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5 DIY Ladder Hoists You Can Build Today (With Pictures)

Technician holds the slide ladder with white gloves and blue sleeve

If you often find yourself lifting heavy objects onto the roof or past the first floor using a ladder, you should get a ladder hoist. Having one for small or large-scale roofing projects will make your work considerably easier.

The good news is that you can opt to DIY one yourself if you don’t want to buy a ladder hoist. DIYing a ladder hoist is cheaper than purchasing one and gives you a chance to sharpen your building and mechanical skills.

A ladder hoist is typically made from strong metals such as aluminum. Roofers and laborers who often use their ladders to access high places prefer using aluminum or steel since they withstand more weight. If you are interested in building yourself a ladder hoist, read on. We’ve compiled five amazing DIY ideas.

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The 5 DIY Ladder Hoist Plans

1. Dismantling an Old Existing Ladder by Kens Karpentry

Materials 32-foot ladder, winch, electric motor, metal tubing, metal hook, couple of long screws, wheels
Tools Angle grinder, drill, stick welding, screwdriver, tape measure, nails
Difficulty Level Moderate

If you have another metal ladder, chances are that it’s either made from steel or aluminum, which will not bend under weight and pressure. You can take it apart and use the material to make a metal hoist. It reduces the purchases you need to make by using the materials you have.

The first step is cutting out all the parts you need from the old ladder according to size and welding them together. The design you make should be structurally sound; the goal should be efficiency and safety over aesthetics. Next, attach the parts and ensure they are stable; you can use any tubing to make the pulley system at the bottom and top. You can use a motor or pull the hoist manually for the pulley system.

2. DIY Wooden Ladder Pony by Instructables

Ladder Pony
Image By: instructables
Materials 2-foot ladder, pre-made brackets, 6 pieces of plywood, winch, metal tubing, metal hook, long screws
Tools Hack saw, drill, screwdriver, tape measure, nails
Difficulty Level Moderate

Making this DIY ladder hoist is not complicated, as it can be made from scraps in the garage. You’ll need two pieces of plywood and pre-made brackets, some bolts, and a winch. Attach the pulley at the top of the ladder and connect it to the wooden panel to slide it up and down the ladder railing.

When all the sled parts are attached securely, they can handle more than 200 pounds. It’s relatively easy to make and does not need much professional help. Ensure that the plywood boards are made of good material and don’t have any rot to improve the efficiency and safety of the ladder hoist.

3. Electric Motor Hoist by Kens Karpentry

Materials 32-foot ladder, winch, 2 pieces of plywood, electric motor, metal tubing, metal hook, several long screws
Tools Angle grinder, drill, screwdriver, tape measure, nails, nail gun
Difficulty Level Moderate

This electric motor ladder hoist can carry more than 280 pounds up and down. Since it is made using a steel plate and uses an electric motor to run, it’s more efficient and durable than wooden hoists.

To make it, you’ll need a 32-foot ladder, an electric motor, and a plywood platform. Like all other ladders, you need to attach the pulley at the top of the ladder and attach it to the bottom of the hoist. Also, ensure you use bolts to secure all the parts.

This ladder hoist can carry shingles and timber to the rooftop during construction since it’s pretty strong. The electric motor also makes it more efficient.

4. DIY Shingle Lift, Hoist Elevator by Bobs How To

Winches and Ramps; Move myself tips
Image By: bobshowto
Materials 32-foot ladder, 4 pieces of plywood, winch, metal tubing, metal hook, couple of long screws, small wheels
Tools Hack saw, angle grinder, secure bolts, screwdriver, stick welding, tape measure
Difficulty Level Difficult

Making this ladder hoist is challenging and requires experience working with metal cutting and welding machines. Cut off a few ladder sections according to your measurement plan and reattach them using secure bolts or welding. Welding is a better option since it makes the joint more secure and capable of lifting heavier weights.

Add small wheels on the steel frames running up and down the ladder panel for more efficiency. Not only is it easier to pull the hoist using a manual pulley, but it also increases the longevity of the ladder hoist. You can add two pairs of wheels on each side if you want to carry heavy things and reduce the energy you’ll use to pull it up.

5. DIY Ladder Hoist With a Harbor Freight Winch by The Deliberate Mainer

Materials 32-foot ladder, harbor freight winch, 1 board of plywood, four 2×4 wood panels, metal hook, couple of long screws
Tools Angle grinder, drill, stick welding, screwdriver, tape measure, nails
Difficulty Level Moderate

Making a ladder hoist using a harbor freight badland winch might be expensive but much easier than many other DIY ladder hoists. The winch comes with a remote control that makes the process much easier. You need a good piece of plywood for the sleigh bottom and a couple of two-by-four-wood panels. Measure the size of the ladder and cut the wood according to size.

Add extra inches on the side to allow the hoist to move so you can attach all the pieces. Preferably, the screws should be long and thin to prevent the hoist from coming apart when carrying heavy weight.

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Ladder hoists are usually used by construction workers, roofers, and painters. They make the job easier by enabling the workers to hoist heavy items on their ladder without much struggle. When significant work is being done on the roof, several materials are required, and getting them up there without a ladder hoist is challenging and sometimes impossible.

These DIY ladder hoist designs are just some of the plans available. They are relatively cheaper and easier to make than purchasing a ladder hoist. You can also make the ladder hoist according to your specific needs.

Featured Image Credit: Noraphat Vorakijroongroj, Shutterstock


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