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20 Free DIY Christmas Signs To Make Today (With Pictures)

Beautiful Christmas interior design. Sofa with warm rug and pillows, near the board with sign

With Christmas just around the corner, it is time to consider how you will decorate the house this year. Sadly, Christmas décor is relatively expensive—especially when you’re only going to have it up for a few weeks.

It is easy to create some Christmas décor of your own. Many popular designs aren’t that hard to make with a plan and a little know-how. Below, we’ve listed some of our favorite designs for you to look at.

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The 20 DIY Christmas Signs

1. Wood Holiday Sign by Lemon Thistle

DIY modern wood holiday sign
Image Credit: Lemon Thistle
Materials: Prefab wood sign, pre-stain conditioner, wood finish stain
Tools: Stain brush, pencil, Dremel, quality brush for clear coat
Difficulty: Easy

With a prefab design, you can easily make this traditional sign. This plan describes how to write anything you want on the sign, allowing you to customize the sign to your heart’s content. Furthermore, you can also choose whatever colors you’d like. However, the sign does look best in a darker grey.

2. Light Up Holiday Yard Sign by Morenas Corner

DIY light up christmas lawn sign
Image Credit: Morenas Corner
Materials: Mod Podge outdoor formula, paint, prefab wood sign, tea light, small ornament, Velcro circles, google eyes, cardstock
Tools: Basic tools, like scissors
Difficulty: Easy

With Mod Podge and a few other materials, you can make this relatively easy yard sign. While the directions are easy, you’re left with a light-up sign that looks professionally done. The light is made with a tea light, so you won’t have to plug this sign in. All you’ll need to do is change the batteries in the tea light when necessary.

3. Farmhouse Christmas Sign by Crafta Holics Anonymous

DIY simple farmhouse christmas sign
Image Credit: Craftaholics Anonymous
Materials: Wood plaque, Christmas tree plaque, mini wreath
Tools: Hot glue gun
Difficulty: Easy

We loved that this plan is extremely easy to make. You’re just gluing two pieces of wood together and adding a wreath. However, the final product is extremely nice and doesn’t look like it was easy to make.

Still, this plan is reliant on you finding the exact right pieces. Ultimately, this may not be possible, depending on your location and the time of year.

4. Countdown Sign by The DIY Dreamer

DIY outdoor christmas countdown marquee sign
Image Credit: The DIY Dreamer
Materials: Several pieces of wood, print paper, paint of various colors, graphite paper, hooks, screws, lights, fastening system for hanging, staples
Tools: Paint brushes, printer, pencil, clamps, ruler
Difficulty: Easy

This countdown sign is adorable. However, it is a bit more involved than other options. The lettering and countdown pages are simply printed out and cut, so you could easily edit them if you wish. The paint could also be turned into whatever color you desired. Therefore, this is an easily customizable and pretty easy plan.

With that said, printing off the letters does require a printer that is capable of printing on larger pieces of paper.

5. Be Merry Front Porch Sign by Our Crafty Mom

DIY be merry diy christmas wood porch sign
Image Credit: Our Crafty Mom
Materials: Long wood board, chalk paste, paint
Tools: Squeegee for chalk paint, stencil for words
Difficulty: Easy

This straightforward sign simply requires a long piece of wood. Then, you simply use a stencil to add the words you wish and paint to give the sign a complete look. All in all, this is one of the easier signs on this list.

However, a piece of wood that long can be a bit costly. Still, if you manage to find a scrap that is quite long, you can make this plan for basically free.

6.  Giant Ornament Sign by The Endearing Home

DIY wood holiday ornament
Image Credit: The Endearing Home
Materials: Round wood sign, paint of your chosen color
Tools: Paint brushes
Difficulty: Moderate

We consider this plan to be a bit harder than others because a lot of it is more freehanded. Therefore, you have to have some painting ability that the other plans didn’t require. While it doesn’t require cutting any wood, you will need to basically free-hand some pretty letters.

Alternatively, you could use a stencil. However, the plan itself doesn’t call for one.

7. Snowman Sign by That Sweet tea Life

DIY snowman painting
Image Credit: That Sweet Tea Life
Materials: Board, pencil, primer, sealer, paint, cardboard
Tools: Paint brushes, water bottle
Difficulty: Medium

This beautiful snowman sign hardly seems like it is DIY. However, by following this pretty straightforward plan, it’s pretty easy to make one of your own. The materials needed are similar to what the other plans have asked for, such as wood and paint. Of course, it does help to be a bit artsy for this plan, though that isn’t necessarily required.

For the most part, you can use whatever you have on hand. Of course, the paints must be the correct color. However, beyond that, it doesn’t particularly matter what type of paint you have.

8. Noel Sign by Anderson And Grant

DIY black and white distressed christmas sign
Image Credit: Anderson and Grant
Materials: Boards, wood stain, colored pain, clear candle, painter’s tape, sandpaper, carbon paper, pencil
Tools: Ruler, pencil
Difficulty: Easy

This simple sign tutorial could technically be used to spell various things. However, the tutorial specifically makes it spell “Noel,” and the design does lend itself better to wintertime (though you could make it spell anything).

This tutorial is pretty easy, but it relies on you finding boards that fit with the design. Therefore, if you can’t find a few smaller square boards for pretty cheap, this design may not be worth it. Still, the steps are pretty straightforward and should work for most purposes.

9.  Arrow Sign by The Happy Scraps

DIY Christmas Front Porch
Image Credit: The Happy Scraps
Materials: Arrow planks, long piece of wood, paints of various colors
Tools: Paint brushes, fake snow
Difficulty: Medium

Technically, these signs aren’t terribly difficult to make. They do require a bit more work than other signs, mostly because you’re technically making three.

However, we found the specific plan to be a bit more unclear than others. There isn’t a simple list of steps or materials, and the writer describes several ways you could make the sign. While this is useful if you only have certain materials at hand, we did find it a bit complicated. 

Therefore, this may be one of those situations you use for inspiration but don’t necessarily follow word-by-word.

10. Christmas Tree Sign by Sugar And Cloth

DIY Pegboard Christmas Tree
Image Credit: Sugar & Cloth
Materials: Pegboard, metal pipe, two screws with bolts, paint, ceramic planter
Tools: Quickrete, skill saw
Difficulty: Easy

This sign is very straightforward to make thanks to the high-quality directions. It looks quite a bit different from the other options we’ve discussed so far. Plus, it doesn’t require many hard-to-find materials, like boards of specific sizes. The only potential issue is that you do need a ceramic planter, which can cost a bit. Plus, the design will depend a lot on the planter you choose.

11. Farmhouse-Style Sign by Mod Podge Rocks

DIY Farmhouse Christmas Sign
Image Credit: Mod Podge Rocks
Materials: Mod Podge, wood square, wood trim, acrylic paint, wood stain, plaid paper
Tools: Sandpaper, paintbrush, rags, stencil, scissors, table saw, nail gun
Difficulty: Easy

For those with a farmhouse-style home, you may be interested in this sign. It is pretty straightforward to make, though it does need several tools. Therefore, we only recommend it for those with the common household tools necessary to make it, such as a nail gun.

The directions are very easy to follow. However, overall, this plan is very simple, to begin with.

12. Reclaimed Wood Sign by Kristi Murphy

DIY reclaimed wood diy christmas sign
Image Credit: Kristi Murphy
Materials: Reclaimed wood pieces, paper Mache letters, long paint stir sticks, picture hangers, several small nails
Tools: Small nails
Difficulty: Easy

If you have some pieces of reclaimed wood laying around, then this is a great option for you to try. You can use 2x4s as well. However, the main draw of this plan is that it utilizes reclaimed wood. Overall, the plan is very simple, though you will likely need to run to a local paint store for some free paint stir sticks.

In the end, this is one of the most professional signs we found.

13. Foil Christmas Art by Lia Griffith

DIY gold foil christmas wall art
Image Credit: Lia Griffith
Materials: Cardstock, laminating supplies, picture frames
Tools: Laminating machine
Difficulty: Easy

Simply put, this plan describes how to print out pictures onto white cardstock, laminate them, and then put them inside picture frames. The main draw of this plan is that it is extremely cheap, especially if you already have a laminating machine. Plus, you can switch the pictures out with the seasons very simply.

Therefore, it works well for those looking for a more permanent display that can be adjusted.

14. Wood Slice Sign by Design Dazzle

DIY wood slice christmas signs with free template
Image Credit: design dazzle
Materials: Paint, template provided in plan, large slice of wood
Tools: Printer
Difficulty: Easy

Thanks to the free template provided with this plan, this wood sign is extremely easy to put together. All you have to do is print the template and follow the directions. Beyond that, it is extremely straightforward.

The main issue may be finding a large enough wood slice. However, if you see one, be sure to grab it up and try out this plan.

15. Farm Fresh Christmas Tree Sign by aray of sunlight

Farm Fresh Christmas Tree Sign by aray of sunlight
Image Credit: aray of sunlight
Materials: Plywood or MDF board, furring strips
Tools: Primer, chalk paint, wood stain, chisel tip Sharpie or Sharpie paint pen, nail gun, inkjet printer
Difficulty: Beginner

With the help of a simple inkjet printer and a Sharpie, you can create a beautiful Farm Fresh Christmas Tree sign. This project involves printing the template, taping it onto a piece of plywood or MDF board, and tracing the design with a sharpie. The board is framed using furring strips, and everything is stained or painted to give it a rustic, farmhouse look.

16. Merry Christmas Sign with Cricut/Silhouette Cameo by angela marie made

Materials: Plywood panel, 1 x 2 boards, brad nails, primer, paint, paint rollers, wood stain, wood glue, vinyl
Tools: Cutting machine (Cricut, Silhouette Cameo, etc.), craft razor blade cutter, vinyl weeding tool, transfer tape, vinyl application squeegee, masking tape or painter’s tape
Difficulty: Intermediate

This Merry Christmas sign is a great way to add some holiday cheer to your home. Using a cutting machine, you create a vinyl stencil of the “Merry Christmas” design. The stencil is then applied to a piece of plywood painted with your chosen color. The letters are painted over, and once the paint is dry, the stencil is removed, leaving a clean and crisp design. The sign is framed using 1 x 2 boards for a finished look.

17. Gold Merry Sign with Decorative Filler by homey oh my

Gold Merry Sign with Decorative Filler by homey oh my
Image By: homey oh my
Materials: Cardboard letters, gold spray paint, decorative gold filler
Tools: X-ACTO knife, hot glue gun
Difficulty: Beginner

This Gold Merry Sign is a gorgeous and shiny addition to your holiday décor. It involves cutting out the front side of cardboard letters, painting them gold, and then filling them with decorative gold filler using a hot glue gun. The end result is a set of letters that sparkle and shine, reminiscent of the glow from marquee signs. As a bonus, you can also create a festive hanging pine cone decoration with ribbon and faux evergreen garland to accompany your sign.

18. Wood Slice Christmas Signs with Free Template by design dazzle

Wood Slice Christmas Signs with Free Template by design dazzle
Image By: design dazzle
Materials: Basswood rounds, DecoArt paint, decorative embellishments
Tools: Chalk or tracing paper, paintbrush
Difficulty: Beginner

These Wood Slice Christmas Signs are an easy and fun holiday project. Using basswood rounds as the base, paint them with DecoArt paint, and use the free template provided to create festive designs. A little chalk or tracing paper helps transfer the template to the wood, and you can add some extra pop with decorative embellishments.

19. DIY Joy Sign by liz marie blog

DIY Joy Sign by liz marie blog
Image By: liz marie blog
Materials: Scrap wood, white and red paint, wreath
Tools: Paint brushes, chalk
Difficulty: Beginner

Create a charming and rustic Joy sign with this straightforward DIY guide. Use scrap wood, paint it with white and red paint, and add a wreath as the “O” in “Joy”. This project is simple, effective, and adds a touch of holiday spirit to any corner of your home.

20. Faux Framed Stained Glass Wall Hanging by tater to tsandjello

Faux Framed Stained Glass Wall Hanging by tater to tsandjello
Image By: tater to tsandjello
Materials: Fluorescent lighting material, rectangular panels of wainscoting, vinyl for letters, ribbon
Tools: Spray paint on the plastic surfaces
Difficulty: Intermediate

Using an innovative material like fluorescent lighting material, you can create your own Faux Framed Stained Glass Wall Hanging. After cutting and painting the material, peel off the vinyl letters to reveal a beautiful, pebbled texture. Framed with rectangular panels of wainscoting and finished with a ribbon for hanging, this wall hanging adds a festive touch to your holiday décor.

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Christmas signs are abundant around the holiday season. However, purchasing one ready to hang can be expensive. Luckily, with some essential pieces of wood, you can easily make a sign. With the plans we’ve posted above, you should be able to find the perfect sign for your needs.

Alternatively, making your own sign isn’t tricky. Using one of the plans above as a base, you can easily adjust the color or words to fit your needs.

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