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4 Bathroom Towel Hanging Ideas That You Can Try Today (With Pictures)

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We don’t know about you, but we think it’s important to maintain a large supply of towels in the bathroom. Of course, people have different preferences, but we usually recommend having at least four bath towels in your bathroom at any given moment. Supplement that with 2 washcloths and 2 hand towels, and you have more than enough towels to help you effectively dry off your body as well as your hands.

The only challenge is storing them in a way that makes that whole bathroom setup aesthetically pleasing.

We came across a few towel-hanging ideas that we believe will bring practicality and beauty to any bathroom. So, if you feel your space really needs some sprucing up, read on below.
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The 4 Ideas for Hanging Your Bathroom Towels

1. Leaning Ladder Towel Rack

$5 Blanket Ladder
Image By: hertoolbelt

We’re not suggesting to go buy a ladder specifically for this purpose, but you could DIY a small ladder, and then lean it against that vertical bathroom space that’s always empty. The top ladder rungs can be used to store freshly laundered towels while the lower ones hold the damp or used ones.

If you’ve never seen yourself as a DIY enthusiast you could always thrift an old wooden ladder from a local store. Just get something cheap and then make it presentable by replacing the old coat of paint with a fresh one.

2. Driftwood Towel Rack

Creative Towel Bars & Hooks
Image By: sandandsisal

This idea will certainly appeal to those who’d love to bring the beach vibe into their homes. The first step is to search for an ideal piece of driftwood (or scrap wood) during one of your trips to the beach.

Bring it back home, thoroughly wash it using boiling hot water, disinfect the surface, and then mount it on the wall where you’d like to have your towels showcased. You’ll then add 3 to 5 coat hangers on the wood, depending on the amount of space you have, and that’s it!

Washing that piece of wood using hot water—and then disinfecting it before installation—is an important step. It will help you get rid of the different species of fungi that have already made your driftwood their home.

3. Pallet Board and Coat Hooks

Image By: lemonthistle

In our eyes, discarding timber—a valued natural resource—just because you don’t need it is wasteful, as the timber can easily be repurposed to offer a different service.

If you have any timber left from a previous project, use it to construct a pallet board. The board will hold the hooks that seem difficult to mount on an empty wall. If the edges of the board are too rugged for your liking, you could frame the whole thing.

4. Adding Rods to The Shower Curtain

Clever and Useful Bathroom Storage Tips
Image By: familyhandyman

Shower curtains are an essential household item. So, chances are, you already have some installed in your bathroom. Obviously, you can’t hang the towels on the rods that hold the curtain, but you could install more rods next to them. They should form a parallel pattern of lines.

That way, anytime you want to grab a bath towel, you don’t have to drip water everywhere in the room just to get one!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Do You Dry Out Damp Towels Faster?

If your bathroom has proper ventilation, your towels will dry out faster. If it doesn’t, you’ll have to turn on your exhaust fan. You shouldn’t be leaving damp towels in the bathroom for long periods of time. They can act as breeding grounds for mold and mildew.

What’s Towel Etiquette?

After using your bath towels, you’re expected to put them in a basket, hamper, or hanger. In addition, you should only use your bath towel three times at most, according to the Cleaning Institute. That’s to say, if you’re the type of person who showers on a daily basis, you’re supposed to wash your towels at least twice a week.

How Many Towels Should You Have in a Bathroom?

This really depends on the number of people using the bathroom. If it’s just one person, then we’re talking about 8 at a minimum—four bath towels, two hand towels, and two washcloths. We know washing towels every other day of the week can be an arduous task and that’s why having this many is necessary.

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We hope these ideas will provide an efficient and effective solution as to where you’re supposed to be hanging your towels whenever they are damp, or once you’re done drying off. We’re sure that most of them are applicable in small bathroom spaces and are friendly on the pockets.

If you have any other ideas that you’d like to share with us, feel free to reach out.

Featured Image Credit: Pixel-Shot, Shutterstock


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