, Coppertips are a part of the Iris family despite their Tulip-like appearance. They are native to the grasslands of Southern and Eastern Africa, and although they have a tropical appearance they’re hardy perennials that can easily be grown from a bulb.

31. Bulbine (Bulbine frutescens)

Bulbine is a gorgeous orange flower often used in landscaping where tough groundcover is required. It’s native to Southern Africa and has many medicinal uses, including treating burns and insect bites. While watering regularly will give the best results, this plant can thrive in poor soil and heat too.

32. Chrysanthemums (Chrysanthemum)

chrysanthemum flowers
Image Credit: Piqsels

Chrysanthemums are the perfect flower to usher in the autumn season and are quite popular among gardeners and florists any time of the year. It’s also the official flower of November when the holidays are just beginning to heat up. These fragrant flowers need to be grown in well-drained soil, have full sunlight, and grow best in zones three through nine.

33. Zinnia (Zinnia Elegans)

zinnia flowers
Image Credit: Piqsels

Zinnia’s grow up to 3 feet tall, so they will certainly make a statement in anyone’s garden. In addition, they symbolize lasting affection, so they will be the perfect flowers for any anniversary dinner. These flowers grow best in zones three through 10, need well-drained soil and full sun to survive.

34. Marigold (Tagetes)

marigold orange flowers
Image Credit: Pixabay

Marigolds are extremely popular flowers, especially in the autumn of the year. Not only are these flowers used at outdoor events, but they are a great natural pest deterrent as well. Considered to be a symbol of joy, these flowers grow best in zones nine through 11, need to be kept in well-drained soil, and able to take advantage of the full impact of the sun.

35. Butterfly Weed (Asclepius tuberosa)

butterfly weed flower
Image Credit: Pixabay

Butterfly Weed flowers are bushy with clusters of flat-topped flowers that are orange in color. They are known for attracting bees, butterflies, and even hummingbirds to your garden. They need to be kept in well-drained soil, full sun, and zones three to nine for the best growing results.

36. Cosmos (Cosmos)

orange cosmos flower
Image Credit: Pixabay

The Cosmos flower is perfect for a garden, featuring bowl-shaped flowers and long stems, especially if you want to attract butterflies to your yard. These fragrant flowers grow anywhere between three and 6 feet tall, so they make quite the statement. However, they are best grown in zones three through 10, need well-drained soil and full sunlight.

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Winter Orange Flowers

Once the winter winds start to blow, everyone needs some gorgeous winter flowers to keep their spirits up during the long, dark days. Here are a few of the different types of orange winter flowers you might want to use to grace your fireplace mantle this winter season.

37. Cymbidium Orchid (Cymbidium)

Cymbidium Orchids bloom in the winter months and can have over 15 flowers per stem. These flowers grow best in zones five through 10, need well-drained soil and full sun if you want them to flourish.

38. Ranunculus (Ranunculus)

ranunculus orange flower
Image Credit: Pixabay

This flower is a symbol of charm and attractiveness, meaning it’s perfect for a ton of winter events. Ranunculus are also known as buttercups and feature bright, bold colors and long stems. These flowers are best grown in zones eight through 11, need full sun to thrive, and need to be planted in well-drained soil.

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Final Thoughts: Orange Flowers

These are a few of the types of orange flowers you can find out there to make every season a little brighter. So, if you’re thinking of celebrating with orange flowers at everything from a wedding to a backyard BBQ, then we’ve got you covered with this list.

Make sure that you pay attention to the growing zones, soil, and sunlight needs of whatever flowers you choose to grace your yard or home with, and you’ll have fragrant orange flowers at hand whenever you need them, no matter the season.

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