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5 DIY Brick Driveway Plans You Can Make Today (with Pictures)

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Brick is one of the best materials you can construct your driveway from. Not only is it durable, but it is attractive and adds serious value to your home. The only trouble is that brick driveways can be a bit expensive unless you know how to install them yourself.

The good news is that we have compiled a list of DIY brick driveway plans you can make today. All these plans are free and offer different advice so that you can make the best brick driveway plans for your home. Scroll down to find the best plan for your skill level and aesthetic preferences today!

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The Top 5 DIY Brick Driveway Plans

1. Weed-Free Brick Driveway by This DIY Life

DIY Brick Driveway
Photo Credit By: Frugal Family Times
Materials: Brick, Sweepster, polymeric sand
Tools: Pressure washer, weed crack tools, edger, shop vac, or blower
Difficulty Level: Intermediate

This DIY Life provides you with a very straightforward guide for creating a brick driveway that fights weed growth. This article is a literal DIY plan that includes instructions and pictures so you can make your own driveway.

There is quite a bit going on this website, but it has a lot of good information if you look past all the ads. There are even pictures of the writer and her husband completing the job so you can see what it looks like with every step.

2. How to Lay a Driveway by Bradstone

Materials: Brick, concrete
Tools: Shovel, sledgehammer, edge restraint, leveler
Difficulty Level: Expert

This YouTube video by Bradstone is very comprehensive and super helpful. It fully explains the technicalities of how to lay a brick driveway. In the other plans we recommend, the technicalities of the job are skipped over. So, we highly recommend watching this video before you get started.

The video goes through extensive detail about how to prep the land and lay bricks. It also gives you tips for creating a driveway with a beautiful, professional finish. The instructions are clear and suitable for beginners, but it is best when done by experienced bricklayers.

3. Concrete Paver Styles by This Old House

DIY Brick Driveway
Photo Credit By: This Old House
Materials: Pavers, sand
Tools: Shovel, level
Difficulty Level: Intermediate

This Old House Concrete Paver style guide is a great starting point when creating a brick driveway. This article doesn’t necessarily give you instructions for doing your own DIY plan, but it shows you different style options and gives an estimated cost based on the brick you select.

In other words, we recommend looking at this guide when you first get started. It will help you to figure out which aesthetic style is best for your home and budget. You can then incorporate what you learned from this guide into the other DIY brick driveway plans above for a personalized but professional finish.

4. Brick Paver Driveway by Designing Idea

DIY Brick Driveway
Photo Credit By: Designing Idea
Materials: Pavers, sand, grass seed
Tools: Shovel
Difficulty Level: Expert

This Brick Paver Driveway Guide is another great resource for getting inspired in the design phase. It fully explains designs for different driveway types, including concrete, paver, grass, asphalt, and brick.

Much like the above-mentioned article, this is not technically a do-it-yourself plan. Instead, it’s a vital resource for the research and planning phase for your driveway. Incorporate the recommendations from this article into your plan to create a personalized, perfect driveway.

5. Designing a Driveway with Long-Lasting Appeal by Bob Vila

DIY Brick Driveway
Image Credit: Bobvila
Materials: Pavers or bricks, sand
Tools: Shovel
Difficulty Level: Expert

Finally, the last resource on our list is the Bob Vila Long-Lasting Driveway plan. This article is all about creating a driveway that has long-lasting appeal. That way, you won’t have to redo your driveway in just a few years.

This article goes through all of the most important factors to consider when creating your own driveway. For example, it goes over budget, curb appeal, and climate, though the article covers many other topics as well. Use this article to learn how to customize your brick driveway based on your home’s unique needs.

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Final Thoughts

How Do You Make a Brick Driveway Yourself?

Making a brick driveway yourself isn’t as hard as it may seem. To begin, you will have to dig away some of the soil and create a level foundation. From there, you will pour and lay several layers of brick and concrete until you are finished.

We recommend watching the Bradstone How To Lay A Driveway YouTube video for a comprehensive idea of how to make a brick driveway yourself.

How Do You Maintain a Brick Driveway?

To ensure your brick paver driveway is well maintained, pressure wash the entire driveway once or twice a year. Whenever you pressure wash the driveway, remove any weeds and dirt from between the bricks. Two days later, after the surface has dried, pack the joints using fresh sand if you have a loose-fitting surface.

Make your driveway and home look as beautiful as possible by installing a brick paver driveway. Brick paver driveways can be pricey, but they truly transform your home. With the plans above, you can figure out how to make your own brick driveway based on your location and needs.

We recommend reading through all these resources so that you get all of the tips and tricks necessary for a professional finish.

Featured Image Credit: Pavel Danilyuk, Pexels


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