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9 Best Manual Hand Drills of 2024 – Top Picks & Reviews

using Fuller Tool 890-1072 Hand Drill

using Fuller Tool 890-1072 Hand Drill

They may seem irrelevant in the world of power drills, but hand drills still have tons of uses in today’s work situations and are featured in everything from construction to jewelry maintenance. They offer a precision that power tools cannot, and they allow the user to work at a more controllable speed for those jobs that need more elegance and finesse.

The manual hand drill comes in a few styles, but for the most part, they consist of a chuck that holds up to a specific size of drill bit, fastened in place by a manual key, and attached to a spindle handle. On the back of the drill is a push handle. The user can apply as much or as little pressure as is necessary just by shifting their weight.

Hand drills are often used in erecting wood buildings in a more traditional style of construction. They are efficient in that they never need to be plugged in and have no battery. In these reviews, we will show you a few styles of hand drills that are still used today in many everyday situations.

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A Quick Comparison of Our Favorites

Rating Image Product Details
Best Overall
Schroeder 538-3010 Hand Drill Schroeder 538-3010 Hand Drill
  • Smooth
  • Hardened steel chuck
  • Uses ¼-inch bits
  • Second place
    WindCloud Pin Vise Hand Drill WindCloud Pin Vise Hand Drill
  • Compact
  • Quality steel
  • Up to 3 mm bits
  • Third place
    Stanley 03-105 Hand Drill Stanley 03-105 Hand Drill
  • Good brand
  • Single pinion
  • Iron steel chuck
  • Swpeet HDR-1 Powerful Speedy Hand Drill Swpeet HDR-1 Powerful Speedy Hand Drill
  • Key chuck
  • Titanium bits
  • Double-pinion
  • AUTOTOOLHOME Precision Pin Vise Hand Drill AUTOTOOLHOME Precision Pin Vise Hand Drill
  • Aluminum
  • Compact
  • Carrying case
  • The 9 Best Manual Hand Drills – Reviews 2024

    1. Schroeder 538-3010 Hand Drill – Best Overall

    Capable of handling up to ¼-inch bits, the Schroeder 538-3010 has the style you know with the efficiency you need. With smooth gear action and a wooden handle, it offers maximum control for all of your drilling needs, and at just over 9 inches in length, it will help you drill in those tight spots with ease.

    It has a hardened steel, 3-jaw chuck for holding firmly to your bits, and you never have to worry about getting stuck while drilling. Its chuck teeth have plenty of power to maintain a firm grasp on even the smoothest bit. And if that wasn’t enough, it is exceedingly lightweight.

    There have been some complaints about the crank handle. While the main push handle is wood, the crank handle is plastic and feels loose. It is riveted on and cannot be tightened. And sometimes they arrive defective, with the gears not meshing as well as a serious woodworker would prefer.

    • Smooth
    • Hardened steel chuck
    • Uses ¼-inch bits
    • Easy to use
    • Loose crank handle

    2. WindCloud Pin Vise Hand Drill

    WindCloud Pin Vise Hand Drill

    No longer than your standard fountain pen, the WindCloud Pin Vise Hand Drill is a marvel with those smaller drilling needs. It has a vise head that is very easy to adjust and precision chuck claws to hold firm to your bit. And this feature makes the WindCloud easy to carry and even easier to store.

    It is constructed of top-quality steel throughout, and the handle is ribbed for additional control and leverage when doing those precision jobs. It can handle drill bits up to 3 mm in diameter and is perfect for hobbies, but is especially useful when working with jewelry. This one’s definitely on the shortlist of best manual drills for the money.

    The precision chuck on this model hasn’t been as precise as my users would prefer. They found it difficult to tighten, and when pressure was applied for drilling, the chuck slipped and the bit recessed into the body of the tool. Plus, the quality of the bits has been listed as questionable.

    • Compact
    • Quality steel
    • Up to 3 mm bits
    • Precise
    • Design flaws

    3. Stanley 03-105 Hand Drill

    Stanley 03-105 Hand Drill

    From a brand you know for its quality craftsmanship, the Stanley 03-105 Hand Drill is a game-changer. They changed the gear style to run more smoothly than its competitors, which gives greater ease of use to the operator. It also uses a single-pinion system. Less moving parts means less likelihood of failure.

    It is very fetching with a nickel-plated finish over its all-steel frame, but what sets it apart is the iron steel chuck. Iron steel is harder and more durable than the steel used by most hand drill manufacturers. What this means is it can hold up to a ¼-inch drill bit in its 3-jaw mechanism with a firmer grip than other versions.

    Again, we found issues with the gears not meshing correctly and the plate protecting them being loose. We hoped that a product from the UK would have been more effectively constructed, but we had trouble drilling even the smallest hole with a ⅛-inch bit because the gears continually slipped.

    • Good brand
    • Single pinion
    • Iron steel chuck
    • Poor design
    • Gears slip

    4. Swpeet HDR-1 Powerful Speedy Hand Drill

    Swpeet HDR-1 Powerful Speedy Hand Drill

    The Swpeet HDR-1 comes with a chuck feature that feels a little more old-school and a design that will hold your bits more effectively. The chuck is tightened with a key, similarly to many hammer drills still on the market today. This allows the chuck to hold up to a ¼-inch bit with a steadfast non-slip grip.

    It is made of high-speed steel and coated in cast steel to give it a lifetime of durability, it is a double-pinion design, and has a smooth plastic handle for better grip. This model comes with a 13-piece drill bit set, which is also made of steel and coated in titanium for maximum efficiency.

    This manual drill comes disassembled and must be put together, initially shipped in 4 distinct parts. The parts go together correctly but are often difficult to keep tight and flush with one another. And the action isn’t as smooth as many users would have preferred. They found using the tool somewhat jerky.

    • Key chuck
    • Titanium bits
    • Double-pinion
    • Must assemble
    • Jerky action

    5. AUTOTOOLHOME Precision Pin Vise Hand Drill

    AUTOTOOLHOME Precision Pin Vise Hand Drill

    Instead of the usual steel construction, the AUTOTOOLHOME Hand Drill is composed primarily of aluminum alloy, making it easy to use, easy to store, and an all-around powerful tool. It is very compact, no longer than a pen, and great for hobbies and jewelry purposes. It can easily drill through everything from PVC to bone.

    It’s adjustable 3-jaw, hardened steel chuck can accommodate just about any drill bit. However, this model comes with its own set of bits specifically tailored to give the AUTOTOOLHOME Hand Drill maximum performance and reliability. Plus, it comes with tweezers and a clear carrying case for your convenience.

    It appears that the jaws on this model for some users were not correctly aligned and wouldn’t hold bits or taps straight, complicating even the simplest tasks.

    The problem seems to be the collet that holds the jaws. In the design, they are perpetually off-center.

    • Aluminum
    • Compact
    • Carrying case
    • Design flaw
    • Fake collet
    • Jaws uneven

    6. Fiskars 132420-1001 Crafts DIY Precision Hand Drill

    Fiskars 132420-1001 Crafts DIY Precision Hand Drill

    For a quick, convenient, and very comfortable hand-drilling experience, the Fiskars 132420-1001 can give you hassle-free operation for all your drilling desires. Punch a hole in drywall, wood, plastic, or whatever you choose; the Fiskars hand drill is ready to get the job done.

    Its pistol-style grip is coated in soft material for stability and control, and it easily folds for convenient storage. The smooth hand crank gives the user precise action and speed, while the keyless steel chuck allows easy bit changes at will. And the cherry on top is the full lifetime warranty, standard with most Fiskars products.

    The problem with most keyless chucks is the lack of grip the jaws have on the bits when tightened down using only your own grip strength. But in the tool’s defense, some users forgot it takes three hands to drill into certain items that had to be held in place.

    • Craft grade model
    • Keyless chuck
    • Chuck doesn’t hold bits
    • Minor design flaws

    7. Housolution Hand Drill

    Housolution Hand Drill

    With a larger chuck size than most competitors, the Housolution Hand Drill can handle bits up to ⅜-inch in diameter. It operates smoothly with a double-pinion design and is bi-directional for easy removal of bits if they get lodged.

    If you install the bits correctly, the combination of the chuck shaft and jaws will hold them tightly, limiting the likelihood of snapping a bit under strain. And this model comes with a chuck key to ensure your bits are secure. With dual plastic handles and sturdy construction, this tool is ready for a wide array of uses.

    Most of the complaints speak to the quality of the tool overall. The crank handle will often stick in place, not allowing the chuck to accomplish a full rotation. This might be due to the option to use it bi-directionally, but as with most others, it is likely that the gears not meshing properly is to blame.

    • Large chuck size
    • Double-pinion
    • Poor construction
    • Crank sticks

    8. Fuller Tool 890-1072 Hand Drill

    Fuller Tool 890-1072 Hand Drill

    A professional-grade upgrade to the traditional hand drill, the Fuller Tool 890-1072 is designed like a ratchet with a 12-point bit brace and 4-jaw chuck assembly. It is entirely reversible, and the head and handle are molded out of rigid, industrial plastic.

    It has a 10-inch working sweep and can accommodate bits up to 7/16 inch, as well as tapered shanks. It looks like the hand drill most people think of when someone mentions hand drills in conversation; an easy-to-use and clever tool for woodworking of all types.

    The chuck teeth on this model are weak and prone to breaking when under stress. And the ratchet mechanism is also susceptible to failure when too much pressure is put on the tool when drilling with force. It seems it is designed with cheap steel and is easily damaged.

    • 4-prong jaws
    • Hardened handles
    • Weak teeth
    • Ratchet faulty
    • Cheap materials

    9. AB Tools-Toolzone TE138 Hand Drill

    AB Tools-Toolzone TE138 Hand Drill

    With 3 wooden handles and a double-pinion design, the AB Tools-Toolzone TE 138 is a simple tool ready to tackle complex drilling tasks. It can handle up to ¼-inch bits and will work bi-directionally, giving you speed and convenience in drilling and extracting your bit when in use.

    It has a 3-tooth tool-less jaw chuck, a gear ratio of 3:6:1, and is 11.2 inches in overall length. With a smooth action and steel design, this hand drill is eager to please. Its basic design lends it to fewer complications than its more elaborate competitors, and its quality overall is unmatched.

    There are various reports of the pinions not functioning well with the spindle gear, which might be due to a lack of bearings or lubrication. And there seemed to be flaws in the metal used to compose it as if it was made of cheap steel and painted to sell.

    • Simple design
    • Double-pinion
    • Cheap steel
    • Poorly conceived
    • Won’t turn

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    Buyer’s Guide – Choosing the Best Manual Hand Drill

    Picking the appropriate hand drill for your needs isn’t a difficult task. Some are made for precision work like jewelry maintenance, and others are designed for erecting wooden buildings. All hand drills have their uses, and it is vital to pick the right one. This chart will give you specific uses for each hand drill within this review.

    Hand Drill Use
     Schroeder 538-3010 Medium-duty carpentry and woodwork
    WindCloud Crafts, jewelry, modeling
     Stanley 03-105 Medium-duty carpentry and woodwork
     Swpeet HDR-1 Medium-duty woodwork
    AUTOTOOLHOME Crafts, jewelry, modeling
    Fiskars Crafts, light-duty woodwork
    Housolution Medium-duty woodwork
    Fuller Tool 890-1072 Heavier-duty carpentry and woodwork
    AB Tools TE138 Medium-duty carpentry and woodwork

    Medium-duty carpentry or woodwork denotes small building projects or building wooden furniture. Heavy-duty carpentry is more geared toward larger wooden building projects like barns.

    With knowledge of each and their best function, picking one for your needs will be vastly simplified.

    Choosing Your Hand Drills

    The three primary variables that comprise a quality hand drill are:

    • Materials
    • Versatility
    • Efficiency

    Each hand drill has its own style, even if they look nearly identical. When it all comes down to choosing one over another, these three factors are the tiebreaker.


    For the most part, hand drills are made of various types of steel. Some are made of aluminum, but they are predominately light-duty and very uncommon. The steel used is coined as “speed steel” and is explicitly forged for the strain and pressure of hand drill use.

    The steel can be coated in several finishes, but none of them harden the steel. However, the chuck is traditionally pre-hardened steel of a much more impressive grade. This is important because, once the coating comes off, it is susceptible to rusting, so you must keep your hand drill dry whenever possible.


    Hand drills, by their nature, are compact and user-friendly. The real versatility comes in the design of handles and chuck sizes. A hand drill with a larger chuck size, for instance, is able to handle more tasks, and thus, is more versatile. The same logic applies if it is a 3-jaw chuck or a 4-tooth chuck.

    Physical dimensions play a part in this equation as well. Most hand drills are just shy of 10 inches, whereas others are barely the length of a pen. The larger models are to be used for bigger jobs, and the smaller for intricate and precise work. Even then, they both use the same series of drill bit sizes.

    using Fiskars 132420-1001 Crafts DIY Precision Hand Drill

    One more aspect of a hand drill’s usefulness in everyday situations is in the build. Hand drills have handles, usually two, sometimes three. The three-handled models offer increased leverage but are rare. Traditionally, hand drills have a handle at the rear and one on the crank, and these handles can be wooden or hardened plastic.


    The efficiency of a hand drill is in its features. Single pinion versus double is a common difference and can make the job easier or more troublesome if the gears and the pinions don’t line up correctly. This is where sometimes a single pinion is a better option. Less moving parts means less trouble overall.

    The other feature that is worth mentioning is the chuck. There are two main types on just about every drill out there: keyless or keyed chuck styles. Keyless chucks are convenient but rarely grab the bit as hard as it should. Keyed chucks require you to keep the key on you during work, but they hold tightly to the bit.

    Heavy-duty drills are often keyed because of vibration and pressure. For smaller tasks, a keyless model with minimal pressure applied is more than sufficient.

    Why Choose A Hand Drill?

    If working away from a power source, any tool that requires electricity is useless. Hand tools only need manpower to work as intended, negating the need for electricity. It is a great tool to have if working in the woods. And they are lightweight so that they won’t weigh you down like a powered drill option.

    An upside of the relative inefficiency of drilling by hand is the control you can put into the work without excessive power getting in the way. Imagine setting a diamond into a ring with a cordless drill. Then do it with a compact hand drill. See the difference? Hand drills offer finesse and elegance, only giving you power when you dictate the need.

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    With the design, composition, and features we wanted in a hand drill, the Schroeder 538-3010 Hand Drill is our clear winner. The users applauded its smooth action, and the keyless chuck feature added to its overall efficiency. Simply put, it is the superior hand drill for everyday use.

    As far as price, our budget winner is the WindCloud Pin Vise Hand Drill. A favorite amongst jewelers and hobbyists, it is compact enough to carry anywhere but built from the right quality materials we look for in a miniature hand drill option. Of the two of these compact hand drills, it is the favorite for both price and materials.

    You never know when a hand drill might come in handy. There are still many walks of life that use them with regularity. We hope that, if you are searching for a hand drill for a greater sense of appreciation for custom or intricate work, these reviews have helped you in your selection process.

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