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12 Dining Room Trends In 2024 – Design Ideas for a Modern Home

dining room interior design

Some homeowners convert their dining rooms into office space, teaching areas, and reading rooms when they transition to working from home. However, the dining room is ideal for entertaining large groups of family and friends, and it’s where you can show off your finest china and dinnerware. Although it’s often the one room that is overlooked regarding its design features, we have 12 dining room trends below that may convince you to modify your design to impress your guests.


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Top 12 Dining Room Trends in 2024

1. Leather Upholstery

leather chairs in the dining area
Image Credit: jessebridgewater, Pixabay

Leather upholstery makes a bold statement, and quality leather upholstered chairs are durable and long-lasting, which means that this trend also ties in nicely with the desire for greater sustainability. Buying leather chairs doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re restricted to a choice of black or brown, either, because there is a sparkling array of leather chair colors.

2. Cord Upholstery

Other materials that will prove popular in upholstery are velvet and cord. Cord has been evident in sofas and living room chairs for several years, and it is now making its way to dining room furniture and other items around the home. Like leather, it is durable. However, it loves lint and animal hair, and it can become matted, especially if used roughly and regularly, which can leave it looking worn.

3. All White

all white dining set at home
Image Credit: Max Vakhtbovych, Pexels

The all-white look is out of fashion in kitchens but very much coming into fashion in dining rooms. White walls, white furniture, white ceilings, and white drapes can brighten an otherwise average dining room. You don’t have to choose brilliant white for everything; there are various shades, such as eggshell, cream, and ivory. White does an excellent job of enhancing the natural light that you get through doors and windows.

4. Bold Colors

If all-white isn’t your thing, bright and bold colors are also trendy. You don’t have to go overboard and if you’re not ready to paint the walls purple, you can add color by introducing accent pieces throughout the room. Alternatively, you mix multiple colors throughout the room.

5. Japandi Design

Japandi combines the Japanese minimalist design ethos with the Scandi natural design that is heavy on wood. It’s popular in bathroom designs and throughout the house, and it lends itself perfectly to the dining room because it allows for wooden tables and chairs, with added elements of Japanese design thrown in for a unique finish.

6. Sustainability

rattan chairs
Image Credit: fotoerich, Pixabay

Sustainability is a sure-fire trend and it can include your dining room design. Use sustainable materials, upcycle old furniture, and create something that will make you feel good when you dine. Reclaimed furniture looks great, too, and you can finally put those wooden chairs in the loft to good use.

7. Round Tables

round dining table in a cozy home
Image Credit: ClaireRendallDesign, Pixabay

The round dining table allows for more intimate conversation and better utilizes the available space, which is especially beneficial if you have limited room for a table and chairs. The table can be made from wood, or it could be reclaimed or made using sustainable material.

8. Marble Tabletop

Marble is an ancient material that’s rarely seen in the dining room. A marble tabletop screams luxury, and the polished material reflects light, so it really catches the eye as you enter a room. Fortunately, marble goes well with wood, which means you don’t have to have stone plinths as chairs and can have wooden models instead.

9. Tablescaping

Tablescaping is all over social media, and rather than simply setting places for everybody, it typically requires the design and implementation of a theme for the table. A tablescape can be simple or complex, but it should be attractive and memorable.

10. Fur Rugs

Borrowing from the Scandi design style again, fur rugs are luxurious and look inviting and comfortable. While they might be more commonly found in living rooms and bedrooms, they also make a great addition to a dining room. Place them under the table, next to the table, and even use them to decorate your benches or chairs around the table.

11. Smoked Glass

Glass is beautiful, transparent, and reflective. It can make a real impact when used to create ornaments or as a light shade, but recently it’s become trendy to replace the clear glass with smoked glass. Thing light shades and light fittings, vases, and even smoked glass tabletops create an elegant atmosphere. As a light fitting, smoked glass allows the light to escape, and because it is smoked, it bathes the room in warm light and isn’t too bright.

12. Hanging Plants

You don’t have to create your own indoor gazebo, but hanging plants are attractive in any room, and they can perfectly complement a natural tablescape design. Choose plants carefully and ensure you can easily water the ones you choose without watering the light fittings and the table below.

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Are Dining Rooms Still Popular?

While many people appreciate the extra space that a kitchen diner combo offers, having a separate dining room enables you to prepare food away from the prying eyes of your guests. They won’t see the panic in your eyes as the food catches or burns. Over the past two years, we have also seen the additional benefits of the dining room, thanks to its use as an office, classroom, yoga studio, and more.

dining room set up
Image Credit: zhu difeng, Shutterstock

How Do You Modernize A Dining Room?

If you don’t want to embark on a full renovation of the dining room, you can always buy rugs to dress up the floor, change your dining furniture, and find a statement piece that adds color and character to the room. Even small changes can have a big impact, and becoming a tablescaping aficionado means that you can offer a different dining experience every mealtime.

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Several people are still working from home, and the dining room tends to be a convenient space to double up as an office or classroom. However, the dining room is a valuable space when you have a large group to feed and entertain. Use the trends above for inspiration and to find the perfect-looking dining area for your home, but don’t be afraid to add your character and charm for the best results.

Featured Image Credit: Ernest_Roy, Pixabay


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