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10 DIY Brick Pathway Plans You Can Make Today (with Pictures)

red brick pathway

You may be deciding on building a brick pathway in your garden, and you want to tackle this project all on your own. If this is the case, we have an excellent article to help you along the way. We found 10 DIY brick pathway projects you can make today, with a little experience and free time. These projects are generally easy and affordable, so they are available for anyone to try.

Out of these 10 DIY projects, you will hopefully find one that fits what you’ve envisioned and help you make that vision a reality.

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The 10 DIY Brick Pathway Plans:

1. Reclaimed Brick Pathway

DIY reclaimed brick pathway
Image By: Life with Holly

Materials: Reclaimed bricks, edge tiles, builder’s sharp sand, Postcrete, kiln-dried sand
Tools: Shovel, garden rake, an angle grinder, sledgehammer (optional)
Difficulty: Moderate

The reclaimed brick pathway is an excellent way to put old bricks to use and create a beautiful garden pathway with almost no expenses. You can usually find these reclaimed bricks for free since most people are trying to get rid of these old bricks in any way possible. This DIY garden path is a creative way to give your garden a sleek and elegant look by having a polished brick pathway. For this particular DIY, the pattern used to build the pathway is a zig-zag motion that gives a dynamic yet neat look.

2. Classic Brick Pathway

DIY brick path
Image By: Better Homes & Gardens
Materials: Bricks, soil or gravel, sand, plastic edging, stakes, PVC pipe, straight board,
Tools: Mallet, compactor, garden rake, hammer
Difficulty: Moderate

A classic brick pathway is the most popular choice for laying a garden path. It gives a timeless look to your landscape that will always stay modern, with a vintage touch. Building this pathway may require preparing all the materials needed beforehand, but the building doesn’t require much effort. With minimal skills and experience, you will be able to build this pathway in no time and give your garden a sleek appearance.

3.  Antique Brick Pathway

DIY antique brick pathway
Materials: Antique recycled bricks, stakes, string, chalk, sand
Tools: Shovels, mallet, hammer, measuring tape, angle grinder
Difficulty: Moderate

This DIY brick pathway is a perfect project for those who enjoy decorating your garden and home in a vintage style. All you need are some essential tools and old antique bricks to match the rest of your vintage landscape. Besides the basic skills required to build this pathway, you may need to invest more time because this project requires precision and a lot of patience to make everything look perfect. If you are a perfectionist, it is better to take your time when building a brick pathway because every detail counts in making your path look professional and seamless.

4. Brick And Stone Pathway

DIY stone brick walkway
Image Credit: The Constructor
Materials: Bricks, flagstones, chalk, fine sand, gravel,
Tools: Plate compactor, hand tamper, wheelbarrow, shovels
Difficulty: Moderate

This DIY brick pathway project is a creative and innovative one that involves a fusion of bricks and stones. It is a spectacular project for your garden that will enhance the overall appearance. Once you gather all the materials needed, this project is a fun activity that you can finish in a day or two with the help of family or friends. The fusion of stone and brick is an excellent way to add elegance to your pathway or patio and connect the entire design of your landscape with a unique walkway.

5. Brick And Granite Pavers Pathway

DIY brickway pathway
Image Credit: Family Handyman
Materials: Cobblestones, edging stakes, plastic landscape edging, sand, granite, and brick pavers
Tools: Hammer, edging spade, hand tamper, mallet, utility knife
Difficulty: Moderate

A mix of brick and granite is an excellent way to refresh your garden pathway and give it a dynamic and colorful texture. This technique is ideal because you can combine the two materials in any pattern and create a color scheme. When you acquire all the materials, it will take you minimum effort and time to build this pathway, and you can even connect it to your patio or other areas of your garden.

6. Broken Brick Pathway

DIY paving with broken and half bricks
Image Credit: Hometalk
Materials: Broken bricks, a piece of black water pipe, building sand, dry cement
Tools: Shovel, compactor
Difficulty: Easy

This broken brick pathway DIY is among the easiest pathway projects you can make. It is so easy and affordable that no tools are required since you will be laying already broken bricks. This project is unique because you can create mosaics in your pathway by laying broken bricks in different patterns and schemes. This technique will work for any garden, no matter how small or big your pathway will be, and it will add a playful and imaginative look to the entire landscape.

7. Playful Brick And Concrete Pathway

DIY playful and permeable paving patterns
Image Credit: Los Angeles Times
Materials: Recycled brick, broken concrete, road gravel, plaster sand
Tools: Shovel, compactor
Difficulty: Easy

This playful pathway is an ideal project for people looking to add some fun to their landscape. With this brick and concrete path in your garden, you will add a unique element and the best part is that it is entirely up to you to decorate it or spontaneously create a mosaic with the materials you have. This pathway is incredibly easy to make, as you will be using materials that are already cut to their sizes and match them per your desire.

8. Garden Pathway

DIY Brick Garden Pathways
Image Credit: Fine Gardening
Materials: Bricks, fine sand
Tools: Brick chisel, hammer, leather gloves, portable compactor (optional)
Difficulty: Easy

This interesting DIY brick pathway is excellent for garden lovers. What is so great about this DIY project is that if you already have a garden with raised beds, it will be easy to add a brick pathway between the raised garden beds. If this is the case, the path between the raised beds is probably already leveled perfectly for bricks to be hammered onto it. This creative project will transform your garden from looking messy and chaotic into polished and refined.

9. Traditional Red Brick Pathway

DIY brick path
Image Credit: This Old House
Materials: Bricks, stakes, 1×4 composite lumber, masonry sand or stone dust
Tools: Spade, graded base, hand tamper, handsaw, mallet
Difficulty: Moderate

The traditional red brick pathway is the most popular choice in landscaping. This elegant approach can transform any garden or patio by adding a sleek walkway that will connect the entire space. This project is quite simple to do, and you can even do it on your own today with basic skills and tools. After finishing the whole project, you will be left with a pathway to decorate your backyard with a timeless and elegant design.

10. Broken Brick Patio With a Pathway

DIY make pathways from used brick
Image Credit: Ben Riddering
Materials: Whole and broken bricks, dry sand, cement
Tools: Garden rake, hammer, tile saw, hose
Difficulty: Easy

This brick patio and pathway project is ideal if you have reclaimed bricks and wish to reuse them creatively. Since you will be collecting pieces of brick and putting them around your patio or pathway like a giant puzzle, it is best to have pieces of all sizes and shapes. You can place the bricks into any pattern you wish, and adding bricks to your patio and pathway will give your garden a gorgeous look and connect the entire landscape into one elegant design.

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Final Thoughts

By the end of this article, hopefully, you’ve decided on which project suits you best. Whether you’ve come across some broken bricks and want to make use of them, or you are thinking of buying new ones, your pathway will look great with any one of these designs.

Featured Image Credit: rConceptz, Pixabay


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