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11 DIY Garden Arch Ideas Plans You Can Make Today (with Pictures)

A garden arch gives a unique beauty to your garden. So, if you have some spare time, a DIY garden arch should be the first thing on your list when you’re ready to take on the next step in your garden design and style. But where do you begin?

You can make one using wood or metal and a few simple tools. There are many garden arches you can choose from.

Do you want to make a garden arch on your own? If yes, how about working from one of these DIY garden arch ideas? With this, you can put together this garden feature yourself. Let’s jump right in!

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The 11 DIY Garden Arch Ideas Plans

1. Squash Garden Arch

Image By: Getbusygardening

Materials Needed: 2 PVC pipes, PVC glue, plastic spray paint
Tools Needed: Shovel, rake, and a tape measure
Difficulty Level: Beginner

Doesn’t this garden arch look beautiful with the pumpkins on it? What’s great about this arch is that you can customize it with any plant or flower. The squash garden arch is also easy to construct. It’s ideal if you have a small garden because it doesn’t take up too much space. But it still has enough space for plants and flowers to grow on top of it.

It is a great way to grow squash in an attractive and natural setting. The only risk is that the squash plants can take over your garden. But for those who want to add a natural charm to their garden, the squash arch is one of the best options. You can even attach lights to the archway for nighttime decorations!

2. Garden Arch with Wire

Vegetable Garden Arbor DIY Plans
Image Credit: Remodelaholic
Materials Needed: Redwood, reinforcement mesh, deck screws, galvanized nuts, bolts, and washers.
Tools Needed: Miter saw, drill, orbital sander, a circular saw, measuring tape, pencil, and bar clamps.
Difficulty Level: Moderate

Try this simple garden arch with wire mesh if you want something unique. It’s an excellent way to add interest and dimension to your landscape. You can adapt this design in many ways to fit your taste and space requirements. Also, if you have some copper wire or wire mesh lying around, why not take advantage of it?

The project gives you a chance to be creative with what will go under the arch once it’s finished. You will not only use it as an arch but also as a trellis for climbing plants. You only add the wire to create your vines that will climb up the arch.

It’s a simple arch perfect for a smaller garden area where you only want to add a bit of character.

3. Simple Garden Arch

DIY Garden Arch
Image Credit: Family Handyman
Materials Needed: Wood for brackets, headers, stretchers, deck screws, concrete mix, and posts.
Tools Needed: Cordless drill, handsaw, circular saw, level, jigsaw, orbital sander, and tape measure.
Difficulty Level: Beginner

This DIY garden arch is simple to make. It’s perfect for adding an elegant touch and class to any backyard. It’s an excellent beginner project for people who are new to carpentry. With just basic construction skills, you are good to go.

Make sure you choose the wood carefully. This way, it’ll last a long time outdoors without rotting. It will look great with a trellis mounted on top.

It’s easy and inexpensive to customize; you can stain or paint with the color of your choice to match your outdoor décor.

4. Arbor Arch

DIY Garden Arch and Arbor
Image Credit: charlestoncrafted
Materials Needed: Posts, lattice, planks of wood, pocket screws, nails, decking screws
Tools Needed: Nail gun or hammer, miter saw, jigsaw.
Difficulty Level: Moderate

This 4-post arbor arch is perfect for a small garden. It is not only beautiful but also budget-friendly. You’ll only use basic tools to build it. If you are new to working with wood, this is an excellent project for you.

This arbor arch has a classic design that you can use as an entrance or over a pathway throughout your garden. You can make it in only one afternoon. The best part is that it’s not permanent. So, you can move it if you need to.

The most common material used for creating an arbor arch is wood. It’s due to its affordability and availability. Besides that, wood is also easy to work with when carving out designs and patterns on your archway. Another advantage of wood is that you can stain or paint it.

5. Simple Pergola

Simple DIY Pergola
Image Credit: singlegirlsdiy
Materials Needed: Pressure-treated posts and boards, cross pieces, concrete mix, nails, screws, screwdriver, and wood glue.
Tools Needed: Posthole digger, post level, saw, hammer, measuring tape, and a level.
Difficulty Level: Moderate

A simple pergola arch is a simple, yet beautiful and functional design. It is one of the most common and widely used arches in a garden setting. It’s small, so it fits in small gardens perfectly. You can also use it as an entryway to a large garden.

You’ll need wood pieces to create the frame. Then, add plants such as vines to grow around it.

It adds more visual interest to your garden. Also, it serves as a focal point for guests entering your yard. One unique feature of this garden arch is that it provides more coverage than other garden arches. You can also use it for seating or hanging plants.

6. Garden Arch with Climbing Plants

DIY Garden Archway
Image Credit: Family Handyman
Materials Needed: Cable ties, lengths of rebar for stakes, arches, and circles, and an 18-gauge copper wire.
Tools Needed: Tape measure, marker, conduit bender, string, rubber mallet, and hacksaw.
Difficulty Level: Easy

A garden arch with climbing plants is an excellent way to add structure and height to your garden. Plants add life to a garden. That’s even true when it comes to a garden arch. These plants create a wonderful look. It makes an otherwise simple structure beautiful and welcoming.

There are plenty of garden arches out there. But this one is simple to make and won’t take up too much space either. You can make it yourself or buy a kit with all the materials needed to assemble it yourself.

You can make the arch using many different materials. But one of the most attractive arches is one covered in living climbing plants. It’ll become more attractive as the plants grow and cover it fully.

7. A Garden Arch with a Bench

Garden trellis with bench
Image Credit: Instructables
Materials Needed: Cedar posts, screws, wood glue, spring clamps, lattice, and cedarwood.
Tools Needed: Band saw, table saw, drill, chisel, miter saw, and a screwdriver.
Difficulty Level: Moderate

A garden arch with a bench is an excellent project for those getting started with DIY projects. It’s easy to complete. You can do it in only a few hours from start to finish!

You can fix the bench in front of an arbor. Sit and enjoy the beauty of your garden while resting after planting all those plants! The built-in bench adds a charming touch.

This modern garden arch has the right height to make it feel grand without being overwhelming. The matching bench and space to grow climbing vines makes it perfect for any yard.

This design is perfect if you have a small yard and limited space for seating.

8.   X-Arch with Bench

X-Arch with Bench
Image Credit: My Love 2 Create
Materials Needed: Several cuts of wood, 2 ½” screws
Tools Needed: Jigsaw, hole jig, wood glue, level, measuring tape, paint
Difficulty Level: Moderate

This garden arch features a bench underneath it, making it perfect for adding some interest to your garden. It’s more complicated than other arches, though a lot of this may be because of the added bench.

With that said, the plans aren’t as straightforward as others, making them a bit more difficult to follow. There are lots of pictures, though, which is a nice addition.

9. Grape Arbor Plan

Grape Arbor Plan
Image Credit: A Piece of Rainbow
Materials Needed: Several cuts of wood, brackets for joinery, wood screws
Tools Needed: Saw, drill
Difficulty Level: Medium

We like this plan because it can be accommodated for your specific needs, tools, and environment. In this way, you can make it work for you. There are also tons of extra resources listed in the guide to make the build go easier.

However, this plan is still a bit harder than others, so we only recommend it for those with some experience—you need to know how to do some basic DIY things.

10. Detailed Garden Arch Plan

Detailed Garden Arch Plan
Image Credit: Simple Family Crazy Life
Materials Needed: Four 12-foot 2x4s, four 8-foot 1x4s, six 8-foot 2x2s, 3” deck screws, 2-inch deck screws, 6d galvanized nails, four concrete mix bags, mixed size rocks
Tools Needed: Saw, ladder
Difficulty Level: Easy

This plan is perfect for new DIYers. You’ll need something to cut the wood with. However, many home improvement stores will do this for free when you purchase the lumber from them. Therefore, even if you don’t have tons of woodworking tools, you can still try this plan.

It’s very straightforward and easy. It provides many details and close-up pictures, allowing you to follow what the DIYer is doing. The plan is written for those without much experience to be able to follow it.

11. DIY Backyard Arbor

DIY Backyard Arbor
Image Credit: At Home With Ashley
Materials Needed: 4x4x8 pressure-treated posts, eight bags of concrete, 2x6x8 lumber, 2×2 lumber, 2 1/2” deck screws
Tools Needed: Post hole digger, screwdriver
Difficulty Level: Easy

This DIY Backyard Arbor is larger than most we’ve covered. However, the plan is straightforward. It’s a great option for those looking for a statement piece. Save yourself some time by getting the wood cut at whatever store you purchase it from (many hardware stores will do this for free).

You’ll need paint (or not) to add a splash of color. The plan includes white paint, but you can use practically any paint you want.

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What are the Uses of Garden Arches?

Providing Shade

You can fix an arch over a pathway. It’ll allow you to walk through without getting scorched by the sun. It’s also great for sitting under on a hot summer’s day.

Garden arches are particularly effective at providing a shady area because they are tall. It means they shade large spots than smaller structures.

Creating an Entrance

You can use a garden arch at the entrance to your garden. It’ll create an inviting transition between the outdoors and indoors. It’s helpful if you add climbing plants that arch over the entrance.

Also, you can fix it on the path that leads through the garden or over a walkway. It’ll add a rustic and natural look to any landscaping design.


A well-placed garden arch adds interest to your landscape. It also creates a visual appeal for those viewing your property from your deck or windows.

An arch with climbing vines will draw attention. Place them near other elements like water features, rocks, or trees.

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Final Thoughts

Garden arches are a beautiful way to add structure to your garden and give it an inviting and decorative look. Their appeal comes from the simple yet elegant look they bring to your garden.

The crucial part of making garden arches is choosing a suitable material. This way, you’ll not only come up with the best arch but also achieve your desired look.

The garden arch plans in this post are amazing and easy to make. Pick one or two that stirs your interest and try it out today!

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