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5 Best Paint Sprayers for Kitchen Cabinets of 2024 – Top Picks & Reviews

a paint sprayer for kitchen cabinets Are you thinking about throwing out your old kitchen cabinets? You can save a lot of time, money, and effort by investing in a paint sprayer! You can keep your kitchen cabinets and give them the facelift that they require. Paint sprayers for kitchen cabinets provide a smooth finish that other painting techniques cannot match.

The best place to start looking is with the best products on the market. However, we did the hard work for you. We tested, measured, and painted with over 83 different paint sprayers. Afterward, we compared them and then ranked our favorite models from #1 to #5.

That way, you can learn about the various features and some of the pros and cons that come with them. Following our in-depth reviews, you can find our buyer’s guide, which contains all of the essential information you possibly need about this handy tool.

Comparison of our Favorite Picks for 2024

Rating Image Product Details
Best Overall
Wagner Flexio 590 Wagner Flexio 590
  • Versatile
  • Very quiet
  • Lightweight design
  • Best Value
    Second place
    HomeRight C800766 HomeRight C800766
  • Simple to use
  • Fairly comfortable
  • Adjustable spray controls
  • Third place
    Wagner 0518050 Wagner 0518050
  • Setup is quick
  • Sturdy plastic
  • Three different spray patterns
  • Graco TrueCoat 360 Graco TrueCoat 360
  • Great-looking product
  • Airtight design
  • Dual speed adjustment
  • PaintWIZ PW25150 PaintWIZ PW25150
  • Different spray sizes and patterns
  • Comes with various accessories
  • Easy to clean
  • The 5 Best Paint Sprayers for Cabinets

    1. Wagner Flexio 590 Paint Sprayer – Best Overall

    Wagner 0529010 Flexio 590

    As a paint sprayer that can be used easily indoors or outdoors, the Wagner Flexio 590 is a versatile tool that can be used on several projects. The advanced turbine technology of the product features nine speeds and has a power dial for a precise level of control. There are also two nozzles and cups, which provide a degree of flexibility. The hand-held sprayer weighs only 2.1 pounds, which makes it much more comfortable to hold for long periods.

    The gun design allows for quick nozzle changes, and the pattern adjustment can be changed in seconds. While the Wagner Flexio 590 packs good power for the price, you have to watch out for overspray, which can create a mess! However, that is relatively common with paint sprayers.

    Although the Wagner is a powerful paint sprayer, it’s surprisingly quiet compared to many other sprayers on the market. We can’t argue with the advantages it has to offer, but the 1-year warranty is a little shorter than we’d like. Despite that, we highly recommend the Wagner Flexio 590 and feel it is the best overall paint sprayer for kitchen cabinets.

    • Versatility with power controls/speed dials
    • Lightweight design makes it more comfortable to use
    • Easy to use with quick nozzle changes and pattern adjustment
    • Very quiet when in operation
    • Due to the high power, there is a fair amount of overspray
    • Only comes with a 1-year warranty

    2. HomeRight Finish Max HVLP Paint Sprayer – Best Value

    HomeRight C800766 Finish Max

    Take a look at the low price of the HomeRight Finish Max, and you’ll see why we feel it’s the best paint sprayer for cabinets for the money. Without employing hoses, pumps, or air compressors, the HomeRight is a simple option for anybody who is doing a little bit of DIY in and around the home. Spray controls are adjustable and allow you to select three spray patterns: horizontal, vertical, and circular.

    You can make adjustments as you go, depending on the job. As an HVLP sprayer, it comes with a 27-ounce container and weighs just under 3.4 lbs which, while not as light as some other handheld paint sprayers, is still reasonably comfortable. When you’re paying less for a paint sprayer, there are naturally some drawbacks to consider.

    First of all, it requires regular cleaning. On the plus side, cleaning the HomeRight Finish Max is relatively easy and doesn’t take too long. One fairly common issue experienced by consumers is that the cup is prone to some occasional leaking. Thankfully, it is not a major issue. Any concerns over the product are partially eased by the fact that it comes with a 2-year limited warranty. The pros certainly outweigh the cons in the case of this product. Overall, HomeRight is one of the best HVLP spray guns for cabinets out there.

    • Simple to use with no additional accessories required
    • Adjustable spray controls for different types of projects
    • Fairly comfortable since it’s light in weight
    • Includes a 2-year limited warranty for peace of mind
    • Regular cleaning is required
    • Cup is prone to leaking on occasion

    3. Wagner Control Spray HVLP Paint Sprayer

    Wagner 0518050

    Another affordable paint sprayer is the Wagner 0518050. This HVLP paint sprayer gives you an element of control with three spray patterns and variable control. Spray patterns can be anything from 1 inch to 10 inches, which is ideal for various DIY projects. Whether you want vertical, horizontal, or round pattern shapes, you can switch quickly and easily. Setup and cleaning don’t take too much time at all, and you can spend most of your time spraying and not worrying too much about complications.

    As with any budget paint sprayer, you can only expect to use the 0518050 on smaller jobs. It’s not a heavy-duty paint sprayer, as you can see from the plastic construction. However, it feels sturdy enough and should withstand the odd bump or scrape. One small area of concern is in the weight, which is 4.2 pounds. That isn’t terribly heavy but becomes noticeably uncomfortable during extended sessions. Regardless of the issues, it does the job required without too much fuss. You’ll save time and energy with the sprayer instead of using a paintbrush or roller, so it’s worth the investment.

    • Setup and cleaning are quick and easy
    • Three different spray patterns for versatility
    • Plastic design but feels sturdy enough
    • At 4.2 lbs, it’s heavy and can cause hand fatigue
    • Only designed for smaller jobs

    4. Graco TrueCoat 360 Kitchen Cabinet Paint Gun

    Graco 17A466 TrueCoat 360

    While most paint sprayers look unremarkable, the Graco TrueCoat 360 wins our design award! It looks like a futuristic sci-fi gun, and the sleek blue and white unit is similar to a power drill in profile. Of course, performance is more important than appearance, and that is where Graco is hit and miss. In our opinion, the TrueCoat has a steep learning curve, and misuse can result in patchy spray and overspray. As such, we recommend it most for those familiar with paint sprayers. In terms of features, with the dual speed adjustment, you can take your time to apply detail or speed up to get the job done.

    Another feature we like is the stainless-steel piston pump. This allows you to spray thick paint at high pressure. An airtight design allows you can to spray in various positions without having to worry about inferior performance or leakage. We have a concern regarding the longevity of the TrueCoat since some consumers have stated that it hasn’t stood the test of time and only functions for a few months. There is a 1-year warranty, but check what it covers before purchasing the sprayer.

    • Great-looking product with a unique design
    • Airtight design for spraying in various positions
    • Dual speed adjustment for different situations
    • Steep learning curve not ideal for novices
    • Fair amount of overspray to contend with
    • Short lifespan

    5. PaintWIZ Cabinet Paint Sprayer

    PaintWIZ PW25150

    The PaintWIZ PW25150 is a handheld paint sprayer with a 400W indoor and outdoor motor. It offers vertical, horizontal, and round spray patterns so that you can complete a wide range of DIY tasks. Because it’s an HVLP paint sprayer, it can spray thinner materials such as sealers and varnishes. The spray fan pattern can be controlled to have a spray of from 1 to 12 inches.

    In terms of the construction, it’s made of plastic and weighs 4.2 pounds, which is not as light as some of the more expensive options on the market. As such, you’ll want to use two hands for greater control and comfort. It comes with a few accessories that should be helpful. They include a 1.3-liter cup, additional nozzle, and cleaning brush. Speaking of cleaning, it’s quick and easy, much like the setup. Performance-wise, we were impressed by the quality of the spray for the price, but it cannot be expected to do anything other than smaller DIY jobs.

    • Different spray sizes and patterns
    • Comes with various useful accessories
    • Both setup and cleaning are quick and easy
    • Quite heavy and must hold with both hands
    • Performs well only for small tasks

    Buyer’s Guide: How to Choose the Best Paint Sprayer for Cabinets

    If you’re planning on replacing your old kitchen cabinets, take a minute to reconsider! You can make your old kitchen cabinets look like new with a paint sprayer. Not only can this job be done quickly and easily, but it will also save you a lot of money in the process!

    What Are the 3 Types of Paint Sprayers?

    As our reviews demonstrate, there are several excellent paint sprayers for kitchen cabinets on the market for any budget. But how are you supposed to choose between the various types? First, we’ll explain the types of paint sprayers and their pros and cons. This will help you decide which is best for your kitchen cabinet project! The three types of paint sprayers are all perfectly suitable for painting kitchen cabinets. However, they each have pros and cons that set each other apart.

    Airless Paint Sprayers

    The airless paint sprayer is the most powerful type and is usually powered by a motor. They work fast since they spray paint at high pressure to create a thick coat. You’re unlikely to apply several coats, which can be a time saver. To change the paint flow of an airless paint sprayer then, you’ll need to apply a different tip. We recommend having several tips so that you have more flexibility when you’re working. Overall, the airless paint sprayer is a good option for those who are looking to have quick results.

    • Powerful
    • Quick
    • Great for covering large areas
    • Not ideal for small surfaces

    Compressed Air Sprayer

    The compressed air sprayer produces thinner coatings than the airless paint sprayer. However, the coatings produced are nice and smooth. Because it’s powered by an air compressor, the compressed air sprayer uses more paint and produces more overspray. That means that you’ll have more cleaning to do afterward!

    However, they are versatile since they almost always have a range of customizable controls to adjust the paint flow, pattern, and paint thickness. While not the easiest of the three paint sprayers to control, the compressed air sprayer’s flexibility makes it a good choice.

    • Smooth coatings
    • Very versatile
    • Great for kitchen cabinets
    • Bigger risk of overspray
    • Learning curve

    HVLP Paint Sprayer

    Last but not least is the HVLP paint sprayer. The high-volume/low-pressure sprayer is the slowest of the three options, and it’s not ideal for big projects. However, one of the advantages of the slower speed is that less overspray is produced, and the HVLP paint sprayer is probably the cleanest and safest paint sprayer available.

    It’s more accurate than the other designs and well-suited to smaller surfaces such as kitchen cabinets! You can take your time and apply a level of detail that is not provided by airless paint sprayers. Like the compressed air sprayer, you can adjust the settings.

    • Less overspray
    • Cleaner and safer
    • Accuracy
    • Adjustable settings
    • Slow
    • Not suited to big projects

    graco paint spraying

    Which Is the Best Type of Paint Sprayer for Kitchen Cabinets?

    Based on the information we’ve provided, any of the three types are perfectly suitable for spraying kitchen cabinets. But if we had to choose, we’d say that compressed air sprayers and HVLP paint sprayers are the best for spraying kitchen cabinets. They allow you to adjust the spray flow, pattern, and thickness. Also, they’re not as powerful as airless paint sprayers and are better suited for smaller projects.

    Key Features to Consider

    Here are the critical features to consider when buying a paint sprayer for kitchen cabinets. They will make your work much easier!

    • Adjustable Pressure: When spraying kitchen cabinets, you want as much flexibility as possible for the job. With adjustable pressure, you can change the paint flow, pattern, and thickness, which is extremely useful.
    • Filters: Filters prevent your paint sprayer from clogging. You can continue working without having to stop to clean them as often. Furthermore, it helps your product live a longer life.
    • Capacity: The capacity of paint sprayers can vary a great deal. It will dictate how often you have to stop to refill it with paint. Remember, the bigger the capacity, the bigger and heavier the unit is likely to be.

    10 Step Prep for Paint Spraying Kitchen Cabinets

    Although you can save money by spraying your cabinets, it’s only worth spraying them if they are in decent condition. Those that are falling apart will need replacing. Here are our tips for using your new paint sprayer on your kitchen cabinets:

    1. Preparation is vital when it comes to paint spraying. First of all, remove the cabinet doors and drawers. You can label them to identify them later.
    2. You’ll need plenty of space for spraying your kitchen cabinets. A garage or large work area is best so that you can lay them flat on a work surface.
    3. The kitchen cabinets will need to be washed before they’re sprayed. This helps remove dirt, dust, grease, or oils that would limit the paint’s protection.
    4. Any cosmetic damage to the kitchen cabinets should be repaired before spraying. For example, any holes or scratches can be filled with spackling compounds.
    5. The paint may not transfer well if your kitchen cabinets have a rough finish. You can solve that by lightly sanding the surface and wiping it clean.
    6. For best results, apply a primer coating to the kitchen cabinets with a paintbrush and give it an hour or two to dry.
    7. Ensure there aren’t too many brushstrokes from the primer stage by lightly sanding the surface again.
    8. Now you’re almost ready to get started! Be sure to practice your paint spraying first on a throwaway piece of cardboard. This will ensure that your settings are correct.
    9. When you start spraying,  keep the nozzle of the paint sprayer at a consistent distance from the surface of the kitchen cabinets. It should be around 10-12 inches.
    10. We recommend letting the kitchen cabinets dry overnight and applying a second coat the next day. A second coat may not be necessary, depending on the paint you use.


    You have several options when selecting a paint sprayer for kitchen cabinets. The chance to save money by refurbishing old cabinets rather than buying new ones is well worth taking. The Wagner Flexio 590 Paint Sprayer is our top pick due to its powerful performance, lightweight design, and quiet operation. For those on tighter budgets, we recommend the HomeRight Finish Max HVLP Paint Sprayer.

    Although it’s affordable, the HomeRight has a lightweight frame and adjustable controls for the paint pattern. Whether you want an airless paint sprayer or an HVLP, each type has its pros and cons, which are worth keeping in mind. Remember, you can use your paint sprayer for much more than kitchen cabinets, making it a worthwhile purchase. We hope you enjoy it!

    If you came here looking for the top paint sprayers for all purposes, we recommend you check out our popular best paint sprayer picks.


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