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Best Corded Drills under $100 of 2021 – Top Picks & Reviews

a corded drill under $100

a powerful drill that is cordedDrills, drills, drills. We use them right? Well actually yes, every home needs a drill for one or two slight repairs that’s why you are getting it in the first place. Then again you ask, why not just get a cordless drill? Well, you can actually do that, but the two of them both have their advantages and disadvantages.

In as much as a cordless drill is portable and can be used anywhere because it comes with a battery, its downside is being very heavy and it does not give full power as the corded drill. Also, the corded drill is lightweight, and it is considered as the “real drill”, well, it also can’t be used if there is no power source around. So actually this depends on the specification of what you want to get, but we know you have already made your mind because you are already here.

In this article, we are going to review the best-corded drills under $100.

Our Favorite Models Compared:

Rating Image Product Details
Top Pick
  • Tough and reliable,Light, compared to other corded drills,A high rate of customer satisfaction
  • Second place
    Hitachi D13VF 9-Amp Corded Hitachi D13VF 9-Amp Corded
  • Has a high-performance motor of 9.0 Amp,Easy to use – suitable for amateurs,Has a strong aluminum cast housing
  • Best for the Money
    Third place
  • It Can drill on wood, plastic, and steel,Cheap to buy and maintain,Has high power motor
  • Milwaukee 0240-20 Milwaukee 0240-20
  • Lightweight,Comes with a powerful 8 Amp motor,Easy to operate
  • Lightweight,Has a fast rotation speed,Can be used on any surface
  • The 5 Best Corded Drills under $100 – Reviews 2021:

    1. DEWALT DWD210G Corded Drill – Top Pick


    With a 92% customer satisfaction, there is no doubt that this is the best-corded drill out there in the market. The DeWalt DWD210G is a very powerful tool that is very easy to operate. It is so good that it delivers enough power for both your drilling and fastening. This device comes with a reversing switch, and auxiliary handle with a comfortable pistol grip to reduce fatigue when in use.

    This model comes with a 10-ampere motor, which can deliver speeds of up to 1,200 revolutions per minute. This speed is powerful for various uses like quick drilling and driving of tools. It also has a strong metal gear housing which increases its durability and saves costs in maintenance. The trigger is also sensitive with an ergonomic grip suitable for a two-finger trigger for easy power control.

    The best part about this device is that it comes with an overload protection. This helps keep the tool’s motor from overheating by automatically switching the tool off for 10 minutes to cool the motor down. This tool can be used on both wood and steel.

    • Tough and reliable
    • Light, compared to other corded drills
    • A very firm handle capable of giving you more control and stability.
    • It lasts longer due to its strong metal gear housing.
    • A high rate of customer satisfaction.
    • Comes with an overload protection so you don’t have to worry about overloading again.
    • It is a bit too expensive

    2. Hitachi D13VF 9-Amp Corded Drill – The Runner-up

    Hitachi D13VF

    This is a high-level corded drill that is also very efficient. This drill has a 9 Amp motor making it a high-performance tool which is able to produce enough power to virtually drive through anything. It is covered with a cast-aluminum gear, which strengthens it too, making it durable and reliable for years. This device is equipped with a trigger, which helps control the electronic speed for easy flexibility.

    It also has a removable side handle that helps when it comes to convenience providing stability. Although this device is very powerful, its motor can clock about 850 revolutions per minute, which is less than the DEWALT DWD210G. It also comes with a reversible switch to help ease up the work. This device is solely designed for beginners and amateurs in the DIY world. This device can be used both on wood and on steel when drilling and can be used to tighten tools, nuts, and bolts, so you are actually using one stone to kill 4 birds (LOL).

    This device is a very great cordless drill to acquire, but it has its ups and downs. Unlike the DEWALT DWD210G, it actually does not have the overload protection system which helps cool the drill when its motor is overheated.

    • Has a high-performance motor of 9.0 Amp
    • Has a strong aluminum cast housing.
    • Has a strong handle that can provide good grip while in use
    • Easy to use – suitable for amateurs
    • Lightweight
    • It does not have the best rating when it comes to RPM
    • It does not have an overload system protection.

    3. BLACK+DECKER DR260C Drill (Corded) – Best for the Money


    Like we always do in our countdown, we always bring the device which has very much the recommended cool features needed, but has a very low price tag too that is mild on your pockets. In this case, it is the BLACK+DECKER DR260C. This is a tool used to drill holes and input screws in woods, metal, and even plastics.

    This device comes with a 5.2 Amp motor with a surprise maximum speed of about 1,500 RPM, thereby making your drilling much faster and easier. This tool is very much suitable for both professionals and amateurs and it is the best tool for that amount of money. It comes with a keyless chuck which can help control the speed of the motor by varying various positions and rotations.

    This device comes with a double-ended screw driving bit that will help you make sure that your drilling comes out very fresh, smart and professional. Due to its fast rotation speed, this device draws a lot of power, causing very high power usage, which can cause dissatisfaction by its users, however, this con makes it come as number 3 on this list.

    • It Can drill on wood, plastic, and steel.
    • Easy to operate
    • Cheap to buy and maintain
    • Has high power motor
    • Uses a lot of power and that can be expensive.
    • It can slip, especially when you are doing heavy jobs
    • Not durable

    4. Milwaukee 0240-20 Drill

    Milwaukee 0240-20

    This is a very powerful drill with 8.0 Amp motor. This device is very good when it comes to drilling holes on any surface there is. From woodworks to plastic to steel, this drill can bore about 1” of the hole on any of these materials. Its motor rotates 157% faster than any average motor reaching up to 2,800 RPM which means more power consumption.

    It comes with a very comfortably built handle that is suitable for any heavy-duty work and a two-finger trigger to help add comfort. It is very light in weight and it surprisingly can last a bit longer. This drilling system comes with an all-metal casing which makes it strong and long-lasting even when dropped on a concrete floor.

    Although this is a very good device, its engine does not come with an overload protection system. It also does not come with casing and its performance, although average, it is not ranked above the BLACK+DECKER DR260C. However, this device is a little bit costly compared to the latter.

    • Lightweight
    • Comes with a powerful 8 Amp motor
    • Easy to operate
    • Very durable

    5. BLACK+DECKER BDEDR3C Corded Drilling-Tool


    This device comes last on our list. It has a 3 amp motor which is not very powerful and it is lower than the recommended amp in a drill. It has an RPM of about 2,700 and a voltage of about 120V.

    This device also comes with a keyless chuck for quick changing with the rotation speed. It can drive holes in wood, metals, and plastic, but this device is not very durable. This tool was created to be very cheap but we found out that the money is not worth all the laggy features. This is definitely not the drill to buy if you want perfection and a heavy-duty result.

    Although it comes with a reverse feature, it does not come with an overload protection. It is indeed small and can be easily packed, but it is not the device we would advise you to get because of many negative reviews.

    • Lightweight
    • Has a fast rotation speed
    • Can be used on any surface
    • Low quality
    • Low motor Amp
    • Draws a lot of power
    • Does not have an overload protection
    • Not durable
    • A lot of negative customer reviews


    Looking at all the amazing individual features of the drills in our top 5 list, we are hopeful you can be able to find the best drill suitable for your profession, usage, choice or pocket. Due to our research, we have found out that the best drill is the DEWALT DWD210G. Also, the best to pick when you are on a budget is the BLACK+DECKER DR260C.

    These devices are made to help us bore holes and because there are many out there, the choice is spread out wide that is why we created this list for you.

    Without the information for each drill, you might end up making the wrong decisions and getting something you would regret. But after reading our reviews, we hope we have helped you pick out the best drill for your home.

    After writing this post I had a lot of people ask me what to do if you buy a corded drill just to find out that it does not fit the electric socket of your country. I’ve been in that situation myself, and what I recommend is to use something like World Power Plugs to find an adapter.

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