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10 Clever and Creative DIY Coffee Tables (With Pictures)

wood and metal table with couch in the living room

Coffee tables can get pricey, especially if you’re looking for one with a bit of style. Luckily, this is a pretty easy piece of furniture to make with some basic woodworking skills. In fact, it is one of the easier woodworking projects out there. You can have one built in only a few days with the right equipment and materials.

There are countless ways to build a coffee table, as well. We’ve collected some of our favorite plans to help you pick the right option for your home and skill level.

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The 10 DIY Coffee Tables Ideas

1. Ana White Table

DIY tryde coffee table
Image By: Ana White
Materials: Various wood lengths, screws, sandpaper, stain (or paint), wood putty
Tools: Paintbrush, measuring tape, speed square, pencil, hammer, drill, sander, something to cut the wood with
Difficulty: Beginner

This very simple table requires very basic woodworking skills. Therefore, we found it to be an excellent option for beginners. It does require several tools, but most of these should be lying around most woodworker studios. You probably won’t need to purchase anything special for this plan.

2. Factory Cart Coffee Table

DIY industrial cart coffee table
Image By: Rogue Engineer
Materials: Casters, lumber of several sizes, screws
Tools: Pocket hole jig, drill, miter saw, tape measure, pencil, safety glasses, hearing protection
Difficulty: Beginner

For an exciting table, you may want to try this plan. It’s pretty popular and appears on several top blogs. Therefore, it may be a good option for your living room, as well. We love that this cart stands out from many others on this list. It would work great in an industrial or farmhouse-style home.

3. Rustic Coffee Table

DIY rustic x coffee table
Image Credit: Ana White
Materials: Various wood lengths, pocket hole screws
Tools: Tape measure, miter saw, speed square, pencil, Kreg jig, drill, brad nailer, sander, drill bit set
Difficulty: Medium

This plan is slightly more complex than the others. However, if you are feeling up to it, it does make a pretty lovely, rustic table. The best part is that the website has several other plants for matching furniture. Therefore, you could potentially build the whole set for relatively cheap.

4. Crate Storage Coffee Table

DIY storage coffee table and stools
Image Credit: her Tool Belt
Materials: Four large crates, various wood sizes, plywood sheets, paint or stain, wood glue, hole screws, brad nails, swivel casters, cabinet pull, upholstery nails
Tools: Drill, miter saw, hammer, measuring tape
Difficulty: Easy

This table is extremely easy and allows you to add some extra storage to your room, too. We highly recommend it for homes with children or smaller apartments. Plus, the plans are straightforward and easy to follow. You also won’t need any strange or unusual tools, and all of the lumber should be pretty inexpensive.

5. Mission-Style Table

DIY mission coffee table
Image Credit: Canadian Home Workshop
Materials: White oak (preferably), various cuts of hardwood, plywood, nails
Tools: Varies
Difficulty: Hard

This mission-style table is a great option for those who are interested in this type of furniture. However, the plan is a bit difficult to follow and assumes a lot of background knowledge. Therefore, we find it best for those that have quite a bit of experience working with wood. This plan isn’t easy by any means, but it does leave you with a nice table.

6. Rustic Cart Table

DIY factory cart-style coffee table
Image Credit: Addicted 2 Decorating
Materials: Reclaimed wood, various wood lengths, wood glue, wheels, screws and washers, jute rope, clear coat
Tools: Nail gun, miter saw, sandpaper, paintbrush
Difficulty: Hard

This fairly interesting table is quite rustic compared to others. Therefore, it works well as a rustic home décor piece. This plan utilizes reclaimed wood, which is largely why the table looks so antique. If you don’t have reclaimed wood, you may have issues creating this plan, as shown. Therefore, this is one of the more difficult plans to put together, simply due to the necessary materials.

7. Display Table

DIY display table
Image Credit: Lowe’s
Materials: Various plywood and poplar boards, pocket screws, wood glue
Tools: Table saw, drill, sander, sanding block, Kreg jig
Difficulty: Easy

Lowe’s has an interesting plan for making a display table. It is labeled as advanced on their website, but we found it all to be pretty easy. The plans are well-written and come with many different photos to help you figure out exactly what to do.

8. Basic Coffee Table

DIY coffee table
Image Credit: build-basic
Materials: Boards of different sizes, square dowels, posts
Tools: Tape measure, miter saw, nail gun, drill, paddle bit
Difficulty: Easy

We love this plan largely because it is so well put together and easy to follow. This plan is pretty simple and hardly requires any time. No complicated tools are needed, and you’ll probably already own everything needed to build this plan.

9. Sawhorse Table

DIY sawhorse coffee table
Image Credit: Rogue Engineer
Materials: Lumber of various sizes, hole screws, wood screws
Tools: Pocket hole jig, drill, miter saw, tape measure, pencil
Difficulty: Easy

This table is extremely inexpensive and perfect for a range of designs. It does look a bit rustic, but you can change this when building it. Therefore, it largely depends on the design you’re trying to emulate. The plan is pretty straightforward and easy to follow. Therefore, you should have no trouble building this table.

10. Rhyan Coffee Table

DIY rhyan coffee table
Image Credit: more like home
Materials: Several cuts of wood, plywood, several L-brackets, drawer pulls
Tools: Saw, drill, screws, wood glue, wood filler
Difficulty: Easy

This table was designed after one found at Pottery Barn. However, this table was a bit too expensive for the plan’s designer, so she created her own table. However, she wrote the plan after she built the table. Therefore, there is always a possibility that the plans don’t work out as intended.

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There are many coffee table plans, as just about every home has at least one. These plans range from basic, modern tables to rustic carts. You can use these plans as-is to create a cheaper coffee table than you could find elsewhere. Alternatively, you could edit the plan to make the table match exactly what you’re looking for.


Featured Image Credit: Francesca Tosolini, Unsplash


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