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10 Best Toilet Fill Valves in 2023 – Reviews & Top Picks

Toilet Fill Valve

Toilet Fill Valve A leaky toilet fill valve can be more than the constant annoyance of the sound of running water. All the wasted water starts to add up, and you’re likely to see it affect your water bill. If you have to jiggle the handle or take the top off the tank to check your valve, you know how annoying this problem can become.

Luckily, changing your toilet fill valve can be a simple and quick process that will save you money and frustration by making your toilet feel and function like new again. But if you purchase the wrong fill valve, you might end up frustrating yourself even further with a complex installation and parts that don’t fit.

We want to save you from that hassle, so we’ve written 10 reviews comparing some of the best toilet fill valves on the market.

A Quick Comparison of Our Favorites in 2023

Rating Image Product Details
Best Overall
Fluidmaster 400AH PerforMAX Fluidmaster 400AH PerforMAX
  • Priced affordably
  • Height adjusts from 10”-15”
  • Water-saving roller clamp
  • Best Value
    Second place
    Korky 528 Korky 528
  • Priced very cheap
  • QuietFILL technology
  • Works with newer and older toilets
  • Third place
    Kohler Silent Fill Valve Kohler Silent Fill Valve
  • Quiet operation
  • Conserves water
  • Easy to install
  • Premium Choice
    American Standard Fluidmaster 400A American Standard Fluidmaster 400A
  • Universal fit
  • Replaces older style ball floats
  • Great in low-flow toilets
  • Hibbent Universal Fill Valve Hibbent Universal Fill Valve
  • Universal design
  • Fills very quietly
  • Conserves water
  • The 10 Best Toilet Fill Valves

    1. Fluidmaster PerforMAX Toilet Fill Valve – Best Overall

    Fluidmaster 400AH

    All the flush valves we tested do the same thing; they allow your toilet to flush. But the Fluidmaster 400AH High-Performance Toilet Fill Valve beat all of the competition in our book by offering the most universal fit at the most reasonable price. It’s cheaper than units with big brand names like Kohler and American Standard on the side, but most of those brands use Fluidmaster valves and just stick their cap on top with a hefty price hike.

    This valve adjusts from 10-15 inches, allowing it to fit a wide range of toilets from all manufacturers, including new toilets, old toilets, and dual-flush toilets. Since it’s a high-performance valve, it even fills the bowl faster than other valves, which means it’s also a bit noisier.

    Compared to other valves, the Fluidmaster is conservative with water due to the water-saving roller clamp that optimizes the water usage in your toilet. On top of that, you get an impressive 7-year warranty on the valve, so you can rest assured that you won’t have to make a repair again any time soon.

    • Priced affordably
    • Height adjusts from 10” to 15”
    • Covered by a seven-year warranty
    • Water-saving roller clamp
    • Universal fit works with most toilets
    • Not the quietest refill

    2. Korky 528 Toilet Fill Valve – Best Value

    Korky 528

    Often, when making unexpected and unplanned repairs, we’re looking for the cheapest part to do the job well so we can return to daily life. After replacing so many toilet valves and seeing expensive and cheap ones fail, we think that the Korky 528 Toilet Fill Valve is probably the best toilet fill valve for the money.

    First, it is one of the cheapest-priced toilet valve replacements we’ve seen. Despite that, it’s a quality part that never gives us trouble. With a universal fit, it should work in just about every toilet, including new, old, two-piece, and even one-piece toilets.

    To ensure you can fit this valve in your toilet, it’s fully adjustable from 7.75-13.5 inches, allowing you to find the perfect height for your setup. It’s equipped with QuietFILL technology, so your toilet doesn’t sound as loud as a vacuum. On the downside, it fills slower than other valves we used, but how quickly do you need a second flush?

    • Priced very cheap
    • Adjusts from 7.75”-13.5”
    • Works with newer and older toilets
    • Will work in two-piece and one-piece toilets
    • QuietFILL technology
    • Fills slower than other valves we tested

    3. Kohler Gp1138930 Silent Fill Toilet Fill Valve

    Kohler Gp1138930

    At first, it can seem challenging to compare toilet fill valves since they’re hidden away in your toilet tank while they work. But you needn’t see your toilet’s fill valve working to hear the difference. The Kohler Gp1138930 Silent Fill Toilet Fill Valve is supposed to provide a quiet fill-up after flushing, and in our experience, it certainly does. It’s one of the quietest valves that we’ve tested.

    But the Gp1138930 is more than just a quiet fill valve. It also conserves water, thanks to the inserts that let you optimize the valve’s performance. By switching to the correct insert, you can save gallons of water and reduce your water bill. Granted, the inserts complicate the installation process a little.

    This is a genuine Kohler part, but that doesn’t mean it only works with Kohler toilets. It has a universal fit that will work with most brands and adjusts to accommodate different water levels. However, it’s a bit pricey because of the Kohler name, so we’d still recommend the Fluidmaster for most situations.

    • Quiet operation
    • You can optimize performance with included inserts
    • Height adjustable to work with many toilets
    • Conserves water
    • Universal fit works with non-Kohler toilets as well
    • Easy to install with no plumbing experience
    • The inserts complicate the installation a bit

    4. American Standard Toilet Fill Valve – Premium Choice

    American Standard 7381125-400.70A

    This premium toilet fill valve from American Standard is an excellent fit for any American Standard toilet, but its universal build means that it will work with most models from other manufacturers. You can use the American Standard valve to replace the older style ball floats that are much more prone to problems.

    The American Standard toilet fill valve is built on the Fluidmaster 400A valve but costs nearly twice as much. After using it, we don’t really see any significant advantages that accompany this American Standard valve to justify the hike in price. As far as we can tell, the price increase is simply due to the American Standard brand name being stamped on the top cap.

    Truthfully, there are no differences between this valve and the much cheaper Fluidmaster 400A. If you have an American Standard toilet, it might be worthwhile to go with the American Standard valve since you can guarantee a good fit. Otherwise, you’re better off spending less for the practically identical quality of the Fluidmaster.

    • Universal fit works with many toilets
    • Replaces older style ball floats
    • Great in low-flow toilets
    • It’s a lot more expensive than other options

    5. Hibbent Universal Toilet Fill Valve

    Hibbent TFV1820PUS

    The Hibbent TFV1820PUS Toilet Fill Valve provides a universal fit that will work with most toilets. It features a unique design that doesn’t look quite like other valves on the market, which is likely part of why it’s so expensive.

    We liked how adjustable the fill valve is. You can extend it from 7.8-13 inches, and it will fit a variety of toilets. But the real draw is the low-noise operation and water conservation. This valve is intended to reduce the water you use while filling it more quietly than other brands.

    When installing the Hibbent valve, we discovered it didn’t have the hose clip for the overflow, so we had to pull it off the old valve and jerry-rig it to work. This flaw held the Hibbent valve back, but it might have been a top contender if all the necessary pieces were included.

    • Lots of adjustability from 7.8”-13”
    • Universal design works in most tanks
    • Fills very quietly
    • Conserves water
    • Far pricier than other fill valves
    • Didn’t come with a hose clip for the overflow

    6. Danco HC660 Water-Saving Toilet Fill Valve

    Danco HC660

    The Danco HC660 Water-Saving Toilet Fill Valve offers some interesting features that we didn’t see on all fill valves, though they’re not the sort of features that might make up for this valve’s other flaws.

    Still, some might be useful, like the built-in mini valve that automatically adjusts the refill level as needed. There are also jets on the valve that spray water into the tank to help keep it clean. And if there’s a leak, the valve will make an audible alert noise, so you’ll know.

    But the Danco doesn’t work in all toilets. If you have a low-flow toilet, you should skip this valve. It lacks the adjustability necessary to fit a wide range of toilets since it’s only adjustable from 11-13.8 inches. It would be frustrating to take your toilet apart only to find that your new valve won’t work, so we’d recommend finding a toilet fill valve designed to fit several models.

    • Built-in mini valve adjusts the refill level as needed
    • Creates an audible alert when there’s a leak
    • Jets help clean the inside of the tank
    • Only adjusts from 11”-13.8”
    • Does not work in all low-flow toilets

    7. Plumbcraft 7030911 Anti-Siphon Toilet Fill Valve

    Plumbcraft 7030911

    If you’re more interested in conserving water than having an easy-to-install, quiet-operating fill valve, you’ll probably like the Plumbcraft Anti-Siphon Toilet Fill Valve. It’s one of the most expensive options that we tested but not one of our favorites.

    The most compelling trait of the Plubcraft is that you can swap out the water flow adjustment caps to decide how much water you want to conserve. It’s also one of the more adjustable valves, stretching from 8-13 inches, that works with most toilets.

    So far, it sounds great, but you won’t feel that way when installing it. This one is a pain to install compared to the other valves we used. You have to get your hands in the tank to release the adjustment mechanism and find the right height. The wingnut washer on the bottom also doesn’t lend itself to hand tightening, forcing you to squeeze a wrench behind your toilet.

    Aside from installation issues, this valve is also quite loud. This might seem minor, but if the toilet is near the bedroom, it’s loud enough to hear through the door.

    • Adjusts from 8”-13”
    • Universal fit will work with most toilets
    • Waterflow adjustment caps improve water conservation
    • It’s one of the more expensive options
    • Difficult to adjust the height while in the tank
    • Much louder than other fill valves we tested

    8. WDI B3260 Universal Fill Valve for Most Toilets

    WDI B3260

    With an adjustable height from 8.25-12.25 inches, the WDI Fill Valve’s universal design will fit most toilets. Even most low-flow toilets with shallow tanks will work with this fill valve. But that’s not enough to justify the price. Plenty of fill valves have just as many features for cheaper prices.

    Also, the WDI is louder than the other valves we tested. You can hear the water rushing in from the next room with the door closed while the valve runs. If you expect that to mean that the tank fills quickly, you’ll be disappointed since it doesn’t fill any quicker than competing brands.

    Our biggest complaint about the WDI is that it never seems to seal all the way. After the tank filled, we could still hear water trickling through the valve. It might not be much water, but over time, that adds up to several tanks of water.

    • Universal design will fit in most toilets
    • Height adjustable from 8.25”-12.25”
    • There are cheaper options available
    • Fills much louder than other valves
    • Doesn’t seal all the way

    9. Mansfield Plumbing 08-1112 Toilet Fill Valve

    Mansfield Plumbing 08-1112

    Mansfield Plumbing is known for making quality products in the USA. Many of their products are great, but we weren’t as happy with this toilet fill valve. It’s difficult to install because of the design, which can make a somewhat daunting job even more so.

    Before you order this fill valve, make sure you check whether your toilet is compatible. This valve has limited compatibility and is made specifically for Mansfield toilets. Our first one arrived defective, which isn’t what we generally expect from Mansfield.

    During installation, we noticed that the adjustment screw is threaded straight into plastic, leaving us questioning its overall longevity. With all of these problems and so many better options available, we can’t recommend this valve.

    • Made in the US
    • Limited compatibility
    • More difficult to install than other valves
    • Poor longevity with screws threaded in other plastic parts
    • The first one arrived defective

    10. TOTO TSU99A.X Adjustable Toilet Fill Valve


    TOTO is known as a premium toilet manufacturer. As such, their products tend to be a bit pricey, and the TSU99A.X Adjustable Toilet Fill Valve is no exception. This isn’t a case of a premium product being priced for its value. Instead, the TSU99A.X seems like an overpriced plastic part.

    This valve is height-adjustable and features a standard 7/8-inch connection, so it should work with most toilets, though it’s only specifically made for TOTO toilets. The first one we ordered was dead on arrival, which is disappointing for such an expensive part.

    The second one we received worked when installed it. But after a few weeks, it started being finicky, and we often had to take off the lid and tap on it to get it to fill. Luckily, it’s covered under a 1-year warranty. But compare that to the 7-year warranty you get with the Fluidmaster 400AH at the top of this list for less than half the price, and it’s clear to see why we recommend the Fluidmaster and not the TOTO.

    • Adjustable height works with all TOTO tanks
    • Way overpriced for what you get
    • Sometimes you have to tap it to get it to fill
    • The first one was dead on arrival
    • The one-year warranty isn’t impressive

    Buyer’s Guide – Choosing the Best Toilet Fill Valve

    There are hundreds of toilet fill valves available from several manufacturers. It may seem like a trivial decision, but if your toilet valve runs constantly, the extra expense of your water bill and the annoyance of listening to the trickling every time you’re in the bathroom will compound quickly.

    We want to help you avoid this headache and others, so we wrote this short buyer’s guide to aid you in your search for the right toilet fill valve.

    Fit and Compatibility

    The most crucial factor to be sure of before ordering a toilet valve replacement is that it will fit your toilet. Few situations are more frustrating than tearing apart your toilet only to find that your new valve doesn’t fit!

    Some valves are model-specific and made to fit specific toilets. Usually, these valves and the toilets they fit are from the same manufacturer, intended to keep you spending within their brand. If you’re purchasing a valve from a toilet brand like Kohler or American Standard, ensure it isn’t meant only for their models.

    Most fill valves are universal fit, designed to work with just about any toilet. However, the fit isn’t as universal as you might think. You’ll need to determine how deep the water in your tank is and get a fill valve that adjusts to that height. Some low-flow toilets only hold 8 inches of water in the tank. If you get a valve that doesn’t adjust down that low, it won’t work in that tank.

    Operating Volume

    After you flush the toilet, the valve refills the tank. You may never have given much thought to this part of the process, but if you switch to a quiet valve, you’ll notice the difference. Some valves are just louder than others while they fill.

    This might not seem like a big deal, but in many homes, the master bathroom is adjacent to the master bedroom. With your toilet so close to your bed, you’ll have to listen to the loud valve running for several minutes after you get up to use the bathroom in the middle of the night. If your partner is a light sleeper, a loud valve might even wake them up!

    Fill Valve

    Water Conservation

    Some valves have adjustable water conservation tools that let you fine-tune how it runs. These valves can sometimes provide considerable reductions in water usage. Some claim to reduce wasted water during the tank refill process by up to 38%. Over time, this can add up to noticeable savings on your water bill.


    In truth, most of these valves should work fine in your toilet. but you don’t want something that just works. Like us, you want the best part at the lowest price, which our reviews should have helped you to pinpoint. Just to be sure, we will leave you with our final recommendations.

    Our pick for the best toilet fill valve is the Fluidmaster 400AH PerforMAX Universal High-Performance Toilet Fill Valve. We love that it conserves water, adjusts from 10-15 inches, and will work with almost any toilet. Plus, it’s priced affordably and covered by a seven-year warranty.

    For the best value, we suggest the Korky 528 Toilet Fill Valve. It’s one of the cheapest valves but includes features like QuietFILL technology. The Korky valve extends from 7.75-13.5 inches for a universal fit that works with practically every toilet on the market.

    Finally, the Kohler Silent Fill Toilet Valve Kit is our premium pick. It’s quiet than the competition, and you can optimize the performance with the extra inserts. The model’s universal fit allows it to work with most toilets, not just those made by Kohler.


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