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10 Genius Re-Purposing Ideas for Your Wine Rack

Wine Rack-1

Wine Rack-1

Everyone loves a good wine rack, but what if you already have one for your wine and see one you just adore at a thrift store for a really great price? Well, you buy it, that’s what you do. Here is a brief look at some of the things you can do with it that have nothing to do with wine.

Here are 10 Ideas for Re-Purposing Your Wine Rack

1. Towel storage

towel storage
Image credit: Rodney, Flickr

Because a wine rack is designed for storing circular things, that makes it a good place to store rolled-up towels. If it’s well-built and fits your bathroom decor scheme, it is perfect to liven up that space. If it’s beaten up and falling apart, you can still fit it into your closet so people can choose the towel they want rather than taking the one on the top of the stack.

2. Shoe storage

wine rack shoe storage
Credit: Homedit

Depending on the size of your shoes, a wine rack is a great way to organize them and keep them off the floor where you might wind up kicking them into some dark corner. This won’t work with big steel-toed boots, but if you have a lot of flip-flops that are always getting mixed up, then this is perfect. You can read more about this specific idea over at Homedit.

3. Office supplies & craft storage

wine rack craft storage
Credit: Triple the Scraps

Looking for an elegant way to organize your arts and crafts supplies? A wine rack is far more aesthetically pleasing than a tub. It also lets you get what you need, when you need it, rather than forcing you to dig through a bunch of other stuff. You can use those supplies to decorate the thing that holds the paintbrushes.

Look at this blog post from Triple the Scraps for more inspiration on this specific idea.

4. Jewelry storage

Most wine racks hold bottles on a horizontal axis. Wine racks that work vertically can offer an intriguing way to show off and store your jewelry. This is also a great way to organize it so that you can get your favorite bracelet without digging through a jewelry box.

5. Yarn storage

Wine rack being used for yarn storage
Credit: Repeat Crafter Me

A full-size skein of yarn is a little bigger than a bottle of wine, so look for a wine rack designed for a presentation involving a little more empty space. While skeins are wider than wine bottles, they’re also much, much lighter. That helps promote stability in storage.

Click here to learn how Sarah set up the one in the image above.

6. For succulents

wine rack for succulents

A wine rack on an angle is a great way to display succulents. These small plants probably aren’t going to get very big and don’t require a lot of care, so setting up a network of them that you water occasionally can bring a bit of green to your home. The other great thing about this is that you only need one drip pan big enough to handle all the pots. actually sells these as finished products, but you can also create something like this yourself.

7. Closet storage

Hang a wine rack on the back of your closet door and put things like gloves, hats, scarves, and maybe even warm socks in it so that they are easy to find the next time it gets cold out.

8. Herb garden

Like succulents, herbs generally don’t need big pots. When you’re cooking, if you need fresh herbs, you might need a couple of different kinds. That makes turning a wine rack into a little herb garden a great addition to your kitchen.

9. Water bottles

Everyone has their favorite water bottle, but that water bottle is sometimes hard to find. You wind up with conflicts where one person borrows someone else’s water bottle when that other person needed it. The solution is simple. Use a wine rack so that everyone can store their water bottles in one place, or at least find a spare.

10. Tool storage

If you’re a home handyman, there is nothing more frustrating than searching multiple toolboxes looking for just the right size of screwdriver. Using a wine rack can not only allows you to put tools right where you need them but provides a place where you can sort nails and screws into jars and have those handy, too.


Wine racks come in a lot of different designs and constructions, and you can make them out of a wide variety of materials. That makes them ideal for repurposing for other things related to storage and presentation. We went through just a handful of ways you can use them. Really, though, it’s a springboard for your own imagination.

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