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Can You Recycle Wine Bottles? Recycling, Reusing, & Proper Disposal

Wine Bottle

With the holiday season coming up, you are likely to accumulate a couple of wine bottles. Well, instead of throwing them away, you can recycle them and repurpose them.

Glass bottles are not organic and can last for a long time without breaking down. Broken glass pieces can also be dangerous if not correctly disposed of. If you have free time, you can repurpose your wine bottles by turning them into décor. In case this is not a possibility, ensure you use the proper disposal channels.

In this article, we’ll explore the various ways you can recycle your wine bottles and the best disposal methods.

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How to Recycle Wine Bottles

Wine Bottle
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Recycling wine bottles is great for the environment as it reduces the amount of inorganic waste. The good news is that glass is relatively easy to recycle and you can reuse it multiple times without loss of quality.

Making new products using recycled glass uses less energy than making new products from scratch. Recycled glass products are also more cost-efficient and eco-friendly.

Before you decide to recycle your empty wine bottles, ensure that your local recycling center accepts wine bottles. Most will, but if they don’t, consider reusing them or repurposing them. It is, however, easier for most people to upcycle glass than to recycle it. This is because upcycling/ repurposing uses fewer steps and is, therefore, easier to do.

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The 7 Unique Ways You Can Repurpose Empty Wine Bottles

1. Painted Wine Bottles

If you are looking for affordable home or party décor, keep your wine bottles and paint them in various colors and patterns. Start by covering each bottle in chalkboard paint and add a lovely pattern or message using another color. You can then use these bottles as centerpieces or as unique venue decorations.

Another way to make painted wine bottles is by spray painting them. Metallic colors such as gold and silver look great on wine bottles. You can then use the painted bottles as vases for your flowers.

2. Wine Bottle Lights

Bottle Light
Image Credit: Pixabay

Transforming empty wine bottles into feature lights is easy to do. You only need two items—an empty wine bottle and fairy lights. Simply clean and dry the empty wine bottle and place a string of LED lights inside. LED lights are perfect since they will not heat the glass and crack it.

You can have the switch at the bottle opening or drill a hole at the bottom of the wine bottle for it to come out. The result creates a dazzling effect and is quite eye-catching.

3. Reusing Them for Homemade Wine

If you love making homemade wine or beer, you can use empty wine bottles for storage, especially screw-top bottles. Prepare the bottles by cleaning and sterilizing them; you can remove the labels and put your own if you want to go the extra mile.

Once your bottle is clean, use a funnel and pour your homemade wine inside. Glass is incredible since it does not react with the wine during fermentation.

4. Wine Bottle Floating Candle Holders

Ingredient in making candles_Nataliia Trytenichenko_Shutterstock
Image Credit: Nataliia Trytenichenko, Shutterstock

Another simple wine bottle décor is turning them into candle holders. The long thin neck works well in holding candle sticks. As the candle burns, it forms a seal on the bottle, making the candle steadier and giving it a rustic look. You can use these candle holders as a centerpiece in your bedroom or living room.

5. Wine Bottle Planters

Who doesn’t love planters? You could use your empty wine bottle from your best wine to make an iconic planter for your succulents. Cut the bottle in half or cut the top part and drill a few holes in the base. Add a few rocks in the base for drainage, add some soil and then plant the succulent. You can leave the label on the bottle if it’s a brand you love.

6. Use Them for Storage

Wine Rack by Instructables
Image Credit: Instructables

Old wine bottles can be used to store small kitchen items such as candy, rice, spices, and oil. They are easy to organize since they typically come in one size and shape and are translucent, enabling you to see the contents inside. To make it easier and more organized, peel off the labels and add your own.

7. Wine Bottle Tiki Torch

This DIY project uses more materials and needs the most effort compared to the rest. They are a great way to light outdoor night events and romantic dinners; they also help keep bugs away if you add insect repellant.

To make a tiki torch with empty wine bottles, you need to first clean and dry it, remove the labels and wrap the tape around the opening. Next, insert glass beads in the bottle, fill the bottle with paraffin and insert the wick. Allow the wick to absorb the fuel for a few minutes, then light it. For a beautiful display, paint the wine bottles or add intricate designs with some glow paint.

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The 2 Ways to Properly Dispose of Wine Bottles

Not all wine bottles are recyclable, and you should always check the label before you recycle them. Glass is very dangerous if it’s dumped in the environment without the necessary precautions. It’s not decomposable and will probably stay in the dumpsite for centuries. Luckily there are several ways to dispose of your empty wine bottles safely; they include the following:

1. Garbage Collection Services

person disposing garbage
Image Credit: lovelyday12, Shutterstock

Most garbage collection companies sort their trash before dumping them in landfills and dump sites. You can also pack the wine bottles in a separate garbage bag and label them to make the collection process easier. Sorting and labeling also make it easier for garbage collection services to dispose of them correctly.

2. Glass Recycling Centers

If you have a local glass recycling center, you can contact them to come to pick up your empty wine bottles or deliver them yourself. Sort them by material and color and put them into separate bags before dropping them to make their work easier.

Most recycling companies will pay you for your wine bottles. It’s also cheaper and easier if you let the recycling center deal with them instead of trying to dispose of them on your own.

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Wine bottles don’t have to add clutter to your home. You can recycle, reuse, repurpose, or dispose of them safely. You can even make some money out of your empty bottle either by selling them to recycling companies or selling your DIY products.

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