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How Much Does It Cost to Move a Tree? Price, Facts & FAQ

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Professional tree moving or professional tree transplanting is the act of moving a tree from one location to the next. Tree transplanting is often an option whenever homes are being built or renovated. Trees that are already growing are transplanted to the outside of the home to add decoration.

It’s important to select a reputable company that specializes in tree transplanting so that the roots are not damaged during the move. As you might suspect, professionally moving a tree is a bit expensive. How much does it cost to move a tree exactly, though? You can expect to pay between $800–$1,500. Keep reading as we explain further.

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The Importance of Professional Tree Moving

Before we dive into the exact price of professional tree transplanting, let’s take a moment to talk about why it’s important to pay for a professional in the first place. Many individuals believe that they can move a tree themselves to save money.

You should never try to move a tree on your own. Doing so can be incredibly dangerous, especially if you are moving a large tree. Transplanting a tree is also difficult because you must be considerate of all the branches, trunk, and roots. If you don’t know what you’re doing, you could easily damage the tree and waste your time in the process.

By hiring a professional tree moving company, you know that the tree transplanting process will go over safely and efficiently. The individuals moving the tree have specialized knowledge in how to transplant a tree without damaging it.

So, spend the money to get trees professionally moved. Think of it as an investment!

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How Much Does Professional Tree Moving Cost?

Because tree transplanting requires a large degree of specialized knowledge, professional tree moving is relatively expensive. Most professional tree transplantation rates start at $400, making the average cost anywhere from $300 to $10,000. The average price is $800.

In certain cases, tree transplantation can cost as much as $50,000. You’ll be happy to know that $50,000 is the extreme price. Most people don’t pay this much money. It’s better to estimate between the $800 and $1500 mark.

Low Average High
$200 $800–$1,500 $50,000

Costs that Impact Final Price

Estimating the final cost to get your tree transplanted is difficult. There are many factors to consider. Most importantly, the distance you are moving the tree, needed equipment, accessibility of the tree, and tree or soil conditions all impact the final price.

Size of Tree and Distance of Move

The most relevant factors to think about are the size of the tree and the distance of the move. The larger the tree is, the more equipment and time it will take. Likewise, the further away you need to move the tree, the more time and effort it will take to complete the transplantation.

As a result, expect to pay more if you are transplanting a large tree over a long distance. Conversely, small trees that are being transplanted short distances are more affordable.

Accessibility and Conditions

You also must think about the accessibility or conditions of the tree and its area.

Accessibility refers to anything that could make the job more difficult, such as power lines, branch trimming, large rocks, or underground utilities. If you have a lot of obstructions in the area, it will take more time to transplant the tree, and you will end up paying more.

The same goes for conditions of the soil. The easiest soils to dig include dry, level sites. If the soil is wet, frozen, muddy, or clay, the workers have to work harder to dig through the soil, which increases the final price.

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Ongoing Maintenance

After transplanting a tree, it’s important to get ongoing maintenance. The maintenance will ensure that the tree takes root and continues to grow. Most professional transplantation services offer ongoing maintenance. Of course, ongoing maintenance will come at a cost, but it is a cost worth it to many homeowners.

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When Should I Move a Tree?

Trees are normally transplanted to decorate yards or property. Waiting for a tree to grow takes a long time. For this reason, transplanting a tree that has already grown onto the new property is often the best option.

It’s important that you transplant trees at times when they’re most likely to take root. If you are transplanting a deciduous tree, it’s best to move the tree in early spring or fall. Evergreens, in contrast, are best to move in early spring or late summer.

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What to Do for Your Tree After Transplanting

Transplanting a tree is an ongoing process that requires ongoing support. If you fail to take care of the tree properly after transplantation, the tree will not root properly, and you will have wasted your time and money.

To ensure that the tree takes root, make sure to care for the tree properly. Talk to the transplant service to learn about ongoing maintenance tips for that tree specifically. Maintenance will include watering, fertilizer, and soil conditions.

Although you can maintain a transplanted tree yourself, the best way to ensure your tree is taken care of is to invest in ongoing maintenance service from the transplant team. This service will be more expensive, but it guarantees that your tree is being well taken care of.

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Once again, a professional tree transplantation costs anywhere from $200–$50,000, but most people pay between $800–$1500. Many factors will impact the final cost, including the size of the tree, the distance of the move, accessibility, conditions, and ongoing maintenance.

Even though professional tree moving is expensive, it is the best way to ensure that your tree is moved safely and efficiently. Similarly, professional tree maintenance is a great investment after you have transplanted the tree. It ensures that the roots take hold and the tree lasts in the new spot.

Invest in your home and get your trees professionally moved and taken care of for the best results!

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