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10 Alcoholic Smoothie Recipes (with Pictures)

blended alcoholic beverages

blended alcoholic beverages

For many cocktail drinkers, the perfect treat on a hot day consists of their favorite fruity drink, a spritz of their preferred liqueur, blended with ice. Top it off with an umbrella and served poolside, you might have just cracked the code to the ultimate summer day.

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Tips for Creating the Perfect Blended Drink

Before we dive into a few of our favorite recipes, there are a few tips to consider when concocting the perfect blended drink:


You won’t need a top of the line blender to create the perfect frozen cocktail consistency. However, a blender with more power will be beneficial when it comes to crushing ice, so consider the wattage when choosing your next appliance. And always blend your drinks on high. Remember that time is of the essence with blended drinks, so the quicker you can serve it, the better.


Ice is one of the most important ingredients of a blended drink. Using full cubes can be incredibly taxing on your blender’s motor and can take what may seem like hours to properly break down. Reach for slivered, cracked, or crushed ice instead. Finally, adding ice to your blender will also be your last step, so measure an equal amount of ice to other ingredients, adding more if and when required.


Chances are that if you are adding a little booze to your frozen cocktail, you are looking to get a bit of a buzz. As slushy drinks tend to become watered down quite quickly, you’ll want to counteract that with a heavy-handed free pour of your preferred liquor. Also note here, that the key to refreshing and delicious drinks starts with great alcohol. If you choose a brand you don’t love, the taste of your smoothie may be altered.

Fresh VS Frozen

When it comes to adding fruit to your adult bevies, there are many opinions on whether fresh vs frozen vs concentrates should be used. As this is a matter of preference, there are a few things to note: fresh fruit will require you to use more ice, which may water down the flavor of the drink so prepare for that before you blend. Frozen fruit, depending on its shelf life, can give a freezer burn taste for some. If this is not a concern for you – frozen fruit will eliminate some of the ice you need to get the perfect blended texture without compromising flavors. Frozen concentrates are also a great substitute – but these can be full of unwanted processed sugars.

Trial & Error

You’re likely not a mixologist, so nailing the perfect daiquiri or margarita on the first go may be out of the question. But with practice comes knowledge – build your skill and before you know it, your frozen treats will be show-stopping and absolute crowd-pleasers.

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Top 10 Alcoholic Smoothie Recipes

Each of these alcoholic smoothie recipes can be followed to a T, or simply used as a guideline for you to create something magical and delicious all on your own! Surely you will have just as much fun creating them as you will drinking them

1. Apple Cider Bourbon

This recipe proves that even the most sophisticated drinkers can enjoy the occasional blended drink. Although the Apple Cider Bourbon Slush is icy cold, the flavors are enough to keep you warm if you choose to drink this by your fireplace in the winter. See the recipe here. 

2. Pineapple Lemonade Rum Slushie

Infuse your classic lemonade with pineapple and add a splash of rum for a crisp and delicious tropical smoothie. This simple recipe takes out the guesswork so you can focus on planning your next vacation. See the recipe here. 

3. Peanut Butter Whiskey Milkshake

Nothing says dessert like a milkshake. Bring out your favorite whisky and jar of peanut butter for a sweet chilly treat. See the recipe here. 

Blending the invigorating tang of lemonade with the subtle hints of your favorite wine creates a marriage of flavors no wine drinker will be able to resist. See the recipe here.

5. Frozen Paloma

Combining various citrus flavors and a hint of tequila makes this recipe one of the most refreshing on our list. The frozen Paloma is a great option for high-noon when the sun is the hottest! See the recipe here.

6. Dirty Banana

More of a delectable milkshake than a summertime slushie, the Dirty Banana is the answer for any sweet tooth! This alcoholic smoothie recipe combines a few different ingredients but proves to be irresistible and worth the effort. Another great feature of this recipe is that it comes with a virgin alternative so with a few quick changes, can be fun for the whole family! See the recipe here.

7. Pina Colada

The Pina Colada is one of the few drinks that instantly transports you to a tropical beach – so much so, that you can almost smell the saltwater, feel the sand on your feet, and hear the waves crashing. For those who love an alcoholic smoothie, this is an absolute classic and likely your go-to! See the recipe here. 

8. Captain Marvel Coconut Rum Slushie

Looking for the perfect cocktail while preparing for your next superhero movie viewing party? This recipe is sure to be hit not only for its alluring and super name but also for its patriotic colors. See the recipe here. 

9. Vodka Orange Slush

The combination of vodka and orange juice is timeless – and this recipe is no exception! CDKitchen puts a unique and fun spin (spin as in blending) into creating a modern and exciting twist to an otherwise original recipe. See the recipe here.

10. Watermelon Daquiri

Watermelon is always a fan favorite during the summertime. Blending this versatile and colorful fruit into a smoothie cocktail is a delicious idea and a surefire way to keep you hydrated! See the recipe here.


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Wrapping Up

Now that you’ve had a chance to try out your new favorite alcoholic smoothie recipe, we hope that you continue to make it for years to come! Whether you’re an avid slushie drinker, or only have them occasionally, surely there is one recipe here that you or your fellow party-goers simply can’t get enough of!

If you are looking to purchase an upgrade or have yet to add a blender to your kitchen, check out these useful reviews before hitting the stores:

Looking for healthier (and virgin) alternatives? Try out one of these smoothies below:

Feature Image Credit: Liliya Kandrashevich, Shutterstock

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