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11 Creative DIY Outdoor Christmas Decorations You Can Make Today (With Pictures)

a woman in yellow sweater making a christmas wreath decor

The Christmas season is almost here. That time of the year when houses get decked out with festive lights, inflatables of all shapes and sizes, and dangly ornaments. But now is the year to try something new and unique.

If you are a DIYer, this is the season to showcase your creativity and ingenuity and save some dollars. And whether you’re searching for Christmas decorations to add to your front lawn or a centerpiece for your home’s holiday party, these 13 DIY outdoor Christmas decorations will inspire you, your family, and decorate this season.

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The 11 Creative DIY Outdoor Christmas Decorations

1. DIY Paper Plate Lollipops by Smart School House

Paper Plate Lollipops
Image Credit: Smart School House
Materials: Paper plates, paint, glue, cellophane, ribbon or wire
Tools: Paint brushes, scissors, utility knife
Difficulty Level: Moderate

Paper plate lollipops are a great way to decorate your outdoors. They also make excellent gifts and perfect and engaging activities for kids. You can use them as a centerpiece on your outdoor table or hang them.

The best part is that they are effortless to make, and the materials only cost a few dollars. To make them, paint the paper plates and sandwich a dowel between the two plates with hot glue. Wrap the lollipops with cellophane and then add a ribbon.

2. DIY Outdoor Wreath Joy Sign by Fynes Designs

Outdoor wreath Joy sign
Image Credit: fynedesigns
Materials: Wood letters, glue, spray paint, fishing line, a wreath of your choice
Tools: Scissors, utility knife, glue
Difficulty Level: Moderate

This wreath is another perfect way to be a creative DIY this Christmas. You can use it to decorate your front door or place it in the garden. The sign will make your home look more festive and welcoming.

You can play along with the colors to create your perfect style while combining them with the season’s themes. To make this sign, stick the letters to a backboard, but if you use scrap pieces, paint them with a contrasting color to the board.

Then stick them on the board with glue and add a hook for hanging the wreath.

3. DIY Coat Hanger Christmas Snowflake by CraftBits

coathanger snowflake directions
Image Credit: Craftbits
Materials: Coat hangers, spray, glue, zip ties
Tools: Scissors
Difficulty Level: Moderate

Coat hangers, when well modified, make an excellent addition to your outdoor decor. If you’re looking for an inexpensive way to decorate your home, then you should definitely try them.

To make them, you need 16 coat hangers. Take eight of them and divide them into pairs. Line them along their straight edges, each pair to touch the next pair’s hook. Arrange the remaining eight on top of the formation and stagger them to create the snowflake’s points. Then tie using zip lines but not too tight.

Finally, decorate as per your desire.

4. DIY Christmas Directional Signs by Funky Junk Interiors

Christmas directional signs Funky Junks Old Sign Stencils
Image Credit: Funkyjunkinteriors
Materials: Wood, pole, paint
Tools: Brush, weeding tool, electronic cutter, cutter file
Difficulty Level: Moderate

If you are hosting a big group of people, these directional signs will serve two purposes; direct people and decorate your outdoors.

They are cost-effective because they can be used for more than one season. To make this sign, cut one end of the wood to look like an arrow. Paint the wood and then hammer the signs into the pole. For a sturdy base, you can use flower pots or a Christmas tree base. Finally, set it at the desired spot.

5. DIY Log Snowmen by Inspirational Momma

DIY Log Snowman
Image Credit: Inspirational Momma
Materials: Sliced wood logs, ribbons, twigs or sticks, hot glue
Tools: Drill or chainsaw
Difficulty Level: Moderate

The log snowmen are log or wood-made and perfect for decorating your garden, porch, and other outdoor areas.

To make the snowman, use the sliced wood logs to make the body, with each lower piece being bigger than the preceding one. The head and hat will be the smallest. Next, paint the logs to give the impression of a man and place them in your desired spot.

6. DIY Galvanized Bucket with Lights and Greenery by Finding Home Farms

Galvanized Christmas Buckets
Image Credit: findinghomefarms
Materials: Bucket, ornaments, a vase for each bucket, a ribbon, a chalk pen, fairy lights
Tools: Utility knife
Difficulty Level: Easy

Buckets can make ideal decorations for any DIYer. They are inexpensive, which means that anyone can afford them no matter what their budget may be. The only thing that you need is some greenery or flowers and some lights.

This is easy to make as you only need to put the vase into the bucket and then decorate the outside. If you prefer to hang them, ensure they are well-tightened to prevent them from falling and causing injuries to people.

7. DIY Painted Pine Cones by eHow

Painted pine cones
Image Credit: ehow
Materials: Choice paint, pine cones, glitters, paint, primer
Tools: Not necessary
Difficulty Level: Easy

Painted pine cones are popular outdoor Christmas decorations for any DIYer. You can use them to decorate your yard, porch, or front door. You only need to paint them to your taste and hang them.

To make these decorations, collect cones and clean them, but if using those from stores, they come clean. Dry the cones and spray a primer to help the paint stick better. Paint the cones with desired paint. After drying, hang the pines and enjoy the beauty.

8. DIY Wood Scrap Stars by Jaime Costiglio

DIY Wood stars
Image Credit: jaimecostiglio
Materials: Boards, paint
Tools: Brush
Difficulty Level: Moderate

You can never go wrong with wood when it comes to decorations. These stars look good, especially on the front porch or front window.

To make these stars, start by cutting the boards into ten strips measuring 2 and 16  inches wide and long, respectively. Overlap the pieces, join two parts with a nail, and then join the whole pieces into one. Finally, paint them with a desirable color. In addition, you can make them as simple as possible or go all out with fancy designs like hearts and circles.

9. DIY Wrapped Front Door by A Piece of Rainbow

Christmas door decor
Image Credit: apieceofrainbow
Materials: Decorations
Tools: Scissors or utility knife
Difficulty Level: Easy

These signs are a fun way to add color and style to your front door for the holidays. You can customize them with your pictures, words, and phrases or make them as simple or elaborate as you like.

To wrap your door, use a fabric or ribbon of your choice and wrap the door in a cross-like shape. If you use gift wraps, you can cover the entire door and then use other pieces to add some pomp and color.

10. DIY Christmas Ornament Topiary by The Creativity Exchange

DIY Ornament topiary The Creativity Exchange
Image Credit: TheCreativityExchange
Materials: Pot or urn, glue, ornaments, 8-inch ball ornament
Tools: Glue gun
Difficulty Level: Moderate

The ornament topiary signs are a great way to display your Christmas spirit. You can make them in a wide variety of designs and colors. This is the perfect choice to create a massive or tiny topiary that will last all season.

Start by placing the largest ornament on the container you intend to use. You can use an adhesive for more stability. Successively put other decorations on top, ensuring they are well-secured.

Finish off by laying the 8-inch ball ornament and set it to dry.

11. DIY Vintage Sled by Anderson + Grant

DIY Vintage sled
Image Credit: andersongrant
Materials: Sled, ribbon, decorations, greenery
Tools: Scissors, utility knife
Difficulty Level: Easy

This option is the best to bring any old-school sled back to life and is a great way to add some holiday cheer to your backyard. Sleds are a classic Christmas symbol used as decorations or gifts.

To make them, start by attaching the greenery to the sled and secure them with a ribbon or wire. Next, add some ribbons and bow ties. You can add more decorations to your taste, such as placing them on a decorated pot.

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Having your house lit up with Christmas lights is undeniably excellent and impressive but much cheaper and more fulfilling with these DIY options.

And regardless of your skill level, these options will give you a creative and beautiful outdoors. Therefore, gather your tools and materials and create something beautiful and creative this season.

Featured Image Credit: Julia Volk, Pexels

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