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8 DIY Homemade Clothes Rack Plans You Can Make Today (With Pictures)

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Home storage and organization can be expensive. Buying your clothing racks at your local home improvement store can result in sticker shock. You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on clothing racks to increase your storage. You can build them yourself. With a little bit of work and some planning, you can create large clothing racks that will fit nearly any space. These DIY homemade clothes racks are much simpler and cheaper than ones you can find at the store.

Here are 8 amazing DIY plants for homemade clothes racks you can build today.

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The 8 DIY Homemade Clothes Rack Plans

1. Simple Wooden Storage Rack by This Bliss Life

Simple Wooden Storage Rack by This Bliss Life
Image Credit: This Bliss Life
Materials: 1x2x8 (x4), 1x10x8 (x1), 1x12x8 (x1), ¾” wooden dowel (4’), screws, paint or stain
Tools: Miter saw, sander, drill
Complexity: Basic

This simple wooden clothing rack is extremely easy to make. With just a few pieces of wood and some screws, you can create a tipi-style rack with two shelves and a dowel rod. The result is a rack with plenty of storage space for shoes, hang up items, and folded clothes. You can finish this rack however you want using either paint or stain, or you can leave it raw for a more rustic look. This rack would be perfect for a child’s room, walk in closet, or guest room. This is one of the quickest and cheapest DIY clothing racks you can build today.

2. Rolling Clothes Bar by The Velvettes

Rolling Clothes Bar by The Velvettes
Image Credit: The Velvettes
Materials: 2x6x8 (x1), 1x10x8 (x1), 2x4x8 (x2), wood or metal rod (x1), wood screws, castor wheels (x4)
Tools: Miter saw, drill, hole saw
Complexity: Basic

This freestanding clothing rack can be wheeled to exactly where you need it. In just a couple of hours, you can have a useful mobile clothing rack. This rack would be perfect for a storage unit, storefront, or wardrobe. The basic design allows you to hang your clothes and store your shoes on a single rack. The mobility makes this rack more functional than a more permanent rack depending on the situation. You can also ditch the wheels and screw the base into the ground for a permanent freestanding rack that is sturdier but less mobile.

3. Sturdy Outdoor Racks by Rain on a Tin Roof

Sturdy Outdoor Racks by Rain on a Tin Roof
Image Credit: Rain on a Tin Roof
Materials: 2x4x8 (x2), 1-1/4“x8’ dowel (x1), wood screws
Tools: Miter saw, drill, hole saw
Complexity: Basic

These sturdy outdoor racks are simple and functional. They are not the most stylish racks available to build, but they can be thrown together in a matter of minutes if you know what you are doing. This allows you to build multiple racks in a single afternoon. These racks are perfect for yard sales, flea markets, garages, and more. Use pressure treated wood for a stand that can easily hold up outdoors. You can make these racks as tall or as wide as you need them for a versatile outdoor clothing rack. These racks are perfect for anyone that needs a quick and cheap solution.

4. Rustic Dowel Storage Rack by A Bubbly Life

Rustic Dowel Storage Rack by A Bubbly Life
Image Credit: A Bubbly Life
Materials: Wooden dowels (x5), 1x12x8 (x1), brad nails
Tools: Brad nailer
Complexity: Basic

These plans claim you can build this rustic dowel clothing rack in just ten minutes. That is an incredible claim, but it could be done if you get all of the material in precut lengths from your local hardware store. With five simple dowels and some nails, you can quickly assemble this functional rack. If you want to finish it in a specific style and color, it will take much longer, but the basic structure can be assembled in less than an hour with the right materials. This simple shape is easy to build and is extremely affordable, allowing you to give yourself a DIY rack in minutes.

5. Industrial Clothing Rack by Sammy On State

Industrial Clothing Rack by Sammy On State
Image Credit: Sammy On State
Materials: Galvanized pipe length (x1), pipe floor flange (x2), pipe nipple (x2), pipe elbow 90-degrees (x2), 1x6x6 fence picket, finishing materials
Tools: Pencil, tape measure, level stud finder, drill. saw
Complexity: Intermediate

This industrial clothing rack is perfect for a walk-in closet or bedroom. You can also install this rack in a mudroom or front hallway for coats and scarves. Using galvanized piping, you can fasten yourself a sturdy wall-mounted rack that is both stylish and functional. Be sure to secure the rack into solid studs for the best strength possible. You can finish the rack however you like. You can stain the wood backer or paint it. You can also finish the piping however you like. There are numerous different types of finishes for pipes that can customize your look from copper to black to bronze.

6. Basic PVC Clothes Rack by PVC Fittings Online

Basic PVC Clothes Rack
Image Credit: PVC Fittings Online
Materials: 1″x5’ PVC Pipe (x4), 1″ 4-Way PVC Furniture Fitting (x2), 1″ PVC 90-Degree Furniture-Grade Elbow (x6)
Tools: Tape measure, PVC pipe cutter
Complexity: Basic

You can build this PVC clothing rack in a matter of minutes if you know how to wield a PVC pipe cutter effectively. With just a few cuts and some fittings, you can quickly assemble this PVC rack. This rack cannot hold much weight, and it is not the most aesthetic rack on this list, but it gets the job done. This can be used on a set, at a sale, or in an office to hold coats. This rack is perfect for someone who needs a clothing rack in a pinch or something that is useful but doesn’t need to be particularly stylish. Add glue for a more permanent rack or leave it unglued for something that can quickly be assembled and disassembled.

7. Stylish Boutique Copper Rack by Darling Darleen

Eclectic Rolling T Rack
Image Credit: Hometalk
Materials: 3/4″ x 10 feet copper pipe (x2), 1/2″ x 10 feet copper pipe (x1), 3/4″x3/4″ 90-degree elbows (x6), 3/4″ copper Tee (x2), 3/4″x3/4″x1/2″ copper Tee (x4), 3/4″ end caps (x4)
Tools: Copper pipe cutter, Sharpie, tape measure, E6000 glue
Complexity: Intermediate

This copper rack is perfect for a boutique or industrial setting. Using polished copper tubing, you can build this rack in an afternoon. The finished product is extremely clean and professional-looking. You can save a lot of money by building this rack yourself. However, since it uses copper pipe instead of wood, it is a bit more complicated than the average rack. You need to use a pipe cutter, special glue, and nail polish remover to get the pipes exactly how you want them. This rack will be easy to build for anyone with experience using pipes instead of wood, but for the average carpenter, it might be a bit on the complex side.

8. Eclectic Rolling T Rack by Hometalk


Materials: Metal rods (x2), T-connector (x1), 1x12x8 or 2x12x8 (x1), castor wheels (x4), screws, stain
Tools: Drill
Complexity: Basic

Crossbars and tipi racks are very common. If you are looking for something different, you should consider building this T rack. Using two metal rods, you create a free-standing T rather than a more common shape. Attach the rack to a rolling base for a simple and functional rack that can easily be moved as needed. This rack would be perfect for a bedroom, storage unit, or store. It provides a small amount of clothing space that doesn’t take up too much room and looks unique. It can also be assembled with minimal time and money investment.

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These racks provide a great mix of styles, looks, and strengths that will fit any budget. Whether you are looking for something to add to your walk-in closet, child’s bedroom, or flea market stand, there are simple DIY racks that you can build today. Most of these clothing racks can be built in a single day for less than $100. All you need to do is pick the one that is perfect for you.

Featured Image Credit: Amanda Vick, Unsplash


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