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10 Master Bathroom Trends (With Pictures)

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Every homeowner is searching for ways to elevate the style of each room, including the bathroom. If you are looking for ideas to elevate the design of your master bathroom, it is best to look at some of the current trends. Some trends come and go, while others are classic and timeless, such as having a freestanding bathtub.

Read other ideas on our list to learn how to make your master bathroom seem more modern and sophisticated.

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The 10 Master Bathroom Trends

1. Accent Tiles

bathroom interior
Image Credit: Anatoli Igolkin, Shutterstock

Accent tiles are an excellent trend for master bathrooms because they can be perfectly paired with any material, color, texture, or pattern. They go best with monochrome bathroom tiles or naturalistic designs. Accent tiles usually come in one pattern that is enough to make the entire bathroom pop. They are perfect for large and small bathrooms and can be installed on the floor or shower walls.

2. Separate Tub Area

Master bath with separate tub area
Image Credit: pics721, Shutterstock

If you own a large master bathroom, one of the best design ideas is to separate the tub area. This gives the bathroom a luxurious appearance. If your master bathroom is smaller, you can try achieving this effect by placing a vintage screen near the bathtub to provide more privacy and separate it from the rest of the bathroom.

3. Freestanding Bathtub

Timeless beauty with this black and white bathroom with freestanding tub and black glossy tiles
Image Credit: Sanne Dost, Shutterstock

One master bedroom trend that will always remain a part of classic and timeless design is a freestanding bathtub. This bathroom element can go with any design and style, making a bathroom so much more elegant and refined. It will always stay in style and can complement other trends well. It is a perfect combination of contemporary and traditional.

4. Corner Bathtub

Master bath in luxury home with step up tub
Image Credit: pics721, Shutterstock

A corner bathtub is made to provide their owners with the most relaxed and comfortable baths possible. They are spacious, allowing their owners to enjoy bath time, although they require a lot of space to be installed. They add luxury to the master bathroom, and some corner bathtubs can be quite affordable.

5. Double Vanity Sinks

Square Contemporary craftsman master bathroom design with dark gray interior
Image Credit: Jason Finn, Shutterstock

Double vanity sinks are meant to make one bathroom as functional and practical as possible. They are perfect for couples who enjoy sharing their morning routines. They give the bathroom a sophisticated touch and are essential to every spacious bathroom.

6. Plenty of Natural Lighting

Beautiful Large Bathroom in Luxury Home
Image Credit: BM_27, Shutterstock

As with other rooms, the biggest draw of a master bathroom is plenty of sunlight. Having a lot of windows in the bathroom opens up the space and makes it seem larger. Natural sunlight complements bathrooms, making them appear brighter and more welcoming.

7. Don’t Be Afraid to Add a Pop of Color

Interior of modern comfortable bathroom
Image Credit: Pixel-Shot, Shutterstock

Most people keep their bathrooms monochromatic or use only natural color palettes. While natural colors are perfect for a bathroom, you shouldn’t be afraid to add some color. That doesn’t mean making the bathroom complex with a thousand shades and colors but only one accent color to match a natural palette. Adding cheerful, vibrant tiles can be an excellent way to make your bathroom livelier.

8. Brick Walls

modern interior of a bathroom in loft
Image By: Podsolnukh, Shutterstock

Brick is another timeless decor option that fits beautifully in almost any room, even in bathrooms. If you like to keep your bathroom only in simple colors such as white, beige, or gray, you can find a brick color that matches your idea. Hundreds of designs will allow you to incorporate bricks into your bathroom without ruining your desired aesthetic.

9. Add Plants

Bathroom vanity with sink potted plant and tray of hygiene items over cabinets
Image By: Jason Finn, Shutterstock

Plants are always an excellent idea for decorating any room. They can also look amazing as decoration for your master bathroom. Plants make any room seem more comfortable and go perfectly near windows. If you’ve got a large window in your master bathroom, consider using it to display your beautiful, gorgeous plants.

10. LED Lighting

A interior view of a luxury bathroom
Image By: Allison J. Hahn, Shutterstock

LED lighting is another excellent way to make your master bathroom seem more luxurious. It is usually installed behind the mirror above the sink to provide more lighting. They come in many different colors, which is perfect for matching with the rest of the bathroom interior. LED lighting adds a more modern touch and is great paired with simple and minimalistic bathrooms.

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These few master bathroom trends are perfect for homeowners who need ideas for decorating their bathrooms. Most people might believe that sticking to one color palette will make their bathroom seem sophisticated but adding a touch of color is an excellent way to do the same.

The most important thing to remember is to keep your design personal and put your personal touch on these styling trends, making them unique to your bathroom.

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Featured Image Credit: Backbone Visuals, Unsplash


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