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16 Useful DIY Garage Workbench Plans You Can Build Today (with Pictures)

A man drilling a hole

A man drilling a hole

As somebody serious about DIY, you have probably already heard the phrase, “your workbench is the heart of a workshop.” And while it’s true that a good solid bench is essential, it is equally important that the bench you build is practical and a good fit for the space you have available.

There are many different sizes and types of workbenches, and the number of possible customizations is really only limited by your imagination. One the ideas we have found below will teach you how to build a garage workbench that’s suitable to your needs.

Before jumping straight in and building your bench, you may find it useful to study and consider a few different plans and ideas, and to that end, we’ve come up with a list of example plans and workbench builds that may help you out.  Each of the following benches can be built as set out, but likewise, they can all be modified or slightly tweaked to better suit your needs.

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The 16 Useful DIY Garage Workbench Plans

1. Folding Mobile Workbench from Family Handyman

If a space-saving mobile workbench is what you are looking for, we recommend checking out this great folding workbench from Family Handyman.

It can be put together in about two hours and should cost no more than $100 in materials. It provides a good-sized work area and can be folded up to just 7 inches. Should you wish to do so, you can build this workbench in any size by adjusting the frame size.

2. Inexpensive Sturdy Workbench from Instructables

Sometimes simple is best, and this inexpensive, sturdy workbench from Instructables is just that.

Your workbench is just that, a place for work, and you need it to solidly built and capable of taking a pounding. At 80 inches long, 36 inches wide and 34 inches tall, and as solid as a rock, this workbench can fill that task. As a bonus, building it won’t break the bank, and it can be put together in just a few hours.

3. A Rolling Workbench from A Crafted Passion

If you need a big solid workbench that can be rolled away and put in a corner when not in use, this model from A Crafted Passion could be the answer.

With a large work area and a sturdy storage shelf underneath this bench both practical and robust. It’s quick to build and will cost less than $100 in materials.

4. The 4hr $70 Workbench from Instructables

This Instructables workbench is another one from the school of thought that says, “keep it simple and build is strong.” The plans provided are for a workbench that is 46.5 inches long, and 28 inches wide, but they could easily be modified to build a bench that will fit any size space that you have available in your workshop.

5. The Sturdy Workbench from Wayne of the Woods

 This wall-mounted workbench from Wayne of the Woods is simple to construct and easy to modify.

It provides a stable work surface that won’t slide about while you’re working and has an added bonus of keeping the floor space underneath clear; making it easy to keep your workshop clean and allowing space below to be used for storage when the bench isn’t in use.

6. The Garage Workbench from Family Handyman

A stylish workbench, this model from The Family Handyman has a fold-down benchtop that gives you extra work surface when you need it and additional floor space when you don’t.

This workbench will be a great choice if you are looking for something to install in a small garage where there is only limited space between the end of your parked cars and the wall.  It also has some handy storage options built-in underneath.

7. The Ultimate Mobile Workbench from Instructables

This workbench from Instructables is a perfect solution for anyone with a small workshop, or that doesn’t have the space to install a fixed bench.

This workbench has a practical design and incorporates a vertically adjustable and expandable workbench top that that can be used with large power tools. It also has interior storage shelves and a pegboard wall all contained within a stable and movable structure that allows you to work almost anywhere.

8. Workbench with Outfeed Table from Jen Woodhouse

This workbench by Jen Woodhouse is super easy to build, comes with a couple of excellent features and can be put together for less than $150.

Workbenches should be both sturdy and practical, and on that front, this one ticks all the boxes.  We particularly like the shallow, second-level shelf that is a great resting placing the tools you are using on a particular project, keeping them both out of the way and within easy reach.

9. Portable Workbench with Storage by Rogue Engineer

This portable workbench from Rogue Engineer is another design that is perfect if you’re short on space and need a workbench that can be tucked away and double as a storage unit when not in use.

This unit is a little more complicated to build than some and features both large and small shelves; however, it can still easily be put together in a day. The design also includes a simple built-in rosin paper dispenser, allowing you to always have a roll handy to protect your work surface.

10. Solid Timber Workbench from Instructables Workshop

Instructables Workshop claims that this beauty is the “manliest workbench ever built,” and after you take one look at this design, we think you’ll agree.

Built from two large pine logs, this DIY job isn’t one for the faint of heart. But, if you’re into your DIY and willing to put in the effort, you’ll end up with a fantastic rustic timber bench that will be the centerpiece of your workshop for years to come.

11. All-Purpose Workbench from The Art of Manliness

With their take on the classic timber workbench, the Art of Manliness has come up with a design that uses rigid Simpson tie connectors to hold the bench together.

The beauty of this design lies in the use of rigid tie connectors, which do a great job of holding the component parts together, making the whole job quicker and easier to complete. This design won’t win any woodworking competitions, but it will allow you to put together a robust and highly functional workbench in just a couple of hours.

12. Dave Flanagan’s Collapsible Workbench from The Woodworker’s Gazette

This collapsible workbench from The Woodworkers Gazette is a great space saver and should be a serious contender for anybody who needs a stable work platform that can be completely packed away when not in use.

With the aid of a few well-placed hinges, the design of the Dave Flanagan Collapsible Workbench is such that when it isn’t in use, the whole thing can be folded down to just a few inches deep. This one isn’t as solidly built as some we have featured, but it more than compensates for that with it’s sheer practicality.

13. Simple Workbench Plans from The Family Handyman

The Family Handyman has come up with a cracker of a bench with this one; both practical and stylish it will meet all your workshop needs.

It may be called the simple workbench, but we think that’s just the folks at the Family Handyman having a laugh. While the basic bench isn’t all that different for some of the others in our list, this one does include a set of four draws, which makes the build a little more complicated. Don’t let that scare you though, all the instructions you’ll need are included, and once you’re done, you’ll have a nice bench and the satisfaction of knowing you did the job yourself.

According to these plans that teach you how to build a garage workbench, you should be able to create one in single day. But, unless you’re an experienced woodworker, we’d suggest this one may take the best part of two.

14. Tool Cabinet Upgrade Bench from Woodsmith

This workbench from Woodsmith is the most simple of the builds that we’ve included in this list. It’s the kind of job that you could DIY in just a couple of hours, and it will only take that long if you need to go out and buy your supplies.

Don’t let the simplicity of this workbench fool you. It may be easy to put together, but if you already have a rolling metal tool cabinet and only need a small workbench, this design may be all you need.

15. Simple Workbench from DIY Pete

 This simple workbench from DIY Pete is another classic example of a bench that can be put together in a day. As built, this one will cost about $175 to put together, but as pointed out in the plans, you may be able to make a few minor changes to the build that will reduce the cost.

16. Basic DIY Workbench from Shanty-2-Chic

Shanty-2-Chic’s DIY Workbench is quick and easy to put together, and their instructions come with a free set of printable plans that are well laid out and easy to follow.  Their bench uses a quite standard design, although, it is noticeably narrower than some, which may be of benefit if you are short on space.

Featured Image Credit: Thijs van der Weide, Pexels

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