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10 DIY Corner Workbench Plans You Can Build Today (with Pictures)

If you have a workshop, you know there’s never room for all your stuff and enough space to work on your project. A corner workbench can help increase your workspace without having a large footprint. You can purchase a corner workbench at many furniture outlets, but you can also build them just as easily with a few tools and some patience.

If you are not afraid to get your hands dirty, keep reading while we provide you with several plans that you can follow or use ideas to create a corner workbench for your home. For each plan, we will give you a short description and an image to help make it easier to choose your favorite.

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Top 10 DIY Corner Workbench Plans

1. DIY Corner Workbench With Bench from Ana White

diy corner workbench with bench
Image Credit: Ana White

Difficulty: Moderate

The Corner Workbench With Bench from Ana White is an easier plan that doesn’t require any difficult cuts to build. The instructions take you through the project step-by-step, and we were never lost or confused while building. The result was a durable corner workbench that impressed our friends.

2. DIY Garage Workbench from My Outdoor Plans

diy garage workbench
Image Credit: My Outdoor Plans

Difficulty: Beginner

The garage workbench from My Outdoor Plans is another easy-to-build bench that will only take you a few sessions to complete. There are no hard-to-cut angles, and the resulting project provides you with plenty of counter space for working on your projects. The instructions ls show you how to attach it to the wall for additional stability.

3. Cheap and Easy DIY Garage Workbench from Instructables

diy garage workbench
Image Credit: Instructables

Difficulty: Moderate

The Cheap and Easy Workbench from Instructables is a moderately difficult workbench that provides you with twelve feet of space without a lot of materials. Some of the angle cuts might be difficult for a beginner, but you will succeed if you work carefully.

4. DIY Deck Corner Workbench from Chiefs Shop

diy deck corner workbench
Image Credit: Chief’s Shop

Difficulty: Beginner

The Deck Corner Workbench is a fun project that you can build that doesn’t require much experience to make it look good. It’s smaller than many of the others on this list but is perfect for limited space workshops. You can finish it in several ways, but we like to paint because it helps prevent moisture absorption. A YouTube video shows you all the required steps, so you won’t get lost or confused.

5. DIY Workbench and Work Area from Pete B

Difficulty: Beginner

The Workbench and Work Area from Pete B is an easy-to-build project that uses particleboard to provide plenty of vertical space so you can hang or pin items more easily. The resulting project is one of the largest benches on this list.

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6. DIY Corner Desk from SparkFun

diy corner desk
Image Credit: SparkFun

Difficulty: Moderate

The Corner Desk from SparkFun is another fun project that results in a perfectly sized bench that won’t take up a lot of room in your home. We put it on the moderately difficult pile because it requires you to use a lot of thin nails that can be tedious, and there are many small boards to assemble.

7. Custom DIY Garage Workbench from Reno Compare

diy garage workbench
Image Credit: Reno Compare

Difficulty: Moderate

The Custom Garage Workbench from Reno Compare is a moderately difficult project that we liked due to its steel plate joints that give it extra stability and durability. It has easy-to-follow instructions that include plenty of pictures, so you don’t get lost or confused. This project doesn’t have a lot of bells and whistles, but there’s plenty of surface area to work on your projects.

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8. Mobile & Modular Workbench by Gadgets and Grain

Mobile & Modular Workbench by Gadgets and Grain
Image Credit: Gadgets and Grain

Difficulty: Advanced

While this Mobile & Modular Workbench by Gadgets and Grain isn’t the easiest to build and technically isn’t an “exclusive” corner workbench, nothing is stopping you from using it as one! Even better, you can move it around wherever you want, and when you don’t want to use it as a corner workbench you can snap it together and save yourself some space.

9. Mobile Workbench by Shanty-2-Chic

Mobile Workbench by Shanty-2-Chic
Image Credit: Shanty-2-Chic

Difficulty: Moderate

With a mobile workbench like this one from Shanty-2-Chic, there’s no reason you can’t get exactly what you want from a workbench with storage underneath. It’s not technically a corner workbench, but if you push it up against another workbench you build or already have in your shop, you’ll still get the same results. Since you’re building a mobile workbench, you’re getting a lot more versatility than a traditional corner workbench.

10. Very Simple Workbench by Family Handyman

Very Simple Workbench by Family Handyman
Image Credit: Family Handyman

Difficulty: Moderate

Even if you’re far from handy, there’s no reason you can’t build this workbench by following these plans from Family Handyman. It uses minimal wood, and it will only take you an afternoon to build.

It’s not a corner workbench but it’s simple enough in design that all you need to do to turn it into a corner workbench is to build two of them and butt them up against each other.

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If you are an inexperienced woodworker, we highly recommend starting with one of the beginner plans, so you have a better chance of completing it without any frustrating problems. Once you gain some experience, we believe you can tackle any of the others as they don’t get much harder; they just require more materials and patience.

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