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20 Clever Uses for Twist Ties You Can Try Today (With Pictures)

Staking cocktail tomato plants

Twist ties are incredibly versatile and can be used for more than just sealing bags of bread or produce. They’re handy household items that can be repurposed in many clever ways. If you need some helpful ideas, we have plenty for you!

Here are some creative and practical uses for twist ties that you can try today.

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The 20 Clever Uses for Twist Ties

1. Cable Organizer

cord organizing twist ties
Image Credit: House Grail

Keep your cables and cords tidy by using twist ties to bundle them together. This simple solution can be applied to various cables, such as phone chargers, computer cords, and even extension cords.

By organizing them with twist ties, you can prevent knots and make it easier to find the specific cable you need. Additionally, using different colored twist ties can help you easily differentiate between different types of cables.

2. Plant Support

Plant Support
Image Credit: Trong Nguyen, Shutterstock

Support delicate plants by gently tying them to a stake or trellis using twist ties. This technique is especially useful for climbing plants or those with long stems that can’t support their own weight.

Twist ties are gentle on the plant and can be easily adjusted as the plant grows. They’re also reusable and can be easily removed when the plant no longer requires support.

3. Key Ring Holder

car key twist tie
Image Credit: House Grail

Temporarily secure your keys to a key ring using a twist tie. This method is useful when you need to add or remove keys frequently or if you’re temporarily using a different set of keys.

Twist ties are easy to fasten and remove, making them a convenient solution for holding your keys together. You can also color-code your keys using different colored twist ties, making it easier to identify specific keys.

4. Jewelry Organizer

jewelry twist ties
Image Credit: House Grail

Use twist ties to keep necklaces and bracelets from tangling. Wrap a twist tie around each piece of jewelry, making sure it’s snug but not too tight, to prevent the chains from tangling with each other.

This method works well for travel or for storing your jewelry in a drawer. If you have several pieces of similar jewelry, you can also use different colored twist ties to help identify each one easily.

5. Luggage Identifier

twist tie travel bags
Image Credit: House Grail

Mark your luggage by attaching a brightly colored twist tie to the handle. This simple trick can save you time at the airport by making your bags stand out from the crowd. A twist tie is also an affordable and environmentally friendly alternative to plastic luggage tags.

You can even attach multiple twist ties to create a unique pattern or design, making it even easier to spot your bags on the luggage carousel.

6. Gardening Tool Holder

garden tools
Image Credit: PhotographyByMK, Shutterstock

Organize your gardening tools by hanging them on hooks and using twist ties to secure them in place. This method is particularly helpful for keeping long-handled tools, such as rakes and shovels, upright and easily accessible.

To do this, loop a twist tie around the handle of the tool and then around the hook, securing it tightly. This will prevent your tools from falling off the hooks and ensure that your gardening area stays neat and organized.

7. Craft Supplies

Craft Supplies twist tie
Image Credit: Prostock Studio, Shutterstock

Get creative and use twist ties in your arts and crafts projects. They can be bent into various shapes and used as embellishments or even as the main material for your artwork. For example, you can create intricate sculptures or decorative elements by twisting and bending the ties together.

You can also use twist ties to fasten materials together in place of glue or tape. With their flexibility and easy availability, twist ties offer endless possibilities for artistic expression.

8. Bookmark

Image Credit: JumpStory

Create a simple bookmark by folding a twist tie in half and slipping it over the edge of a page in your book. This lightweight and unobtrusive bookmark will hold your place without damaging the pages.

Feel free to personalize your twist tie bookmark by adding beads or other small decorations to the ends to make it both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

9. Hair Accessory

Use twist ties to secure a ponytail or bun. They’re flexible and gentle on your hair, making them a great alternative to traditional hair ties. To use a twist tie as a hair accessory, wrap it around your ponytail or bun and twist the ends together to hold it in place.

You can also get creative by using colored twist ties or decorating them with beads and other embellishments for a unique and stylish look.

10. Zipper-Pull Extension

Attach a twist tie to a small zipper pull to make it easier to grasp and pull, especially when wearing gloves. This simple hack is perfect for winter coats, backpacks, or any other item with a small zipper that can be difficult to grip.

To create a zipper-pull extension, loop the twist tie through the hole in the zipper-pull and twist the ends together to form a loop. This extended loop will provide extra leverage, making it easier to open and close the zipper.

11. Glasses Repair

twist tie eye eyeglass repair
Image Credit: House Grail

If you lose the screw from your eyeglasses, you can temporarily secure the arm to the frame with a twist tie until you find a replacement. Carefully thread the twist tie through the hole where the screw is missing and twist the ends together to secure the arm in place.

While this solution is not ideal for long-term use, it can provide a temporary fix until you’re able to replace the missing screw or visit an optician for professional repair.

12. Bag Sealer

Bag Sealer using twist tie
Image Credit: Dmitriev Mikhail, Shutterstock

Use twist ties to reseal open bags of chips, cereal, or frozen vegetables to keep them fresh and prevent spills. Fold the top of the bag closed and wrap a twist tie around it, ensuring it’s tight enough to keep the air out.

This not only helps to maintain freshness but also prevents spills and messes in your pantry or freezer—and that’s always a good thing.

13. Emergency Shoelace

showlace twist ties
Image Credit: House Grail

Replace a broken shoelace with a twist tie in a pinch. It won’t be as comfortable, but it’ll get you through the day. To use a twist tie as a shoelace, thread it through the eyelets of your shoe and twist the ends together to secure it in place.

While this isn’t a long-term solution, it can provide a temporary fix until you can replace the shoelace with a more suitable alternative.

14. Garden Label

Gardening Tool Holder
Image Credit: JumpStory

Label your plants by writing their names on a piece of paper or plastic and attaching it to a stake with a twist tie. This helps you keep track of which plants are which, especially when they’re still in the early stages of growth.

Write the name of the plant on a small piece of paper or plastic, punch a hole in the top, and thread a twist tie through the hole. Then, attach the label to a stake or the plant itself, making sure it’s secure and visible.

15. Baby Proofing

baby proofing twist ties cabinets
Image Credit: House Grail

Secure cabinet doors and drawers by looping a twist tie around the handles to keep curious little ones from getting into things they shouldn’t. This simple yet effective method helps prevent children from accessing potentially dangerous items or making a mess.

To babyproof your cabinets and drawers, close the doors or drawers, and loop a twist tie around both handles, twisting the ends together to secure them. Make sure the twist tie is tight enough to prevent the doors or drawers from opening easily.

16. Curtain Tieback

curtains twist tie
Image Credit: House Grail

Create a simple curtain tieback by using a twist tie to gather the fabric and hold it in place. This easy and cost-effective solution is perfect for a temporary fix or when you need a quick change in your room’s appearance.

To make a curtain tieback, tie several twist ties together until you have enough to secure your curtain. Then, pull the curtain to one side, and wrap the twist tie around the gathered fabric, twisting the ends together to secure it. You can also use colored or decorative twist ties to add a touch of style to your curtains.

17. Toothbrush Holder

twist tie toothbrush holder
Image Credit: House Grail

Loop a twist tie around the neck of your toothbrush and hang it from a hook to keep it off the countertop and away from germs. This simple solution ensures that your toothbrush stays clean and dry, reducing the risk of bacteria buildup.

It’s particularly useful in shared bathrooms or when traveling, as it keeps your toothbrush separate from others and prevents it from coming into contact with unhygienic surfaces.

18. Balloon Weight

Balloon Weight
Image Credit: Seth Wicker, Shutterstock

Attach a twist tie to the end of a balloon string and then tie it around a small, heavy object to keep the balloon from floating away. This clever hack is perfect for outdoor events or when you don’t have a traditional balloon weight on hand.

Use a twist tie to secure the balloon string to items such as rocks, small bags of sand, or even a filled water bottle. This will prevent your balloons from drifting away and help keep your decorations in place.

19. Gift Decoration

Christmas gift
Image Credit: JumpStory

Use twist ties to add a creative touch to gift wrapping. Wrap them around the ribbon or use them to attach small decorations like flowers or ornaments. Twist ties can be used to create intricate designs or to add a pop of color to your gifts.

They can also be shaped into bows or other decorative elements to enhance the overall appearance of your wrapped present. The possibilities are endless when it comes to using twist ties for gift decoration.

20. Fishing Hook Keeper

fish hooks
Image Credit: Pixabay

Secure fishing hooks to your fishing line or rod using twist ties. This will prevent them from getting tangled and make it easier to transport your gear. To create a fishing hook keeper, loop a twist tie around the fishing line or rod near the hook, and then secure the hook by twisting the tie around it.

This simple solution can save you time and frustration by keeping your fishing hooks organized and tangle-free while you’re on the go.

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Now that you’re armed with these clever and practical uses for twist ties, put these handy little tools to good use! So don’t let them sit unused and forgotten in the back of a kitchen drawer. Instead, get creative and come up with some more ideas of your own! Who knows, you might be the next twist tie innovator.

Featured Image Credit: Marta Maziar, Shutterstock


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