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10 Clever and Creative DIY Table Legs (With Pictures)

lamp on top of brown study table with natural wood legs

An at-home table build isn’t much without a well-crafted set of legs to add style and support. There are a thousand different directions to take your table leg design, many of them being unexpectedly easy to pull off. Get started on your next dining room or cocktail set with these 10 clever and creative DIY table legs you can build today!

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The 10 DIY Table Legs Ideas

1. Pipe Legs for Dining Room Table

diy piping table
Image By: House By Hoff
Supplies: Drill, ¾” piping, ¾” flanges, ¾” tees, casters, ¾” dowels
Difficulty: Easy

The hardest part of this nifty industrial pipe table leg design is getting accurate measurements. Otherwise, finishing the project is as easy as screwing some rods together and mounting the frame to a dining room tabletop. Adding casters is the trickiest part of the assembly, but you can also leave them out and cap the ends to save yourself some trouble if the table stays in one place.

2. Reclaimed 2×4 Table Legs

diy table legs from reclaimed 2x4
Image By: Instructables
Supplies: Miter saw, drill, 2x4s, wood screws, wood glue, sandpaper, stain
Difficulty: Intermediate

A few leftover pieces of wood and a miter saw are nearly everything it takes to whip up a functional set of reclaimed 2×4 dining table legs. Precise angled cuts will be necessary for the support bar to fall cleanly in place, but it’s easy work for an attentive eye and a miter saw. Add screws at the bottom and top crossbars, and you’re ready to sand, stain, and assemble your new dining table.

3. Floating “Broken” Table Legs

diy floating broken leg diy resin desk
Image Credit: Wood Shop Diaries
Supplies: 1x3s, resin, scrap plywood, Tyvek tape
Difficulty: Intermediate

Although the floating broken table leg design isn’t an afternoon or even overnight project, the one-of-a-kind look will be sure to garner praise from guests. Although the design is applied to a desk in this tutorial, you can use the same concept for cocktail tables, dining tables, and much more. Forming tight molds, mixing your resin, and having patience while everything dries are the most challenging parts of the process, but you’ll love the results.

4. Wooden Hanger Table Legs

diy nightstand from fooden hangers
Image Credit: Instructables
Supplies: Wooden hangers, L brackets, screwdriver, screws
Difficulty: Easy

They won’t hold up the dining room table, but these wooden hanger table legs are a perfect fit for smaller surfaces and a creative way to repurpose old materials. A few L brackets and screws are all you need to attach these to an existing tabletop. There’s no measuring or cutting involved, making it a perfect solution when you need to jack up a coffee or end table.

5. Basket Table

diy furniture basket coffee table hack
Image Credit: Home Talk
Supplies: Rattan basket
Difficulty: Easy

Take an old wicker basket, cut the handles off, and— presto!—you created a functional cocktail table base in 30 seconds. Following the inordinately challenging task of flipping the basket upside-down, you only have to add a hard surface to complete the look. The basket’s light weight should make it easy to secure with a heavy-duty adhesive.

6. Copper Side Table Legs

diy copper pipe side table diy
Image Credit: A Beautiful Mess
Supplies: ½” copper pipe, pipe strap, copper caps, copper tee fittings, pipe cutter, glue
Difficulty: Easy

Once you get the hang of making the tedious cuts to get the pipe down to size, assembling these copper side table legs is a straightforward process of adding fittings and a tabletop. Use pipe straps to secure the surface. Get creative by adding extra shelves, and enjoy the eye-catching blend of industrial and glam in your living room.

7. Pedestal Base for Round Table

diy round table
Image Credit: Shanty 2 Chic
Supplies: 1x8s, 2x6s, 2x3s, jigsaw, brad nailer, 2” brad nails, sander, wood glue
Difficulty: Intermediate

Several boards come together to create this handsome and sturdy pedestal base. The overall design isn’t challenging to follow but does require several precise mitered cuts. The corbels require some finesse with the jigsaw, but once completed and painted, the layered professional look will be guaranteed to impress.

8. X-Leg Coffee Table

diy x leg dining table
Image Credit: Sawdust Girl
Supplies: 2x4s, wood glue, wood screws, drill
Difficulty: Intermediate

A modern style with a professional look is easier to achieve than you might think. The X-leg dining table in these plans features a box frame with a supporting cross for elegant simplicity. A square shape makes the few beveled cuts in the corners much easier, but the cross-connection will take a sure hand and accurate cuts for a picture-perfect fit.

9. DIY Hairpin Legs

diy small rustic stool with diy hairpin style legs
Image Credit: Mountain Modern Life
Supplies: Soft copper coil, pipe cutter, pliers, pen, steel hanger tape, spray paint
Difficulty: Easy

The mid-century modern look is a chic way to update a table, but many plans require welding, which often requires more resources than the average DIYer can supply. But with these DIY hairpin legs, you only need to shape the soft copper coil with pliers to get the shape you need. It won’t work well for dining tables or chairs, but you can pull off a functional end table or even a cocktail table with this shortcut.

10. X-Base Table Legs

diy x base table start to finish
Image Credit: Centsational Style
Supplies: Miter saw, 4×4 posts, 2x4s, hammer, nails
Difficulty: Intermediate

Nothing beats the rustic appeal of classic X-base table legs. They’re sturdy and fashionable and are perfect for dining tables, benches, and cocktail tables. The most challenging part is finding the proper angle for the X pieces, so you may want to practice on some scraps while you dial it in. Once completed, you’ll have a gorgeous and stylish build to enjoy for years and years.

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Final Thoughts

Table legs may require careful woodworking or simply a quirky way of looking at everyday objects; it all depends on your style! Whether starting from scratch or repurposing old items in inventive ways, you have several angles available for approaching your next project. Take inspiration from these clever and creative DIY table legs, and see where your imagination will take your build.

Featured Image Credit: Element5Digital, Pexels


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