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9 Common Types of Roof Tiles (With Pictures)

building with red metal roofing

Roofs protect our heads from the rain and help protect our homes from leaves, dirt, dust, and other debris. Over the centuries, roofing has advanced from simple thatch to having dozens of roofing options. Tiles, for example, are a more recent innovation that lasts longer than traditional shingles at a higher price point. Let’s check out some of the most common types of roof tiles you might want to use for your roof.

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The 9 Common Types of Roof Tile

1. Slate Tiles

Slate roof tile
Image Credit: Tan2, Pixabay

Slate is a natural stone renowned for its exceptional durability and wide variety of styles. You can have clean, modern-looking slate tiles or opt for weather-worn tiles that would be at home in a forest cottage. Slate is easy to clean, lasts for up to a century under ideal conditions, and won’t fade under strong sunlight. It might cost more than competing tiles, but slate is a solid choice for any roof.

2. Metal Tiles

house with red metal roofing
Image Credit: sailormn34, Pixabay

Most metal tiles are composed of aluminum, copper, or steel. Many metal tiles on the market imitate stone or other styles, but a clean metal roof will always turn heads. Metal tiles are easy to install and offer great durability, but some types can become noisy when it’s raining. Metal roofs are also hard to work on because they’re infamously slippery. Most metal tile roofs can last 50–70 years under ideal conditions.

3. Porcelain Tiles

Porcelain is a more brittle cousin of ceramic, offering a huge variety of colors and styles to choose from. These tiles are resistant to freezing, cracking, and water damage, lasting up to 50 years. Porcelain is pricier than other tiles and requires special skills to install, so you’ll likely pay more upfront to have it installed. Its clean, beautiful finish and durability are well worth the extra cost in many situations.

4. Concrete Tiles

Concrete roof tiles
Image Credit: manfredrichter, Pixabay

First constructed in Bavaria, concrete tiles are a cost-effective way to roof your house. Concrete is extremely inexpensive and can be fashioned to imitate wood and stone roof tiles, and it’s cheap to maintain, too. Unfortunately, concrete roof tiles require a reinforced roof deck to withstand their heavy weight. If you’re re-roofing an existing home, it’s important to know whether your roof can handle the weight of concrete tiles.

5. Composite Tiles

Composite roof tiles are made from a combination of natural materials like wood or stone and artificial compounds. They’re widely available because they’re cheap to produce, and their low price reflects this. Specialty composite tiles made to look like stone may be incrementally more expensive but don’t have any special properties to make them more durable. Composite tiles are a middle-of-the-road solution for when you’re not on a strict budget and need something durable and stylish.

6. DaVinci Tiles

Named after the legendary inventor and artist, DaVinci roof tiles are created from a futuristic polymer sand. These tiles are resistant to moisture absorption and don’t carry mold very well, which makes them ideal in a wide range of climates. Best of all, DaVinci tiles come in a ton of colors to match your home’s color.

7. Clay Tiles

Clay roof tiles
Image Credit: mufidpwt, Pixabay

Also called ceramic tiles, clay tiles are first molded and then fired and glazed. Clay is abundant in many areas of the globe, and clay roofs are as old as history. Today, clay tiles are more durable than ever thanks to consistent production techniques and quality control. Clay tiles can be made to mimic stone or wood, but classic terracotta-style clay roofs never go out of style.

8. Wood Tiles

Also called wooden shakes, wood tiles are a less popular choice for roofs because they’re prone to mold and moisture absorption. Chemical treatments can minimize this and make wood a great roofing material that can withstand even heavy weather. Wood also has great insulating properties, which can save you a few bucks on your power bill. Unfortunately, wood tiles don’t last as long as other types.

9. Solar Roof Tiles

solar roof tiles close up
Image Credit: Iaremenko Sergii, Shutterstock

Solar roof tiles are a type of new roof tile with solar cells built-in to produce solar energy. The tiles are hard and expensive to install because they have to be hooked up to a solar system, and they’re not very widely available. In areas with high energy rates, solar roof tiles can be just the thing to reduce your power bill and cut down on your reliance on the power grid.

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Roofing tiles are wildly popular for their durability, even if they run more than shingles. From simple and durable metal roofs to more complex porcelain and DaVinci tiles, there is a perfect roof tile out there for every home. Check out the price and availability of some of these tiles near you today.

Featured Image Credit: Bev_E, Pixabay


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