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What Is the Average Height of a Bathroom Countertop? Facts & FAQs

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If you’re thinking of remodeling your bathroom and searching for countertops and vanities, you may have come across cabinets of various heights, from 31 to 36 inches. Which is great, but what do you need? Manufacturers don’t make your choices any clearer by throwing around terms such as standard and comfort height vanities. Standard bathroom countertops in the United States are 31 inches tall.

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Standard Vanities and Cabinets

Whichever countertop you purchase, it’ll end up on top of your vanity and bathroom cabinets. A vanity is a bathroom cabinet specifically designed to hold your sink. Bathroom cabinets usually match the vanity but are used primarily for storage and don’t have space for a sink.

Cabinets and vanities come in a wide range of depths to accommodate bathrooms of all sizes. Standard models are measure between 21 and 22 inches, but you can find several products under 18 inches in depth designed to fit into bathrooms with limited space.

When it comes to width, there’s even more variation, with options ranging from expansive custom-built behemoths designed to fit a large bathroom to smaller products designed for tiny homes. Common sizes include 24, 48, and 60-inch cabinets, with options as narrow as 17 inches wide for limited spaces.

While standard countertops technically measure 31 inches tall, it’s not an exact measurement. There are several 32-inch standard vanities out there, and it’s common to refer to any product falling within 31 to 35½ inches as standard in height.

Standard height options tend to be good choices for children’s bathrooms and are preferred by shorter adults.

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Comfort Vanities and Cabinets

The only difference between comfort and standard vanities is height, with comfort options coming in at 36 inches tall. To get an idea of what we’re talking about, that’s the same height as most kitchen countertops. Those few inches tend to make comfort-height countertops more suitable for adults.

Just in case you’re wondering, bathroom appliances are getting taller. Believe it or not, toilet heights have also risen! Standard toilets in the United States are 15 inches tall, but over the last few years, comfort-height toilets have become popular. At 17–19 inches, they can make it much easier for people with achy joints to use the bathroom. While comfort toilets can be excellent for adults, smaller children often have trouble climbing up.

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What Height Countertop Should I Choose for a Vessel Sink?

Vessel sinks create a lovely aesthetic and look great with unique bathroom countertops. Because your vessel sink will sit on top of your countertop, it’s usually best to avoid comfort height products, as the sides of the sink might be uncomfortably high if installed on a 36-inch high countertop.

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